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04-April v Kick-AS 1-2
An unprecedented 9 men took to the field.Mcbride wins the toss-with the wind howling at our backs.First 10 minutes are pretty scrappy,we over and underhit passes as Kick AS gradually assert themselves and it's no surprise when take the lead:Swift move upfield,defence can't clearand a fierce shot from 10 yards gives Westlake no chance.AB look somewhat ragged and a low drive catches Westlake off guard 0-2.Rest of first half belongs to AB,but scant reward until a Big Franz free kick is fumbled and Mcgowan heads a well-taken opportunist goal just before half time.
2nd half Kick are now complacent,assuming the wind will now win the game for them.With Mcgowan dominant in midfield AB begin to battle back,string passes together and make use of overlap on both wings to cause Kick's defence problems.Kick look uneasy in possession...a constant stream of throw-ins and free kicks to AB.A sweetly struck Mcgowan free kick strikes the foot of the post leaving the defence agape.Franz just shoots wide of the flailing keeper.Kick waste their only real chance of the 2nd half when their thuggish midfielder hesitates allowing Westlake to pull off another splendid close range save.AB press desperately for the equalizer-long ball from Franz ,nodded deftly down from Mcgowan,Mcbride chips the onrushing keeper only for the ball to nestle in the top netting.
Injury time-in his first noteworthy move of the game Keene disposesses counter attacking Kick striker and steams goalwards-only to be upended from behind.The ref blows-a long overdue yellow card ,surely?Nope;full time whistle(is this legal?I know I would have scored)
So there you have it,an ultimately frustrating end to a full blooded game of football(they're not called kick for nothing.I wouldn't have minded a punch-up after the game but they had some hard mates on the sideline and some of our chaps are getting on a bit.Man of the match:Mark Mcgowan by a mile,Karl also did a great job.
Unluckiest man:Mikkel who forgot his boots and was the victim a a tackle thay left him unable to walk for 10 mins.
Donkey of the match:The ref...players do not understand a friendly word of warning ,they do understand a red or yellow card.(Mike Keene)

09-April v SofiegårdensIF 3-4
A tale of 2 halves...
With the first signs of spring making itself present at Kløvermarken,the 7 man team tried to achieve the year's first win.Playing a cunning 3-3 formation and full of hope and confidence the team took to the field and after 50 secs practice of passing skills were ready to rumble.With an experienced back 3,average age 44,we were never going to makeit easy for our baby faced opposition.Soon under pressure due to better passing by our opponents,the ball was retrived out of the net by the Cat.Sofiegården had waltzed through the defence and tapped in from 2 yards.After some vocal support from our travelling support (Henriettte)we tried to get back into the game leaving ourselves open to the counter attack.When their goal came it was a quality one;sublime passing saw the ball arrive at the feet of the striker who turned on a sixpence and volleyed the ball into the corner of the net 0-2.
From the kick-off the attack/midfield tried a new tactic:Passing to each other.This paid dividends as Mark left their keeper no chance with a rasping shot.1-2.With the scent of victory in our nostils we immediately gave away a hotly disputed penalty...The Cat, staring out their striker,dived to the right as he shot straight down the middle.With his leg the Cat managed to stop the shot only for the striker to slot in the rebound 1-3
Half Time
After our veterans had massaged their weary legs,taken water retention tablets an talked a bit about Vera Lynn,it was time for the second half.The oldies started to show the Dunkirk spirit as fight and aggression began to show in their eyes right from the kick off.Pressing forward,although vulnerable at the back,we began to pressurise the youngsters for the first time in the game.The result another Mcgowan goal from a tight angle.2-3.Some suicide sliding tackles,good saves and last ditch defending denied Sofiegården as they counter attacked.When they did score there was not a defender in sight,a costly mistake,2-4.
The fight of Bloomsday's continued with the best goal of the game.The move started in defence and waitng for the right passing moment,the ball moved upfield.With a change of pace the ball found itself at Mark's feet,who rounded the keeper before completing a very good hat trick.With only 3 minutes left the emphasis was on attack,the Cat joining the attack for some corners.They held on with some good defending.(Steve the cat Mason)
22 April v ABC 4-2
Desperate and hungry the lads took to the pitch to meet old friends ABC in a potential relegation battle!!!ABC looked to unsettle Bloomsday with the long ball tactic,but the cool head of Keene kept them at bay.Brian thumped the ball in the back of the net for 1-0 and Peter after an embarrassing miss made it 2-0 after a quick -thinking Hansel throw.After half-time a speculative long shot from Peter sneaks in somehow and Bloomsday looked in control.Suddenly an ABC goal puts the team under pressure until Brian's solo run and strike made it 4-1 with the goal of the game.ABC never gave up and pulled back to 4-2.Nicola had an excellent game and new boy Hansel looked good.The lucky panties discovered before the game had worked their magic an Bloomsday had broken their duck.Men of the match..Nicola and Brian.
27 April v IT79 5-4
The last time we played IT 79 was 2 or 3 seasons ago in a 0-0 no holds barred game.Only Peter and Brian remained from the side for that game.3 taxis pulled up with half an hour to go and jet-lagged gents prepared to do battle.Bloomsday broke all 7 man traditions by passing, keeping possession and showing tactical awareness.A physically tougher IT 79 team took the lead..did the heads drop?No!An excellently worked goal by Ally M set the tone for the game.0-1,1-1,1-2,2-2.2-3,3-3.A Mark goal and a Mike-made goal for Peter to tap in saw the teams level at the interval.The highlight of the first half was an extraordinary Pele-like dummy from Mark which deserved a goal!True to form IT 79 scored number 4,but Mark did it again.John in goal had made several spectacular saves to keep the score level.A corner from Peter somehow ended up in the net and Bloomsday survived a header hitting the post before jubilant scenes at the final whistle.Mike was a constant thorn in the IT 79 side and the teamwork from James,David,Alistair was a joy to behold. Young Brian provided the youth and fitness.Willwe ever see another performance like this...probably not!Man of the match was Alistair M for an omnipresent performance!(Peter)
05 May v Gnisten FC 1-4
The Battle of Kløvermarken
A very bad-tempered game ,full of moaning, whingeing, acting, stamping on toes, hair pulling and general misdemeanours.
Half-time score 1-2, though with our opponents having the lion's share of the game.Halfway through the 2nd half Hansel started kicking one of the opposing players (RED CARD) due to his son being used as a football and given racial abuse.
From that moment on there was only one team in it and we deservedly lost.
Men of the match...Brian (1 goal) and Steve the cat Mason.
12 May v FC Wailers 1-8
A man short in the blistering heat of tropical Kløvermarken.A Wailers team had 3 subs and used them to full effect gradually wearing down the brave Bloomsday boys.0-2 down after 20 mins, a Streader header gave the boys hope on the stroke of half time...The first 10 minutes loooked good,but a killer 3rd goal saw the heads and all other body parts droop...5 goals later the ref blew the final whistle and put us out of our misery...The old 11 man shirts are now being discarded and replaced with the user friendly old shirts...Steve had to work hard in goal and the defence of Glyn, Mike and Nicola always had an extra man to mark.
Man of match..Mike Keene.(unofficial!)
18 May v FC Roar 7-1
The lucky shirts were back in a game that Bloomsday had to win and did so in style.
Brian's opener was another Fryland special.Collecting the ball in his own half,running through the defence to smash a Bobby charlton special into the net...goal of the season in my book.FC Roar equalised soon after and a tense game looked to be in store.It wasn't to be.Harald grew in confidence as the game went on and ended up with 4 goals.One of them an overhead flick while he was standing in front of the goalie...amazing!!!
Nicola and Peter added the other 2 goals.A 2nd half collision and hospital trip for Mike as he gashed his head open.Stitched up, he is now out for a week.The cat, in goal,had nothing to do and Bloomsday could have hit double figures had their goalie not made many spectacular saves.The team , again, passed the ball around confidently and looked really impressive.
Harald was man of the match.
27 May v FC Bat 0-6
They were younger, fitter and stronger...but were they better looking.The much vaunted defence of Franz, Peter and Brian could not stop 3 early goals.0-5 at half time, a yellow card for Aroli and an armband throwing incident from Brian.
The second half saw only one goal conceded.
An after match punch up in the cafe with some drunk geezer was avoided as Ted stepped in heroically.
2 June v Vorwartz 2000-2 1-12
No comment !!!
10 June v FC Bolvig 0-4
Probably no match report to follow!!!
17 June v CSKA Royale 0-10
We thought royale was a hamburger, immortalised in the film Pulp Fiction. Unfortunately we were pulped and this is not fiction.
You gotta have a full team and the careful plans of Glyn were foiled as Hansel and son , for reasons known only to them, decided to not turn up...THANKS GUYS.
An early goal from a narrow angle set the tone for a big defeat...I only counted 9...4 in the first half anyway.Steve was often forced to have unprotected sex with himself as he was faced with 2 forwards and a ball bearing down on him. Streader valiantly kicked the opposition and Nicola pushed somebody twice his own size...the ref was a bit sleepy...but that's pretty much irrelevant.
Bring on the mighty Kick AS next.
23 June v Kick AS 4-1
Well, well ,well we won at last.On a dry dusty pitch we scored 4 quick and neatly worked goals.Hansel, Harald,Franz and Wilson.Steve mason was fantastic in goal and House,Streader,Niels made up the numbers.
A bit of the good fortune we have lacked all season and some good defending in a good natured game...unlike the first.
12 Aug v Sofiegården IF 4-8
Only 6 men but it was 4-6 with 5 mins to go...
19 Aug v ABC 3-2
Last minute goal...phew !
25 Aug v IT 79 0-3
Cancelled due to lack of interest.
01 Sept v Gnisten 3-1
A battling performance with mason giving a wonder performance in goal.
09 Sept v FC Wailers 5-2
Mason's balls were half inched and Hansel got off his head after the game....still waiting for the match report.
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