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  Steve  Angus Joined in 2002 on a free from Copenhagen Celtics.......
  Nicola  Aroli
Age: 43
Nicola is our expensive Italian import,bought from Napoli to add a touch of class to the side.Unlike most Italians Nicola doesn't spend his time on the floor pretending to be injured,but
likes to play football.A believer in keeping possession and not just kicking the ball upfield;this makes him a rarity at Bloomsday.A busy midfield player who tells us he is in good shape and ready for the challenges in 2001
  Neil  Boughey
Age: 31
Standing two metres tall, Bloomsday's over achieving but underacclaimed centre forward has fought hard to convince the pundits of the value of his somewhat unorthodox, but beautifully British style of play.
Over fifty goals in the last three seasons (making him top scorer in each one) ought to speak for itself. Even so was once described as B - rękkes worst striker, in a FC Knoedel match report gleefully circulated by Bloomsdays seethingly jealous left back Streader - who was himself a striker of sorts in days gone by.
However with a character to match his stature 'hugeboy' (anagram) will continue to torment defences in 2002 (if some get their way perhaps even our own, as one of them).
The club's best pool player and definately not too tall.
(photo size matches ego!!!-Streader xxx)
  Stig  Carlsen
Age: 42Stig joined the club in 2002 and has quickly become a member of all 3 teams.....Usually a goalkeeper...his greatest fear is defenders running backwards !!!
  Glyn  D'warte
Age: 43
Role: Manager Old Boys
Is Glyn's hair dyed?The question on eveyone's lips.A distinguished(extinguished?) career has seen this left footed męstro play for a number of clubs.Mr reliable,occasional goalkeeper and tricky defender...famous for his cunning plans and half-time team talks.
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