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Match Reports 11 Man 2002
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Match Reports 11 Man 2002


7th April vs BK Vest 0-2

 Three substitutes gave Niels plenty of time to rotate his team, but none of the combinations could stop a rampant BK Vest from winning 2-0 after missing many chances. A goal in each half for the visitors gave Bloomsday some hope of snatching a draw, but lack of match practise and routine took its toll, despite putting the BK Vest goal under some pressure for the final 20 minutes. Karl Westlake got the man of the match award and was busy throughout the game. Hansel Brian F and Jon Poole also came out of the game with credit in the hard-worked defence. The opponents weren't that much better than us but the organisation was superior. A few Streader long shots, a Jon Poole effort that wasn't far off and Niels found himself unable to convert a tricky volley from 3m..... Oh well starting the season with a loss means that we just have to win the next's a transitional period with new faces making their way into the side and will take some games to settle into a rhythm, but positive signs were there.


13th April vs Odense Bonvenner 2-2

A team of needlework students from Fyn provided the opposition in Kløvermarken's most colourful encounter of the day. The return of S. Hansen and Elling bolstered the defence and with no substitutes, Bloomsdays began to show signs of shape and continuity. The first half was even with chances at both ends, Odense took the lead 5 minutes before the interval with a goal that according to some whiffed of offside. In any case it provoked a reaction and within two minutes N. Hansen had equalised, with Bloomsdays first of the season a shot from the edge of the box. The start of the second half was Bloomsdays best period in the game Boughey shot wide having been put through by Streader but made amends shortly after by scoring his first of the year. Odense got back into the game and but for some no nonsense defending and brave goalkeeping from the fast improving Westlake, Bloomsdays could have found themselves in deep trouble. As it was it took an unfortunate drop from Westlake for Odense to salvage the point. In the closing stages Odense hit the post and watched the ball trickle perilously along the goalline and Boughey produced a shot from the Tony Adams strikers manual, after a scintillating run from his own half. A fair result at the end of the day - although neither team could feel satisfied. The new look Bloomsdays is starting to gel, it can only be a question of time before this whole thing lifts off...!


19th April vs FC Firat 2-7

Friday evening is a very special time in any man's calender. The end of a working week, a chance to relax, unwind go for a stroll in the park. The tone was hereby set for a Bloomsdays performance which was lethargic - verging on the semi-conscious. The foul stench from Driffield's attempted kit wash kept everybody awake for the first quarter of an hour, and but for a great save from Firats's keeper Bloomsdays could have snatched the lead. Ten minutes of utter madness however where three goals were conceeded drained the team of all self-belief and the early impetus was broken. Another was added before the break. The half time team talk was a stern and moody affair. Things were tightened up in the second half but it didn't prevent Firat from scoring a fifth. Boughey pulled one back after Gardner saw a shot deflected out, but soon after the loss of Fryland (who had to play in another game), and Esben (who got injured) meant any chance of revival was remote. The game plodded on Boughey grabbed another goal, Firat grabbed two - then everyone went home to bed, where they probably should have been two hours earlier.


28 April vs RM FC 1-2

Unavailable: Mads Jon Brian F Steve G Anders Neil Andy H Søren.......nearly a whole team of regulars from last year............... 

Sunday morning on a windy Kløvermarken pitch.....sounds familiar ? Well it was an unfamiliar look to the Bloomsday boys as manager Niels struggled with last minute pull outs and injuries. 2 phone calls on the morning of the game secured the services of Peter and Steve....who formed the centre of defence.

Rico, Peter and Jakob all made their debuts and the game started promisingly enough as RM Fc offered little threat. But then abreak down the right and a cross found the ball in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time to allow the RM striker to score past Karl in goal despite the attentions of two defenders...surely we would soon come back!? Before that question was answered a corner  was headed seemingly towards Karl before striking the dome of lars and ricocheting into the roof of the net..........0-2..........

Possession followed, Peter had a few runs and long shots without giving the keeper anything to do and finally some good play on the right involving Niels ended with Lars putting the ball away to make it 1-2. Unfortunately Brian M. had limped off with a nasty ankle injury.

Against the wind was always going to be hard work and so it proved...Bloomsday failed to create any clear cut chances although with a bit of luck they could have equalised, but RM had the better of a poor 2nd half for both sides.

Bloomsday never stopped running but were not good enough. Encouraging may be the defence that looked solid although only 2 of the RM players posed any real threat and the attitude of not giving up. It's been a difficult start to the season for manager Niels with many of the regular players unavailable through injury or other commitments. Now we'll see who has the balls to see it through and turn this season around.......Op med humøret !!!


Man of the match: Steve Devaney 

5 May vs Tre Falke 0-4 

Søndag formiddag kunne Fc Trefalke understrege, at de tilhører den absolutte top i DAI’s række B-3. Der var på intet tidspunk tvivl om, hvem der ville forlade banen med de tre point, da Trefalke herskede over samtlige kvadratmeter på den i øvrigt fine bane.
Efter en mere eller mindre god start med en mindre afbrydelse i spillet, da en Bloomsday spiller måtte køres på hospitalet med en forvredet skulder efter et hændeligt uheld, kunne Trefalke score til 1-0 efter nogle fine kombinationer meller Peter Zohdy og Eskil Hein. Det var smukt at se, at Trefalke konstant kombinerede sig igennem der ikke særligt solide forsvar med hurtige pasninger og god moral.

Der er ikke meget at sige om 1. halveg udover, at Trefalke burde have ført 4-0, men de kunne gå til pausen med en 1-0 føring. Ved anden halvegs start benyttede Bloomsday kun ni spillere. Den noget uforståelige beslutning resulterede i et massivt Trefalke pres, hvilket i sidste ende udmøntede sig i tre mål fra Falkene. Det var utroligt positivt, at de elegante falke i perioder formåede at sprede spillet til fløjene og når det lykkedes resulterede det ofte med mål. Hvis man kan tillade sig at være lidt kritisk kunne man klandre Trefalke for ikke at score flere mål. Modellerne ganske enkelt vadede i chancer og kunne retfærdigvis havde vundet med 10-0 uden nogle indvendinger. Men det blev ved de fire mål og det er jo også fint nok. For at blive i det positive bør Nicolai Gleies præstation fremhæves. Han var kort før kickoff blevet anbragt på den ukendte position som central forsvarspiller, hvilken han spillede til et 11 tal. Med ro og overblik fordelte han spillet og scorede et fantastisk solomål, på en drible tur helt nede fra forsvaret. Generelt leverede samtlige Trefalke mænd en solid og pæn præstation, men mod en meget svag modstander.
Positivt: At Trefalke fik skabt så mange chancer. Spillet flød og fløjene blev brugt på fornemt vis. De scorede 4 mål
Negativt: Et utal af chancer blev brændt og der manglede konsekvens i afslutningerne.
Falkene får 3 chilier
Bloomsday får 1 chilier

af Tre Falke fra deres Homepage....

9 May vs Wiesel 2-3


You know you've hit rock bottom when a team of Tre Falke's calibre dish out single chili ratings. However with the return to action of Devaney, S.Hansen and Kristiansen it was hoped that today could be the day we kicked bad luck into touch and injected some life (and points) into this wretched season. Wiesel were squealing like girls right from the off and before long the ref took pity and gave Hansel the team's first yellow of the season. Chances were few but Wiesel made the most of theirs and went into the break 1-0 up. The second half saw Bloomsdays pushing further forward. From a corner the ball was half cleared to Holliday who took a shot that rebounded off several defenders legs and into the goal for the equalizer. It looked as if the Gods were smiling down on us until Stig in goal injured his shoulder. In the corner kick that followed he was unable to clear as a result, leaving a free header for the grateful Weasel at the far post. Not to be outdone by Hansel's yellow card, Kristiansen got the teams first red with a proficient professional foul. The free kick was executed with style it has to be said, Holliday who had taken over in goal could only watch. In the closing stages Boughey pulled one back nodding home a Hansel cross and could have saved the point with a header that shaved the wrong side of the cross bar. Another defeat against another very ordinairy opponent... Neil

18 May vs FC Knoedel 4-4

25 May vs FC Freon 2-3

The famous winds of Kløvermarken were blowing, but it wasn't until half time that we realised that it was like having an extra player...Bloomsday started purposefully with Jakob and Andreas (Hansel junior) both going close...Then Søren turned on a throw and thumped a glorious goal into the back of the net.....shortly afterwards Jon headed the ball into the net after confusion from a corner...Lars was involved in both goals. Driffield was sending some fine passes down the flanks and all was looking good. Solid at the back and effective throughout the whole more goals came despite some narrow misses.......At half time everybody was rightly optimistic.

Then the winds of change blew and for the first 20 minutes Bloomsday found themselves pegged back...a goal came quickly and a fantastic equaliser from 30 yards gave Karl no chance. Stig got injured with the score at 2-1...2-2 and Bloomsday pressed and the rest of the 2nd half was even, with Freon again being restricted to breakaways...unfortunately they scored from one of these while Lars was taking a 10 minute rest for pushing an opponent and despite late pressure we couldn't equalise.

Søren was man of the match...he was all over the pitch. I watched from the touchline and can say that we were unfortunate to lose and looked like a team...we are losing by narrow margins and very soon our luck will turn.....

2 June vs Kick A/S 0-7

This is what Kick A/S had to say...from their site.

Så var det samba-tid for kickerne. Saxild får ordet: "Kick o rama for en Kick kamp! En stille og rolig 7-0 sejr blev det til. Det er godt at få lidt selvtillid
tilbage i strikerne, der stod for 6 af kasserne. Det sidste var et selvmål,
som von Formand (Magius) bør noteres for.
Også stor ros til Pete og Holst der spillede back´er."

0-1 Bo
0-2 Bo
0-3 Minyi
0-4 Bo
0-5 Selvmål/von Magius
0-6 Minyi
0-7 Bo

Startopstilling: Haini - Pete, Harbsmeier, A. Holst - Nico, Saxild, Jonathan, von Magius, M. Holst - Bo, Minyi.

Kampens Kaj: Adam Poupinel
Afstemning i gang på nettet.
Dagens Detalje:
Der var et par fine frispilninger i dybden fra både hjemvendte von Magius og Jonathan.

 15 June vs FC Frederiksberg 6-4

today we performed great

stig on goal
peter s
jon holliday
anders strand
niels h
steven g.
jens f.
thomas r.
playing  in the field.

it was a start as usual.
bloomsday in ball-control but giving away goals.

after 3 minutes Hansel headed a cornerkick in goal. unfortunately it was our
own goal. great header though.
typical for the luck we have had this season.

after 7 minutes we were down 2-0. still we were in ball-control, but we
did'nt mark aggressive enough - which gave them space they didnt deserve.
neil pulled one goal back after being giving a free run from an exellent
pass from niels.  brilliant goal.

hope was high, we were back in the game and deserved to be due to our great

but then(typical) we decided to give away 2 more goals . aggressive marking
etc. etc....
down 4-1, bottomm against top. other teaams would have collapsed.
we did'nt.

befor halftime we had pulled 2 goals back.
first jon holliday scored(his third this season), jon who is improving his
game from match to match. exciting.

then neil was kicked (fell over like a sack of potatoes) in the penalty area. hansel scored easely, a very safe

half time - down 4-3. spirit was in top. we all believed it would be
possible to win.

I dont remember, but i believe pedro scored after having a excellent run
with the  ball.

and then playermanager niels hansen made a fantastic shot, that deflected on
a defender and went into the goal.

bloomsday ahead 5-4 and 30 minutes to go.

the last 30 minutes was hard. fc frederiksberg trying to get a goal and
bloomsday giving all to get the first victory this season.

we succeded and won 5-4 in a very wellplayed football game.

second half anders strand was pussed into central defence togheter with
peter s., it worked out great with peter sweeping the defencve and anders
being cloese  and aggresive on the opponent.
jakob played right back and jezz left.   both did a perfect job. i have
never seen Jezz run as much or as fast as he did today. he was flying.

niels and steven g. controlled central midfield with their cool dribles and
great short passes.
and jens, jon h., pedro, hansel, neil and thomas r put pressure on the
opponent defence with aggresiv play over our wings and in the penalty area.
and all did an exellent job defending.

it was fun today. and it totally takes away the feelings from the denmark
-england game.
it was bigger than seing a child being born.

we are playing again tuesday and the again thursday.

the team for tuesday is allmost full - it is kick off at 19.15 at
kløvermarken. email me fast if you want to get in line.

our game thursday you can start e-mailing me now if you are interrested.

cheers niels.

18 June vs FC Kafka 3-2

So we won again - it is growing into a habbit.
3-2 against fc kafka in a crap game - our poorest this season but luck has
turned  winning into normal expectations. The goalscorers were:
jon holliday (again)
brian m.(comeback)
and max(steves friend)

we were only ten players, until steve d. friend turned up 5 minutes into
the game. nice of him to show up since 4 of our own  could'nt make it for
the game. it was too hot and a bad day for football.

but we won.......

Peter adds.....we took an early lead after a long through ball left Brian to finish off a chance and Jon Holliday added another shortly afterwards to put us in control. Kafka pressed without troubling Stig, missed a penalty, before an amazing volley brought them back into the game.... 2-1

The 2nd half continued with both defences dominating, sweepers for both teams had a field day collecting overhit and poor passes from both midfields..the new World Cup ball proved difficult to run with , but great for thumping into the distance....a fortunate 3rd goal put us in the driving seat before a bit of corner confusion ended with the ball in the back of the Bloomsday net....but luck is on our side at the moment and the defence held strong for the 2nd game in a row....3-2.....

20 June vs BK Vest 2-8


Thunderstorms and torrential rain before the kick off ensured a pitch designed for sliding tackles. Niels' brave boys lost 2-8 to a fast moving fit young athletic team. However the scoreline suggests a more one-sided game than it actually was.

Goals courtesy of Brian and Søren from the penalty spot. Energetic performances throughout the side...we were expected to lay down and die against a side that had won all of its games...but we didn't and lots of personal battles and niggles came to the surface before the final whistle.

Stev Devaney brought the midfield some "fire" and the reintroduction of Peter upfront gave options on both flanks. Brian continues to score and this gives the manager some interesting selection problems to think about during the summer break

A positive performance despite the result...the team is taking shape and the next half of the season should bring great improvements.....

10 August vs Odense Bonvenner 2-4An 11 man team with an average age of 37 and only 2 players under 35 lost 4-2 on Saturday despite a brave performance and being down to 10 men for almost half the game.

We took the lead when Peter's long pass found Thomas who beat the keeper...the pre match game plan looked to be working...but two late goals in the first half meant a 1-2 scoreline at half time...including an  unluckyAndy hutch own goal

Glyn was injured, but came back on...2 more goals against us before Jens pulled one back after fine work from Thomas...

At times we played good football, but a younger side played most of the football in our half. The spirit was good but ultimately defeat was always the final result. Odense were just above us in the league and were a team that our regulars would have  surely beaten. This leaves Bloomsday in serious danger of relegation !

Steve Gardner was mysteriously awarded man of the match !!! ...Steve  was asked to come back and help Jakob, who always had 3 players to mark...Steve's reply was " yes, but he's a good player !!!"

Hansel gave some half time advice to Richard whose response was " F### off or I'll put my studs in your head..I mean it!!!"...after the match Hansel insisted that he had said "PLEASE" before asking Richard to mark back !!! The whole table burst out laughing. Richard and Hansel did end with a handshake of course !!!

16 August vs FC Firat 0-3

Holidays and injuries cause cancellation of game...3 points down the toilet and resignation of Niels.........Club in crisis ???

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