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The Union Squad

Name Position Key Criteria
Christopher Gwylim Make shift Goalkeeper Silence is Golden
Adam Armstrong Right Back Volkswagen Polo (Travel arrangement for away game)
Lee Halford Anywhere hes GOD Hair - The original harry henderson - All that hair adds a new dimension to Alfies game
Ben Mcarthy Centre Back Ah, Yeah, Yeah
James Andrade Left Wing, Left Back, Centre Midfield Another foreighn import into the English game, the portugese star 's speed and accelration a key feature in Union tactics
Luke O'Reilly Sweeper, Forward The italian stalion. Brings a little experience to the side, Leads from the back. Scares opposition with his stubble
Marc Woodland Centre Back, Centre Midfield Character, good for morale in the side. Club captain/manager/chairman.treasurer. u name it this man does it.
Kevin Naylor Centre Midfield, Right Wing Similer style to Jack Lester in the way he plays, likes to play behind the front two, but does his fair share of work.
Ryan Horton Left Wing All left, absolute nothing else. Cracking left foot.
Dominic Wiffin Forward Screws showed early promise as a youngster, but as time took its towl, he has never reached full potential, scored 1 in every 10 chances.
Sam Bunch Utility man Not always available due to other commitments. Dont bring your Gtannys along to the game, Dingle might have the urge.
Chris Bunting Right Wing, Forward Watch this bloke, if u catch him, your in for A FIGHT! Dont bike near him ,you could be in for an accident. Adds width and determination on the pitch
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