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  James 'Siān/DJ/Jim/Dr drade'  Andrade
Role: Senior Union member
Another young addition to the Union. James is a valuable member. He has lots to offer in terms of mixing that blend and flavor!!!
James' worst moment as a Union member involed the rejection and consequently 'stepping out of the queue' at Time on its Friday opening. I am please to say he has made his debut appearance since.
Jim also holds the union record for smelliest farts, and is a keen memeber when playin pratical jokes on others.
I wish you a happy and enjoyable time whilst in the Union.
  Sam 'Dingle'  Bunch
Role: Semi Senior Union Member
A great asset to the union. Although he doesnt attend school anymore, Dingle never lets the union down and has so far attended 'time diva' on the more occasion than any other member of the union. Dingle is world (well in Time anyway!)renowned for his dancing skills. We love u dingle!
Dingle is remembered greatly gor his antics with the grannys. most noticebaly with a 49 year old fat bbitch, who ended up (and i quote from the man himself) doing everything with.

  Chris 'BUNT'  Bunting
Role: Semi Senior Union Member
A quiter member of the Union is Chris. However that doesnt mean he isnt valuable. Chris is always up for a laugh. He does however have a violent streak running through him, (Grove v Magnus Nov 2001) Chris has potential to become a more active member of the Union, and with the aquisition of some fake ID he should fill this role with ease.
Chris's most memorable night as a union member was seeing daniel Bedingfield live in Time, (an i quote from the man himself) "i cant beleive its really daniel!!!"
  Chris 'GWIL'  Gwilym
Role: Senior Union member
Looked upon as the most respected member of the union! Is kind of a Father figure for young union member such as Mr Horton! Has represented the Union in Time and Diva! And is sometimes committed and he has attended all union social gatherings! Can become increasingly funny, when he has got a few drinks down his neck! All in all top bloke and a very valuable member of the union. has resently drifted away from the union and has not been seen in a few weeks
  Ryan 'Helen'  Horton
Role: Semi Senior Union Member
RRyan is one of the youngest members of the union if not the youngest! But he is committed to the cause of unionism! Only memeber not to have represented the union in Time and Diva! Due to his incapability of getting passed the bouncers! Don't worry Ryan your "Time" will come!! When not with the union all his spare time is with Helen, Put her down for once and come out with your mates!
Ryans most memorable moment was...... well....... there hasnt been 1 has they!?
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