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31/5/2002 22:35 GMT  2 DAYS TO GO!!!
Come on England!!!!!!!!! 
31/5/2002 21:49 GMT  nwo
I take it the Union are all down T&D tonight. Well the 1 who has turned his back on you is the one who certainly never goes (gets in) Time. We are coming boys 
31/5/2002 20:12 GMT  Thankyou Baddiel and Skinner
Time and Diva echoed the thoughts of a nation last night, and congratulations goes out to the DJ who played probably the most influential tune ever played in Newarks Clubbing capital - Blokes dropped there birds, put down their pints, and sang proudly the Nations footie anthem, even the birds joined in, some of them even knew the words!!....................... Its coming home, Its coming home, its coming, Footballs coming home......... 
31/5/2002 19:57 GMT  MR SENEGAL
31/5/2002 17:00 GMT  zinidine zidane
aaaaah 1-0 bollockz zat stupeeed team senegal only won today becoz i was not playing, i am zee master, ze Mightee France will steel win ze world cup!!!!!! 
31/5/2002 13:40 GMT  Papa Bouba Diop
Hello Union, I have just scored the winning goal against the World and European champoins France and my immediate reaction was to come on here and share my delight with you guys! W-HEY SENEGAL 1-0 FRANCE 
30/5/2002 23:01 GMT  ozzy osbourne
This site is rockin man! 
30/5/2002 18:43 GMT  Wow!
If somebody can 'put shame on the rugby lads name' he must be fcking bad. The Rugby lads are all a bunch of big headed, homosexual tossers.  
30/5/2002 09:24 GMT  Shutler is a let down
Ive just read the news report about the union night out......and I'm Shocked that shutler has joined the union.... Judder, I used to look up to you, but now youve put shame on the rugby lads name...... 
30/5/2002 09:19 GMT  guess who
OH MY GOD i really need a p1ss.... look lads if i give you the key board... will you sign the guest book for me...? 
29/5/2002 21:26 GMT  Barry White
My first, my last, my everything, and the answer to all my dreams...... Your my sun, my moon. my guiding star, my kind of wonderful, thats what you are!........ I know theres only, only 1 like you..... KEV WERE TALKING ABOUT YOU. WE GOT IT TOGETHER DIDNT WE KEV. 
29/5/2002 20:57 GMT  nwo
Union you've had your warning it is just a matter of time. We are coming at you from the inside. The cancer is spreading right from inside the union. 1 of your members has agreed to join us. Soon enough your homepage will simply reveal a nwo sign once we get the password of your member  
29/5/2002 18:52 GMT  visitor
Kev, do yourself and everyone else a favour and get out of the relationship with sarah crane...even you can do better than that...cant you??? 
29/5/2002 16:52 GMT  Elliot Hutchinson - Cox
I have changed my address to It`s your Liverpool FC link. 
29/5/2002 16:44 GMT  OMG
have you seen slater's hair or rather lack of it! silly twat! Great pic by the way. 
29/5/2002 12:17 GMT  Soph
who put that picture representing Bunting on?????????brilliance,sheer brilliance!LOL 
28/5/2002 22:34 GMT  Bunting


28/5/2002 21:56 GMT  Luke. To Leech
Leech i joined up to the gym 2day, and it aint a 1-0. Let me know when your going down plz, and il join u if u want. Cheers. 
28/5/2002 20:08 GMT  Yep its true........
Kev is sad! i saw him 2! 
28/5/2002 17:32 GMT  anon
kev naylor shook dj alligators hand. i will second that. sad b@stard  
28/5/2002 16:53 GMT  yes mush!!
Thats more like it lads,keep them quotes comeing!  
28/5/2002 15:49 GMT  ahhhhhhhh
your all cúnts and every one knows it! 
28/5/2002 12:19 GMT  AS IF
28/5/2002 11:45 GMT  Spotted
Kev Naylor shaking DJ Alligator's hand in Time saturday night. 
27/5/2002 22:42 GMT  Anonymous msn user
Are you w@anking Jim??? whey 1-0 jim 
27/5/2002 21:46 GMT  I had this dream right......
whey 1-0 luke 
27/5/2002 21:10 GMT  Luke
Check the Quotes, Im not certain, but i have a sneaky feeling kev is back to his old self again. ABOUT FCUKING TIME N'ALL! 
27/5/2002 19:04 GMT  nwo
The poison has arrived to destroy the Union. We have had enough of you "boys" and want to destroy the union. We see you hanging around and have had enough. You know who we are and you don't suspect a thing. It will be a slow death as anything else would be too civilised 
27/5/2002 18:33 GMT  dingle
hello every1 soz i aint been on in a while ive had my internet cut off n i also apologise 4 behaving more wen i go out so u cant all have a good laff at my expense! 2 dj dipsy alligator i sed he was a dipstik not dipsy u fcukin pr*ck n his set was sh*te apart from his dancers plus those flippin whistles were annoying so id rather u didnt turn up nxt time coz u was goose! 
26/5/2002 21:28 GMT  i wud just like 2 say...............
leech is a minga but he has nice eyes but dom has betta eyes by far 
26/5/2002 20:07 GMT  LEE PHYSICK (barge, summer 2001)
Does anyone else's dick shrink when theyre drunk? 
26/5/2002 15:12 GMT  Quote from................
26/5/2002 13:39 GMT  Luke
Whats all this sh*t? every now and again, we seam to get pricks on here that like hurling abuse at various people. why waste your time? 
26/5/2002 13:26 GMT  Jim to Shurrup
Hey M8 why dont you shurrup! You silly bastard you dont scare me and why dont you get your facts right rob never smacked me you pussy. I really hate cúnts like you mek my blood boil. TOSSER 
26/5/2002 12:20 GMT  Fcuking Rammel
T&D last night - Full of rough newark scum - again! Had more Fun in the Kazbar! 
26/5/2002 10:22 GMT  DJ Dipsy Alligator
Hey Dingle i heard u really liked my set man. It was greating having half the dance floor 2 my self, i no u really appreciated, and enjoyed it. and those whistles i gave out didn't even p1ss everyone in there off.  
25/5/2002 20:42 GMT  Jim
Yeah but at the end of the day some cúnt always goes in tnd and says they are the union and low and behold recieves a bottle from our man "Dj Chris Roscoe" And all we get from these ppl is slaver, well cheers. I guess now after all, the union does serve a good purpose. And dont gimmee this sh!t about it being cheap sh!t. I mean come on its 11% plonk, it gets you drunk wot more can you want? Oh and i hope leech aint going to the festival cos hes a cúnt if he does after all the "Oh no lads im not coming out cos im T- total." 
25/5/2002 18:06 GMT  Spotted - Leech
In town 2day with Gwill and Kev, contemplating the idea of visiting Newark Beer Festival.  
24/5/2002 21:37 GMT  Where has rhe Leech been recently?
Any1 seen Leech? 
24/5/2002 18:08 GMT  Bottle of Champaigne
Hello Union, Something was a litle wierd last night, As you was about to have your weakly dose of the beautiful champagne presented from the DJ, i noticed that the person drinking me wasnt a Union member, all i could see was these huge lips approaching my bottle neck, it really scared me, Id like to know who this person was, the only evidence i have is that he had huge lips and i could here something like "aaaah mush". Please dont let this happen again Union. Thankyou 
24/5/2002 13:43 GMT  Jim
yeah you are so right i do fancy her yeah! Wot u on about anyway as if i pretend i hate her?? I dont pretend i hate her at all and havent for ages, i never really hated her in the past i just didnt get on with her that well. So to be honest i dont think you know wot the fcuk your on about do u! 
24/5/2002 13:23 GMT  T&D OBSERVER
Is it just me or does Jim fancy Spurr?? he pretends he hates her, but you know what they say 'little boys always throw stones at the girl they fancy in the playground' 
24/5/2002 13:23 GMT  T&D OBSERVER
Is it just me or does Jim fancy Spurr?? he pretends he hates her, but you know what they say 'little boys always throw stones at the girl they fancy in the playground' 
24/5/2002 13:19 GMT  Bunting
Hi everybody, How come the bouncer threw me out last night?? I was really enjoying it untill he randomly grabbed me and threw me out. I dont know why he did it, can anybody fill me in? 
22/5/2002 21:35 GMT  come on kev, everyone wants to know the truth kev
22/5/2002 17:08 GMT  Kev and Crane
In Notts together, the other day, hand in hand, cus they love each other, but Kev is too small of a person to admit it. Sad B@stard 
21/5/2002 21:59 GMT  jim
about 4 messages have been deleted  
21/5/2002 21:18 GMT  Luke
Who deleted the message about kev and Crane in Notts 2gether?? 
21/5/2002 11:58 GMT  No one cares anyway
so just fcuk off 
21/5/2002 08:47 GMT  yep
i asked a yr 11 n the yr 11 leaving party is on the 1st of july 
20/5/2002 18:32 GMT  Elliot Hutchinson - Cox
Please put - on your links. The UNION is great! 
20/5/2002 16:55 GMT  the poll on da home page
the poll on da home page i ticked yes but if u do u have 2 write the new addy on the homepage so we can all visit again 
20/5/2002 16:45 GMT  Wots this.....
year 11 leavers party on the 1st june? 
20/5/2002 11:15 GMT  im guessing
20/5/2002 10:40 GMT  to-im guessin
isnt the yr 11 party on 1st july not june. 
19/5/2002 17:12 GMT  Im guessing
This p*ssup is the year 11 leaving party at gustos cos i think its a tuesday nite and probly wont be anything else now will it. 730 start i think. 
19/5/2002 16:10 GMT  God
i love the union! 
19/5/2002 10:46 GMT  AHHH
But i am! you cúnts!!!!!!! 
18/5/2002 17:36 GMT  LEECH
18/5/2002 17:23 GMT  Or does this p*ss up.....
Include going into Newark...... Ooooooh i cant wait, what fun we will have!! 
18/5/2002 17:07 GMT  Does this p*ss up....
include catching some form of transport to nottingham then spending an outrageous amount of money and getting a £35 taxi home? 
18/5/2002 12:48 GMT  Yes Mush
Loads of information below. Time, date, Place etc..... 
18/5/2002 07:15 GMT  .
p*ss up 1st june b there! 
17/5/2002 17:55 GMT  luke r u??????????????????
luke r u a virgin? cus u don't look like 1 babe!!! in an entry sum where below from dom kev and leech it sez it won't be the same with out luke! so where r u goin u sexy b@stard!!!!!!??????? 
17/5/2002 17:08 GMT  Jim
yeah true but i personally just can't be arsed usually  
17/5/2002 17:02 GMT  Luke
People make the trip to Notts complicated. We can do owl there and back, or we can do train there and taxi back. It aint rocket science! 
17/5/2002 17:01 GMT  **SPOTTED**
Big Kev Naylor stood outside the doctors whilst he waited for his mum looking very embarassed! 
17/5/2002 16:11 GMT  Jim
well whoses gonna go u dingle kev dom and ben. The reason i rekon no one goes is cos its too expensive and is to arkward to get there and back. Any way when i went i never enjoyed it that much anyway. I rekon everyone would be more up for it when it gets red hot. 
17/5/2002 15:11 GMT  Luke - an idea?
After we went to Notts 9that first time) everybody was raving about it and was even considering goig the week after, nearly 2 months on - there is no sign of anything being arranged still!! Seeing as both year's have exams in the up and coming week, why not arrange for an end of yar pi*s up after them, its just a suggestion, but im pointing it out now, cus usually we have probelms with people not being able to afford it and stuff, so if we arrange it now, it will give people time to sort stuff out. Any suggestions please leave on the guestbook 
17/5/2002 14:24 GMT  THE ONE AND ONLY PHYSICK!!!!!
17/5/2002 12:47 GMT  The real Jim
lol you silly c*unt yeah like luke says y dont you leave your name? Oh i know your too pusy. And can i just say in wot fúcking way do i think im hard?  
16/5/2002 20:22 GMT  Luke
To the tosser that worte the below comment, why not leave your name??? it just proves your scared too. Its people like you that really upset Jim, i think you might of really hurt his feelings now! 
16/5/2002 18:52 GMT  Jim
grow up ,y slaver me about failing my drivin test y not slaver me bout takin ppl up the ass. I'm a stuck up pr*ck who thinks he's hard. I love myself but really im a fat short ugly c**t who does all the upper 6's heads in. 
16/5/2002 18:16 GMT  Jim
yeah yeah you fúcking cúnts youve had your say i get the message 
16/5/2002 18:13 GMT  Yea
We believ you jim your just a shít driver! 
15/5/2002 22:35 GMT  Luke (The real me)
Who the fcuk used my name to chinger crain and claire?? for 1 i dont even know claire and 2 its pi*sed me off how sum queer has used my name to chinger um!! fcuking cowards 
15/5/2002 21:24 GMT  Jim
Look thanx for all your funny comments, yeah yeah im laughin too, if i was driving on my own id probly be underneath a 13 wheeler by now but anyways i just thought id clear it up. I was driving along and i saw a red light in the distance approximately 70 yards away, so i thought ill stop for that as ya do. Then next thing was i heard a yelp from the old man sat to my left and felt myself slowing from 30mph to 0 in a spilt second. There i was about 50yards before the lights i was going to stop at thinking "wot the fcuk has he stopped me for?" Then i looked up and across from me across a box junction about 10-15 yards away on the path on either side were two trafic lights standing around 10 feet in hight. So i do have an excuse 1. wot a stupid place to have two sets of trafic lights both sets being parallel with each other and between approx 50 yards of each other. And 2. the lights i was ment to stop at were like on the other side of the road not next to where i wouldbe stopping. So i conclude Grantham is GAY! oh one more thing being 3. The best drivers dont pass 1st time not mentioning any names (RATBOY. 
15/5/2002 20:56 GMT  Matt
hello jesus its bin a while just thought id check site out seems some people aint likin me an clare been together well thats as maybe but well we're happy so b*llocks wud be nice if ya cud leave the lasses out of it but thats up to u i no clare an me arent that bothered an i dont think kev an sarah are but sup to u. just few shout outs luke buddy hear ya left union well i suppose we cud find a place for ya were busy now though so betta make it quick (nice lad really) dom thanx for ya support buddy keep chillin Screws. leechy kev welcome hope u will be as happy as we are. an jim well a red lights a f*ckin red light mate i aint neva missed one ya blind old sod. but havin said that failin cant be easy so betta luck next time. as for jumbo centa well think most of us lads are safe an personally i cant wait to kick a couple o queers but there is a couple who well may sit on the fence - U know wot i mean take care guys Matt* 
15/5/2002 20:06 GMT  where's luke gone?
in an entry sum where below from dom kev and leech it sez it won't be the same with out luke! so where has the sexy b@stard gone? 
15/5/2002 19:09 GMT  Visitor!
Jackass is sooooooo funny!!!!!!!!! 
15/5/2002 18:47 GMT  JIIIIIIM
i didn't see those traffic lights, because i woz thinking bout jackass. 
15/5/2002 18:04 GMT  Jims instructor!!
Young man hand me those keys i am never getting in a car with you again you psycho looney! How could you not see those traffic lights? Well i suppose you were going 70 in a 30! Next time have your sight checked u dangerous young maannnnnnn!!!! 
We still love you Jiiiiiiim, but its ok Jim when you pass Jim, we dont want you taking us out in your car Jim, you cant drive properly jim 
15/5/2002 16:44 GMT  TO JIM
How can u not see traffic lights???? eye test before the nx attempt 
15/5/2002 16:04 GMT  Luke
1. If Kev wasnt so secretive we wouldnt chinger him, but he tells us 1 thing abut Crane and then blatently tells her another thing. 2. Fcuk off Clare since when have any of us lot spoke 2 u, know even knows who you are! 3. Crane, next year wont be the same in the canteen without seeing u scran them minging pizza and gravy meals. YES MUSH!! 
fcukin traffic lights- i dint see em!!!! 
15/5/2002 08:49 GMT  DOM KEV and LEECH
oh no Lukes gone forever!!! what are we going to do now??? Our lives arent worth living any more  
13/5/2002 22:32 GMT  Webmaster
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13/5/2002 18:26 GMT  Touch Me!
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