Top Left: Sorry Howard but this is a cracker of you when we were on the pop in LondonTop Right: Mr Simon Kirk striking a familiar pose, ravishing a bottle of beer at Stratford races last yearMiddle: Howard the day after after Pukes stag do, looking a bit 'dead to the world' me thinks. Erm.. don't ask me what he's doin with his hand...Bottom: Keith Maiden looking ever foolish on Pukes Stag do last year
Heres an early picture of our overeseas star Ben Joyce in his early days as a big lipped boy. Cheers to Simon kirk for this one.
Martin Ashfield looking resplendant infront of the pavillion the day after his wedding last year (10/9/00)
Cheesy get
A young Simon Kirk accepting the Single wicket trophy one of his many times, from former captain Ronnie Douglas.
This is the team pictured in the John Tatlow era of captaincy. Pictured on the 10th of July 1994 the team is (from left to right) Back Row: Robin Moris, Simon Kirk, Johnathon Willoughby, Nick Day, Alan Green, Dave Preece, Bill Jones (umpire). Front Row: Alan Benjamin (k), Phil Talbot, John Tatlow (c), Steve Gardner and Phil Stanley.
AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! I've been having nightmares over this one, this is the wolfy that lives in the wood next to the cricket pitch. Be afraid, be very afraid. (Robin Morris if you hadn't guessed)
A picture of Temple Grafton cricket club with the old pavillion looking splendid in the summer sunshine. Unfortunately i haven't an exact date, however judging by the length of Kirky's hair (non facing batsmen) i'm presuming it do be 1996 or 1997. Bill Jones, who sadly past away January 2000, is the umpire.
 The motly Temple Grafton team pictured on tour in the Lake District in July 2000. This picture is at Sedgewick Cricket Club before the friday game and the team is (from left to right) BACK ROW: Phil Stanley, Roger Morris, Martin Ashfield (c); MIDDLE ROW: Matt Green, Nick Morgan, Robin Morris; FRONT ROW: Howard Benjamin, Ben Joyce, Alan Green, Martin Popplewell, Tom Benjamin (k).
Rick Astley! Jon Holt as picture on the front of the itinery for his recent stag do. Looking like a certain Rick Astley i do believe!!
Top: Alice Ashfield pictured on the sofa aged 6 weeks. And one i hope sh'll be highly embarrassed of in years to come! Middle: Alice and proud mum Ruth Bottom: A very young looking Ruthy pictured at the Blue Boar.
Ps Reminder for those that don't know - Ruthy is 30 this year

This picture is of the first ever Clarks game that was played down at Temple Grafton CC in June 1992. Unfortunately its a little bit small but this was all the computer would allow me to do. I have no names for the Clarks although i do distinctly remember that there team was pretty much Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark oddly enough with the only other addtiion being Reg Stanley. On the front row, the Grafton lot pictured from right to left are: Robin Morris, Martin Ashfield, Simon Kirk, Alan Green, Phil Stanley, Ron Douglas, Steve Gardner, Paul Brouwer, Terry Gasper, Jason Gregory and Alan Benjamin

Taken from the league debut at Welford on Avon is skipper Martin Ashfield in action with Dave Compton in the back ground. Sorry its a little unclear but thats newspapers for you. If you can't make out what is written underneath, its says: 'Villages lock horns: Welford and Temple Grafton made their Cotswold Hills League bows on Saturday and the latter found it hard work in the field'. Bit of an understatement from the Evesham Journal there i do believe...


The above three pictures are taken by the ever young 50 year old Nick Morgan's birthday bonanza. Top left to is Nick receiving a present from Joy Fryer, Top right is Nick making Viv very scared and at the bottom is Nick getting caught short and having to take a leak in the corner.... i jest of course apparently he was cutting the cake.


For those that were present at the Queens Golden Jubilee party they i'm sue ould back me up in saying what  fantastic day out it was. Staged in Tats field there was all kinds of entertainment during the day including races, shooting, bouncy castle, quad bike raing aomngst others. Later in the evening when the ale was flowing nicely the bonfire was lit and a mavellous fireworks display followed whih preceded an absolutely fantastic barbeque. All the est is a bit blurry but i do remember it being a fantastic day and that we arrived home in the early hours in wheelbarrows....Here are two pictures of what sort of state people got into at the jubilee do (Robin Morris on the left and the ever young Nick Morgan on the right), unfotuantely at present i have no other pictures of the jamboray so you'll have to wait while i make a compilation off various village folk



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In this section i hope to have pictures of many things to do with Temple Grafton Cricket Club. That includes ground pictures, tour pictures, pub pictures, comedy pictures of members and pretty much anything thats remotely connected to TGCC or mildly humerous. If you find any pictures then get in touch with me, see the club details section for contact information.
So heres where the fun begins
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Apparently according to Mr Former skipper, aka Martin Ashfield, these to charcters from the Beano (Head Master from the Bash St Kids and Plug) look like Robin Morris and Ben Joyce. Good call Puke think your spot on there!
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