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  Andrew  Allen
Age: 50
Not a regular player for Temple Grafton however always in the pub team. He's also my boss so he is of course an absolute diamond of a bloke. Lacks abillity on the cricket pitch but is always laughing, joking and taking the piss making him a valuable member of the team.
  Phil  Arlow
Phil is a new addition to the squad this year and a mighty fine one at that! King of classic crap jokes when he's drunk (proved on recent stag do), Phil is getting married on the 4 of August to Martin Ashfields sister. Congratulations in advance.

Never actually played cricket with him so am powerless to comment on his skills!
  Martin 'Puke'  Ashfield
Age: 30
Role: Vice-Captain
Puke is a quality all rounder (as proved in the Jug Cup) who has not got out in a pub game for over two years.

Pukes always good for the crack [not the class A drug] and can hopefully be easily pursuaded into doing a 'Stag Do Revisited' this summer.

Also a valuable member of the slip corden due to lazy bastardness in the field like the rest of us.
  Ruth 'Ruthy'  Ashfield
Age: 28
Role: Official Baby Carrier
Ruthy is the clubs number one fan i reckon always up for a curry, a laugh and a few beverages (when she's not up the duff). One of the few remaining members not miss a tour since the re-introduction 5 years ago.

Carrying the former captains baby at the minute which i'm sure will be a valuable member of TGCC in years to come whether it'll be batting, bowlin or making the teas!!!

P.s don't ever get into an argument with Ruthy i know for a fact that you'll lose!
  Alice 'Ickle baby'  Ashfield
Age: 0
Baby Alice born on th 20th of October 2001 is surely the youngest to have a profile on the site.

Quality picture in a boxing pose soon after birth and a face that we'll see a lot more of in years to come i'm sure.
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