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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
6/3/2002 13:50 GMT  Test Match 31st May
I have got 17 people for the Test and cost looks like being £50(ish)per head to include Match, bus & breakfast. The peolpe I have got are Dave Dave Mrs Tel Phil S Ben Ash Phil A Kirky Brou Robin Andrew A Jason Pop Don Me Colin Holty If you are not on the list and want to go let me know this week. 01789 491 182  
3/3/2002 09:43 GMT  Saturday shoot
Great day out on Saturday and we raised £420. Very well organised and our thanks go to Kirky and Tat. Lets have another one. 
3/3/2002 09:38 GMT  Race night
Dave Many thanks. Great night and we raised £107. Thanks for all your efforts.  
21/2/2002 09:43 GMT  Edgbaston Test match
Edgbaston Test Match Friday 31st May 2002. Looking to Have Breakfast at BB Leave in bus Cricket against Sri Lanka Return to BB Finners is away so its fallen to me to arrange but he will be back next year. Tickets are £35 each (behind bowlers arm) plus breakfast plus bus. I will only be buying tickets on a firm commitment. I guess I am limited to a mini bus full. I will need to get them fairly soon to ensure that we are all together. So let me know if you are up for it. Nick Morgan 01789 77 22 18  
20/2/2002 13:40 GMT  Robin
Thanks for the dinner info Nick, we are looking forward to trying the local delicacy - Stilton Mouse. 
18/2/2002 16:31 GMT  Annual Dinner
You should all have your annual dinner information by now. If you have not received it please send me an email or ring me on 01789 772218.  
5/2/2002 20:38 GMT  The Banned One
I'm glad to know that there are some people out there who are not afraid to act on matters which they feel strongly about. I believe that I have been robbed the chance of an interview because of the webmaster- come on mate, give the people what they want- an interview with me! You can't disagree with the general public can you? Isn't the ban just a bit harsh? 
5/2/2002 19:41 GMT  Mr Sarcasm
Haven't we a right to have an interview with OJ Morgan if that is what the general public has voted for. 
4/2/2002 22:30 GMT  Student Skallywag
"It saddens me to know that there are some people out there who will stop at nothing to bring a player into disrepute" ?! not sure if anyone was implicating you anyway man, wasn't it fairly obvious it wasn't you voting for yourself? and d'ya honestly think it was an attempt to bring a player into disrepute, and not merely a harmless act of 'student skallywagness' as the webmaster put it!?  
4/2/2002 20:18 GMT  lol
actually it was leyb i was the OJ appreciation society but all the same still poor show on this site - y should we not be eligable to vote??? --------- 20:15??? finsihed ur work m8?? ;-) 
4/2/2002 20:13 GMT  The Banned One
If the 'Angry Man' is Smithe, then you cant comment on my hair with yours being a bright orange and if Gib, then I wouldn't really bother looking at the stats page! 
4/2/2002 20:06 GMT  ddaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
evenin mulle 
4/2/2002 20:03 GMT  OJ Morgan
I feel that I must comment on the accusations of 'student skallywagness' which has led to my ban from player interviews this week. This, in fact, was not me, but some of my class mates who wanted me to read my interview. A certain John Gibbons, who played for the club during the summer, was given the club's web address to see his name on the stats page. He found the voting section and asked his friends to place their votes. This explains my sudden increase by forty votes. It saddens me to know that there are some people out there who will stop at nothing to bring a player into disrepute, but hopefully one day I can be interviewed. Nevertheless, since I was unavailable at the time of printing, I thought that I protest my innocence and blame a Mr. John Gibbons! 
4/2/2002 20:03 GMT  Angry Man
What's wrong with this webmaster? Why is OJ Morgan removed from the vote? I voted for him and duly expected an interview. As far as I can tell my vote was in accordance with normal web practise, was it not? Bring back the mulleted one.. OJ. 
4/2/2002 19:48 GMT  the "OJ" appreciation society
poor show dudes an OJ interview wld have bin good - ne1 can vote 4 ne1 cant they??? 
4/2/2002 16:26 GMT  Jaapie van der Weifebieter
It looks as though intheteam is proving to be a fruitful source for us foreign cricketers! I am a 21 year old all-rounder from Cape Town, looking to visit England for your season to play league cricket. I have represented the Cape since the age of 15, though did not play a full season in the under 21s last season. I generally bat in the top order, bowling left arm spin. If there is a potential vacancy, please e-mail me. yours, Jaapie. 
4/2/2002 15:39 GMT  Webmaster
I totally agree with you 2 fold their Mr Morris sir. Ravi if your real then e-mail me and you can most definietely play. Secondly student scallywag definietley springs to mind over the voting. I'm about to send out the form to Phil Stanley and due to scallywagness Mr OJ Morgan has been barred from partisipation in the next vote. Wait with baited breath for the next round of interviews 
4/2/2002 13:55 GMT  Robin
This Ravi bloke must be a wind-up, he's obviously far too good for us. Anyway, how are we supposed to contact him - just address the letter to " Ravi, Hyderabad " or what? Regarding the player interview vote, there is a distinct whiff in the air of bored student monkeys doing a bit of vote manipulation. 40 votes in a day or so is not the usual pattern, especially when no votes have been cast since about the end of November.  
2/2/2002 17:24 GMT  ravi
Hello sir, My name is Ravi chandra ,mailing from INDIA. I am the current CAPTAIN of the Hyderabad state under 25 team. I am interested to come and play for your club .I am sending you the details .If you wish me to send you ,my full biodata ,I will send it as soon as possible..I visited England and Ireland earlier and stood as the best batsman there with an average of 50 . -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name : Ravi chandra Age : 22 years Major teams played : Hyderabad state seniors,Hyderabad state under 25(captain,2 years) Hyderabad state under 22 (3 years),Osmania University (3 years), Hyderabad city 11(captain), Andhra pradesh colleges(captain),Hyderabad colleges(captain),Nizam college(captain) , Nrupatunga college(captain) ,Tour of England and Ireland , Junior level coach at coca cola arshad cricket academy,Recently interviewed by the ALL INDIA RADIO as a captain.... Scored a century on debut for Hyderabad in inter state matches . Scored 90 not out , 87 and 83 as captain in the inter state matches. Best batsman on tour of England and Ireland with an average of 50. Best batsman for Nizam college in the A 1 premier league here and scored above 1000 runs for two successive years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waiting for ur reply ....................yours sincerely .......................ravi chandra  
1/2/2002 12:45 GMT  Emma Roids
Mr Bill Gates, the interview will be on shortly you impatient rich oaf. The template for the quiz is saved down on the computer hard drive at college and will be posted monday. Remember William, designing a successful e-commerce emporium (like TGCC website) is a marathon not a sprint... 
1/2/2002 12:25 GMT  Bill Gates
It's about time Phil produced his interview and we got something else on the home page to vote for 
29/1/2002 13:44 GMT  Robin
Further to earlier messages, could I extend the club's thanks to DAVE, who did such a sterling job helping Roly with the quiz. Now as for the new name for "Grafton Select XI" - How about: GERBILS, GOPHERS (thick-set bodies, short legs and cheek pouches), GAZELLES (just think of Jason), GORILLAS, or my favourite - GROUNDHOGS (which as I'm sure you know, emerge from hibernation on February 2nd and return to their burrows for 6 weeks if they see their own shadows, just in time for the cricket season).  
28/1/2002 10:04 GMT  Quiz night
Raised £242. Well done everyone especially Roli and Colin. 
16/11/2001 10:35 GMT  Quiz Night
Well done Roli and Colin. Great effort - raised £215.  
13/11/2001 17:20 GMT  Webmaster
Sad news about Martin Crow. RIP dear old friend 
9/11/2001 14:00 GMT  Martin Crow
Is no more. He has gone. 
31/10/2001 10:22 GMT  Cockney graftoner
and the brandys andrew 
31/10/2001 00:07 GMT  Andrew Allen
I don't recall calling anyone "barrstudds". However, I don't really remember much at all because of the gin. And the beer. And the scotch. And the wine.  
7/10/2001 21:25 GMT  Ian Hickman
ez, just out with Howard checking out the website in the cask. What is Howard doing with that on the picture??? 
19/8/2001 15:19 GMT  peter royston
i don't believe my bowling needs fine tuning what so ever thankyou thomas, the fact that i do not know what i am going to do next only adds that eliment of surprise into the attack, continuous line and length doesn't take wickets in my experience! (pos. because i've never actually bowled it).this all looks great mate... 
9/8/2001 22:25 GMT  Ron Douglas
With reference to my memorable 50 for Grafton, Martin failed to note that our star batsmen higher up the order had failed to make much of an impact on the vicious attack. As usual the lower order had to come to the rescue. As to my penchant for appealing at the least provocation - no, I'm a reformed character. I now understand that the ball must in fact hit the pads for me to have any chance of a correct decision in my favour. When it ocmes to the pot calling the kettle black, I seem to remember that Martin was quite fond of the odd appeal as well, in fact we made quite an appealing opening attack! 
2/8/2001 17:00 GMT  Nick Morgan
Great stuff Tommy Boy - keep it up. One thing that worries me tho is the Daffodils in Bevs arse-(see message below). Maybe Rob should have a word. Also glad to see that you now have the Rowington details correct - only proves that I havent told you about it. Will do when I next see you. 
1/8/2001 17:18 GMT  Barry Juckes
My dear old thing, what a jolly splendid website. As I recently commented to dear old Phil, in my day the only webs at Grafton were created by bloody great spiders in the kitbag. Well done to all and keep a straight bat  
1/8/2001 11:37 GMT  Rob "Skip" Wheatman (Dowty C.C)
Thanks for visiting our site gents, and leaving a message. I think a Sunday fixture against you next year sounds on the cards, and a sample of the local ales is encouragable indeed! We are having a shocking season after 7 of our players left this year (Cos they couldnt win last year) and 5 left in the 2 years previous! Dickie Bird once umpired at our ground, and said iy was the nicest ground he had umpired at with the exception of Canterbury . . . However, housing developers moved in 2 years ago and built round, ontop of, and as near as damn it, on the wicket! I think this is the reason a lot of people left; but the faithful few still turn out week after week! Reckon we will have to get a cup sorted out to play for, an annual match . . . "" cup? Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season, keep in touch, and look forward to whupping you next season . . . (not!!!) Rob Wheatman.  
31/7/2001 18:27 GMT  Mark O
Well done Tom. An excellent start to your web site. Stanners told me it was good but I had to see for myself. You've done your club proud. 
30/7/2001 11:10 GMT  Syresham cc
Best of luck for the rest of the summer. Perhaps we could arrange a sunday friendly for nest year??? 
26/7/2001 21:28 GMT  Claverdon CC
Big hello from everyone at Clav and welcome to intheteam. See all you guys later in the season. 
24/7/2001 09:19 GMT  Anthony Holt
Superb Tom we look forward to reading more of the same. If some one helps with photos it will prove our Test status! 
23/7/2001 17:56 GMT  Howard Benjamin
Mmmm excuse me, you use the term "lolloping up" when descibing my bowling tecnique, I think "class" is more appropriate!!! You`re doing a great job Thomas, keep up the good work!! 
21/7/2001 13:29 GMT  Phil Stanley
Well done Tom Benj now the whole world will now how bad we really can be, after i have been playing myself up for 30 yaers.  
20/7/2001 17:10 GMT  Ruth Ashfield
About time someone put the antics of the cricket pitch into words!! Well done Tommyboy. Can we have some photographic evidence of play please? 
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