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Child Protection and Club Policies and Rules etc.
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Child Protection and Club Policies and Rules etc.


Child Protection Policy

Child abuse can take many forms and can be inflicted by a parent/guardian other family members, friends, persons in authority or even strangers.


Forms of abuse


Sexual:-of various forms physically or the showing of pornographic material or the taking of pornographic photographs and video’s.


Physical:-Injuries o children by hitting, shaking, squeezing, biting or burning. In football as with other sports physical abuse may occur when the nature and intensity of training exceeds the capacity of the child’s body.


Neglect:-Where adults do not meet a child’s basic physical needs, which are food, warmth,and clothing. Where children are regularly left alone unsupervised and where adults fail to give children love, affection or attention.


Emotional:-Where children are frequently being shouted at or taunted or where they are over protected and do not develop good social skills. Emotional abuse in football may include situations where parents and coaches subject children to constant criticism, bullying or unrealistic pressure to perform to an unreasonably high expectation.


Signs to look out for.


Aggressive, withdrawn or fear of one person.

Unexplained sources of money.

Inappropriate sexual drawings, language or behaviour.

Unexplained or untreated injuries.

Injuries to unlikely or unusual parts of the body.

Cigarette burns bites, belt marks or scalds.

Fear of parents/guardians being contacted.

Fear of going home or receiving medical advice.

Flinching when touched.

Poor personal hygiene.

Constantly Hungry.

Lonely-no friends.

Under weight.

No parent support or intervention.

Dishevelled appearance.

Over reaction to mistakes.

Extremes of emotion.



There may be other signs or you may feel that there is something wrong without any of the signs. If so you must do something positive by discussing your concerns with the Bridlington Town junior club’s child protection officers.


If your concerns are agreed with the child protection officers then the East Riding Football associations full time child protection officer must be notified without delay.


Where the child discloses abuse.


Do not react in such a way that may add to the child’s distress for example by showing anger shock or aggression. Listen carefully to the child. Tell them that whatever the circumstances are they are not to blame. Stay calm and reassuring. Do not question the child in depth and do not ask leading questions. Only ask questions to establish exactly what has happened/what was done and who did it. Let the child know that you understand it is ok to talk about such experiences. You should inform the club Chairperson immediatley. Do not contact the child’s parents/guardians until you have received advice. It is important to make an accurate record of the time and date of the disclosure and of what was said.

Team Coaches and Assistants/Helpers


Should always


¨       Treat all players with respect and dignity

¨       Avoid bad language or an aggressive/suggestive/sarcastic tone of voice.


Should never


¨       Engage in rough,physical or sexual provocative games including horseplay,

¨       Allow or engage in inappropriate or intrusive touching of any kind.

¨       Make sexual suggestive comments to a child even in a light hearted way.

¨       Let allegations a child makes go un-challenged, always act.

¨       Invade the privacy of children when they are hanging/showering or using the toilet.


Should avoid


¨       Doing of a personal nature which children can do for themselves such as changing.

¨       Spending too much time alone with a child away from others.

¨       Taking children alone on car journeys no matter how short.

¨       Taking children to your home.


Where these situations are unavoidable you MUST seek prior parental consent where at all possible.

If prior consent can not be arranged then the parents/guardian must be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.




Bridlington Town junior football club accepts that the welfare of children is paramount and that all children whatever their age, culture, disability, gender or religious belief have the right to protection from abuse.


All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and e responded to without delay.




 1.Club Profile

      2. Constitution

  1. Aims/Objectives.
  2. Club Membership.
  3. General Business.
  4. Payment or Benefits.
  5. Duties.
  6. General Meetings.
  7. Alteration to Constitution.
  8. Dissolution or Winding Up.

      3. Code of Conduct

  1. Players.
  2. Coaches.
  3. Parents/Guardians.

      4. Three Way Partnership


Bridlington Town Junior Football Club.


Bridlington Town juniors were formed in April 2000 following discussions with Bridlington Town AFC with a view to promoting junior football from Town’s ground on Queensgate in Bridlington.

Made up from 22 local youngsters the two teams play their football in the East Riding Junior Football league.

The club started with no finances or equipment and relied heavily on support for equipment from the East Riding Junior football league.

Within 12 months the club has gone from one with many ideas and ambitions and little else to a club that is now stable and able to equip itself with the equipment needed.

To date following fund raising events and with a grant of £200 made by East Riding Sports Development the club have purchased Training and match balls, first aid equipment, two set of junior goals and nets, Kit bags and training cones.

In addition to the above sponsorship (2000-2001) for two team strips was found through Randles Cleaning Consultants, Holderness Rd Hull (Blues) and Cameron Court home for retired gentlefolk, Flamborough (Whites).

They finished last season in 5th (blues) and 6th (Whites) place in the under 10’s league with the Blue’s contesting a cup final which they eventually lost 2-0.

Last season the junior also developed their own web site ( where details of fixtures, results, player profiles etc can be found.

This coming season both teams are developing their own web sites that can be found on the Internet at:

In addition to the two web sites the club have also written a set of objectives and a ‘three way partnership’ deal which is a commitment from the respective coach the player and the players parent/guardian.

This season sponsorship for the Blues has being found for,



Team strip

Randles of Hull Suppliers of Machinery and Chemicals to the cleaning industry.

Waterproof tops

R. B. Palmer-Joiner.

Training Bibs

R Corner -Groundwork and Plant.


Sponsors for Bridlington Town Whites to be confirmed.



Team strip

Waterproof tops

Training Bibs


Bridlington Town Junior Football Club


The Club

The club shall be called Bridlington Town Junior Football Club, hereafter referred to as the "Club" and shall be affiliated to the East Riding County Football Association (Affiliation No 2319)



"To foster and promote junior football through the playing of mini-soccer at all ages, providing opportunities for recreation and competition through understanding and participation"

Objective 1:

To meet the demand from the young people in Bridlington for a place to go and something to do there and by doing so provide a ‘safe’ environment that is:

  • Not seen as part of the ‘establishment’.

  • Is free from alcohol and drugs.

  • Seen by young people as their own place.

  • A place to learn and play football that is trouble free.

Objective 2:

To engage young people and increase their self-esteem by providing a structured environment and opportunities including:

  • Activities that will stimulate/motivate and encourage them to try new activities.

  • Introducing young people to structured training in a non-threatening environment.

  • Positive messages and role models (Coach’s) to help keep young people from the road to crime.

  • The users having and sharing ownership and responsibilities for the club.

Objective 3:

To contribute to improving the quality of life for the young people of Bridlington by contributing to wider objectives of the community to:

  • Reduce crime.

  • Reduce substance abuse (i.e. alcohol solvent & drugs).

  • To improve the health and welfare of the local young people and the community in general.

  • Reduce anti-social behaviour.

  • Provide facilities for the young people of Bridlington.

Objective 4:

To be self funding by:

  • Attracting sponsorship from local and national firms.

  • Agreeing a "once only" signing on fee.

  • Arranging fund raising events throughout the year.

  • To have an active bank account providing details to members twice a year.


Club Membership

Bridlington Town AFC

"Membership of the Club shall be open to any person completing a membership application and paying the relevant subscription fee as determined by the Annual General meeting of the members"

Bridlington Town Juniors

"Membership of the teams shall be open to any junior falling into the appropriate age group on completion of the membership application signed by the parent/guardian and on accepting the clubs aims and code of conduct and paying the relevant signing on fee as determined by the Annual General meeting of the members"

General Business

"The affairs of the club shall be controlled by a committee comprising of the Officers of the club and parents/guardians of the players"

The committee comprising of:

  • Chairperson.

  • Secretary.

  • Treasurer.

  • Child Protection officers.

  • Team Managers/Coaches.

  • Player parent/guardian.

shall meet at agreed intervals and not less than four times per year.

"All Officers of the committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club from and by, the members of the club on a democratic basis, for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year"

Motions to be put forward must be received in writing by the Secretary 7 days prior to the meeting taking place.

Nominations for officials must be received in writing by the Secretary 7 days prior to the AGM.

All meetings will take place at the Bridlington Town Clubhouse(subject to availability)

Payment or Benefits

If expenses or other costs are made to the members or the officers/committee this should be explained and show that only ‘reasonable’ reimbursement may be made.


The duties of the committee shall be:

  • To control the affairs of the club.

  • To keep accurate accounts of the club finances which should be made available for reasonable inspection by members and which should be audited before and available at the AGM.

  • To maintain a bank account in the clubs name requiring at least two named and unrelated senior officers to sign each cheque.

  • To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote. The Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote in the event of tied votes.

General Meetings

General meetings will take place on the first Thursday of November, February, May with the AGM taking place on the first Thursday in August.

  • Meetings with have a full agenda agreed in advance by the Chairperson and Secretary.

  • Meetings will be recorded to show accurately the business of the day.

         All meetings will take place at the Bridlington Town Clubhouse(subject to availability)

Alterations to the Constitution

The constitution can not be changed without discussion and agreement at a general meeting attended by at least two thirds of the members/committee.

Two thirds of the members/committee in attendance must agree on any changes.

Dissolution or Winding Up.

The Committee can only authorise the dissolution/winding up of the club after full consultation with:

Bridlington Town AFC.

East Riding County Football Association.

All club members.

All parents/guardians of the players.

If agreement were reached then surplus club funds would transfer after audit to Bridlington Town AFC.

Code of Conduct


  • Attend training sessions and games at the designated times
  • Support your team and opposition players.

  • Recognise the value and importance of your coach. They give up their time and efforts free to help you.

  • Participate in a team game
  • Never ridicule other players for making mistakes.
  • Do not swear or spit before, during or after training sessions or games.

  • Do not publicly question any official’s decisions and never doubt their honesty.

  • Set an example by being friendly to parents and players of any opposition.

  • Respect Bridlington Town’s ground and facilities


  • Do not publicly question any official’s decisions and never doubt their honesty.

  • Set an example by being friendly to parents and players of any opposition.

  • Lead by example by not using offensive language or ridiculing players who make mistakes.

  • Attend relevant training courses to equip themselves with the appropriate skills.

  • Support players at all times whether winning or losing.
  • Arrange and attend training sessions and games on time.
  • Provide coaching in a friendly but disiplined environment.
  • Keep parents/guardians notified of events through regular news letters.

In addition to the above the coaches will arrange through the committee to:

  • Provide team kits for the players.

  • Provide drill tops/rain jackets/training bibs for the players (subject to funding)
  • Provide the nessarcary training balls cones etc.


  • Children should not be forced to participate in soccer; they are not playing to satisfy their parent’s ambitions.

  • Always encourage your child to play by the rules.

  • Teach your child that effort and teamwork are just as important as winning so that the result is accepted without undue disappointment.

  • Never ridicule your child for making mistakes or losing in competition.

  • Applaud good play by your child’s team and by the opposition.

  • Do not publicly question any official’s decisions and never doubt their honesty.

  • Support the Club’s efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from junior football.

  • Recognise the value and importance of coaches. They give up their time and efforts free to help your child.

  • Set an example by being friendly to parents and players of any opposition.

  • Praise effort as well as improvement.

Three Way Partnership

The three way partnership is designed to encourage the players of Bridlington Junior’s Football Club to enjoy their football in a friendly disiplined environment.

The partnership is between the player,the players parent/guardian and the respective coach/club.


The club or coach of the respective teams will,

  • Provide team kits for the players
  • Provide drill tops for the players (subject to funding)
  • Provide the nessarcary training balls cones etc
  • Arrange and attend training sessions and games on time
  • Provide coaching in a friendly but disiplined environment
  • Keep parents/guardians notified of events through a monthly news letter


The player will,

  • Attend training sessions and games at the designated times
  • Support other club members
  • Participate in a team game
  • Respect Bridlington Town’s ground and facilities
  • Respect their respective coach


The Parents/Guardians will where ever possible,

  • Attend games to support their child and the respective teams
  • Provide support to the respective coach when required
  • Support the club/team in achieving their objectives

It is important that prior to agreeing and signing the Partnership deal all three parties understand and accept their obligations.

Players who on a regular basis are disruptive or abuse the facilities offered by Bridlington Town AFC will be asked to leave the club.










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