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  Lewis  Bean
Age: 11
Role: MidfielderLewis is another recent signing who is fast becoming the comedian of the team while at the same time managing to play strong directional football with the ability to turn a game in our favour
  Andrew 'Smiler'  Booth
Age: 11
Role: Goal KeeperAndrew has recently joined us following a season away from junior football and has settled in well becoming a sound goalkeeper and defender.
  Nathan  Cunningham
Age: 11
Role: Striker

Nathan Cunningham

Nathan turned into a prolific goal scorer for the Blues last season with 51 goals in all games. Although the smallest member of the team his speed and vision for goal is superb.

Playing upfont alongside James Webb the pair started to gell together and all eyes will be on these two to see if they can carry on where they left off.

  Jacob  Day
Age: 10
Role: Midfielder

Jacob Day

Jacob is fast becoming the Vaduka of the team having the strength to hold up the play allowing others to find free positions.

Although not the greastest goal scorer his strength is in mid-field where he can marshall the team into a winning position.

  Joanne  Dowson
Role: Child Protection Officer

Joanne Dowson

Joanne is one of two Child Protectin Officer who we have at the club who's job it is to make sure all the juniors in our care are treated fairly at all times.

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