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30/6/2002 18:55 GMT  heather sheridan
Great website. You're doing a good job. I'm looking forward to seeing the FA youth football survey on the website soon!  
9/6/2002 20:16 GMT  andrew booth
I look forward to playing on thursday.Great website! 
27/5/2002 21:00 GMT  paul
great weekend bring the next one forward see you at our gala 
17/5/2002 21:44 GMT  paul
looking forward to meeting you and your team next weekend from all at gildersome spurs all the very best for the future 
17/5/2002 17:49 GMT  for a better website go to 
4/5/2002 15:32 GMT  Danny Porter
Hi chris can i take penaltys against shiptonthorpe? i am looking forward to it see ya 
2/5/2002 07:55 GMT  Gill Davison
Fantastic Website! Didn't think there would be so much info! Well done Chris, see you soon 
28/4/2002 19:58 GMT  Malcolm Walton
Excellent web site Would you like details of a tournament in Cleethorpes 14th July 2002 to test your lads in this area U9,U10,U11,U12 All the best 
28/4/2002 08:06 GMT  Brian Cosheril
Congratulations on winning the league and your first tournament.  
16/4/2002 19:56 GMT  Dan
Just like to say hello from Trysull Tigers Football Club we are based nr Wolverhampton England.we run teams from under 8's to open age. We are new to the web having just opened our website to the world hoping to gain new friends and contacts around the world.Please come and visit if you have time. Nice site,all the best in the future Danny  
13/4/2002 15:53 GMT  Danny Porter
today was a hard game against tigers we were unlucky to concede a last minute equalizer though, when i conceded the penalty i thought i was unlucky, i just clipped his foot and he went down, see you on monday. 
9/4/2002 12:48 GMT  Terry Nuttall
Many thanks for your invatation to your under 11s tournament, unfortunatly we will be on our summer break during the months of may & june so will not be able to attend. Good luck to all your teams for next season. 
9/4/2002 12:43 GMT  George Ledger
I am the Junior secretary of Yorkshire amateur junior AFC. You will be welcome to play our Under 11s, which we have an A and B teams. Anytime over the summer. 
3/4/2002 18:14 GMT  5
cool website 
24/3/2002 14:48 GMT  Danny Porter
Hi Chris we need to get good results next week against pocklington and hutton cranswick,if we do then weve got a big chance of winning the league. 
23/3/2002 18:42 GMT  Brian Cosheril
Best wishes to Brid Town U11's nice to see that Youth Football in Brid has not being forgotten about. I think your web site is tops. I'll keep looking to see how you are doing, Good luck to all the players in the team. If you want to sucseed in football remember to listen to your manager during matches and not your parents. Once again good luck to you all. Regards Brian Cosheril Eccleshill United Juniors U11 Manager  
18/3/2002 20:00 GMT  vicki from peterborough ladies reserves
great site boys and girl just looked through it again and its great good luck for the rest of the season whats left c ya good luck vicki 
11/3/2002 17:15 GMT  sam stanhope
blues,blues are off to win the leage 
4/3/2002 18:56 GMT  vicki
great site i was just looking through it theres so much information its great i play for peterborough ladies we have a site its good to good luck for the rest of the season c ya vicki 
25/2/2002 19:28 GMT  Shaun - Alfreton Town Under 12's
Great site !! Any chance of a friendly sometime ? 
20/1/2002 23:03 GMT  Chris Brid Town Blues
John Fields-call me one evening after 6pm as i can not send details on e-mail-your address is not recognised 
20/1/2002 19:39 GMT  john fields
please send me info on tournament as i run a youth team 
11/1/2002 22:17 GMT  Junior Tykes F.C. (Barnsley)
Just to say, what a great web page! The best I've come across. 
30/12/2001 17:44 GMT  Malcolm Walton - Parent - Humbertherm FC
Well done Bridlington Juniors Chris has obviously found his forte You should have gone into football rather than the DSO Very good achievement and a real good base for the future. Good luck for the future Malcolm  
17/12/2001 22:04 GMT  Darren Ward Heraldic Watches (Ireland)
I would like to wish Chris and the sqaud the best of luck in the future. 
11/11/2001 15:49 GMT  Ashley Sowersby
Hi Chris, the matches we played against Shiptenthorpe A and B were easy, i hope we can do the same against Tickton and Cherry Burton. See you Saturday morning. 
11/11/2001 00:04 GMT  Wullie Clark
Great site guys well done. Feel free to visit our site at Good luck this and every season. COME ON YE BLUES. 
10/11/2001 12:58 GMT  Ashley Sowersby
Hi Chris, like the website and the pictures from training. Hope we win the match tommorrow. See you at 10:15. 
28/10/2001 21:08 GMT  Neil Drewery
look forward to the floodlit tournament on Wednesday evening. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL 
28/10/2001 20:07 GMT  Danny Porter
hi chris like your halloween thing its cool i cant wait to play whites in a week it will be cool seeya later  
6/10/2001 17:45 GMT  danny porter
hi chris 2 easy games tommorow hopefully we will get 6 points in the bag p.s did`nt england do well? 
3/10/2001 20:00 GMT  richy the man!
good luck blues for the new season, great website chris, and keep up the goals jim bob!!!..  
1/10/2001 10:29 GMT  kim tony
hi to chris and the blues good luck for this season hope to get to more games this time all our best wishes kym tony and family 
23/9/2001 13:36 GMT  danny porter
hi chris it is a shame we lost our last game i am ready for extra hard work on tuesday. 
22/9/2001 18:47 GMT  tony booth
a great web site chris well put together sorry i wont be seeing you this season as a manager but family matters come first see you tony ex rangers 
15/9/2001 18:50 GMT  danny porter
Hi chris i am ready for tommorow hopefuly we will win 
17/8/2001 18:05 GMT  Colin & Anne Hogben
NICE ONE CHRIS ! Brilliant well done 
6/7/2001 20:14 GMT  Mike @ Leconfield Saints
Nice website Chris, Hope you get the results to go with it. 
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