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Match Reports 11 Man 2002
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Bloomsday 11 man lose balls...quite literally !

Peter Streader  Monday, June 03, 2002  21:03 GMT

Could Bloomsday succeed with the new tactic of not using any English players for the first time in Bloomsday history.......NO !!! The brits with the grit were in the pub watching a dazzling performance from England..........hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ! The brain of the Dane was left in charge:

As Niels puts it :

the game was crap - we lost 7-0 after being down 5-0 at half time.
Hansel wasn't allowed to play since the ref saw him playing for another team
yesterday. verdamt.

the ref was clearly not in a bloomsday mood, and made a lot of mysterious
calls in favor of kick -as. also he showed manager niels hansen- who is
usually a fair player - the yellow card for a tiny freekick. zweimall

At half-time  the ref. called over all Bloomsday players to check their birthdate s
and no problems there !
We played pretty well in 2.half but lost to a very good team.

Next match is against FC Kafka, who after having a very poor season, have
found players to give a challenge to better teams.
It is not going to be a walkover.


P.S.  forresten så blev feverbolden samt Stig fodbold væk efter kampen.

 lars, anders s., og søren h. havde boldene men fik dem ikke med ud af
 omklædningsrummet. og da jeg begyndte at lede var de væk.

> > det kører fandme fantastisk.

Which for those of you who don't understand means that our new balls were left in the dressing room and haven't been seen since....or have they.....WATCH THIS SPACE.....

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