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Celtics "botulin boys" fail to overcome Bloomsday

Peter Streader  Monday, June 03, 2002  20:45 GMT

The word on the street was that the dreaded Celtics had decided to pool their resources and throw a youngish looking side (with the exception of Coogan !) at an under-strength Bloomsday. Steve gardner was a no show and Mark couldn't make it...

Karl got injured early on and couldn't continue, whilst Richard battled on bravely with a twisted ankle.

We had won the toss and were defending against the wind and a strangely subdued attack from Celtics who, despite having the bulk of possession, failed to make any real impact. Bloomsday relied on Pedro and Thomas with Steve Devaney running the show...0-0 at half time.

The second half was not much different. Celtics had the 1 man advantage but couldn't penetrate a solid hard-working defence...a Glyn hoof (he will say differently !) and a dodgy back pass left pedro 1 on 1 with the keeper and he blasted home into the far corner.....he had a few more chances shortly afterwards but only left the keeper with a long walk to fetch the ball.

Celtics pressed for an equaliser and in the last minute Streader broke on the right croossed for pedro who mis-hit the ball back to the surprised Streader who swung his leg twice and missed the ball but hooked it in at the 3rd attempt to scenes of jubilation.....

The whole team worked really hard and Steve and Pedro shared the man of the match award that puts Bloomsday into 2nd place...


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