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Bloomsday in 21 goal salute..........

Peter Streader  Saturday, June 01, 2002  15:43 GMT

When the team with a 100% record meets the team with a 100% loss record, the outcome is usually easy to predict......and so it proved.....after 5 minutes with the score at 0-0 and a string of acrobatic saves from the keeper it was obvious that a major damage limitation exercise was underway. The younger faster better Team Villadsen ran rings round a Bloomsday side that were unfamiliar with each other.......suddenly the flood gates opened and the score was 11-0 at half time....not to us obviously !!!

Wilson went in goal and the team battled bravely with Pete Westbrook getting a yellow and Ian's student Carlo scoring the goal that prevented total and utter humiliation......the ref added on valuable seconds to allow Villadsen to score their 20th goal and set a new club and possibly league record !!!

Beer flowed freely afterwards as we tried to forget......Hansel left in disgust and took yet another pair of socks with him !!! Thanks to Jon, Gez, Ian, Peter, Ben, Carlo, Hansel, Pete and Steve for turning up when so many others had said NO......Gez had also said no but was persuaded to become part of this historical massacre........

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