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Thursday Match Report - 3/5/01

Dan Hillier & Stuart Pauley  Friday, May 04, 2001  10:50 GMT

A brace of classy finishes by Mike saw the Yellows edge past the Reds 5 -3, in another tight game last night. In fact, several players absent from Monday's fixture - Stuart, Simon & Campbell -were on fire at various stages in the game. Monty came under relentless pressure at the back but as usual managed to fend off most challenges.

Light-hearted banter about the easy win over the Observatory soon gave way to the usual niggles and ridiculous claims for throw-ins and freekicks. One appeal by the Reds for handball was worthy of Bod Geldof himself. David Liddell was smarting after what he thought was a perfectly valid goal was disallowed for handball. Jon Doig was not quite firing on all cylinders, maybe fatigued after all the ball stealing antics on Monday?

Two incidents almost marred the game though, one coming when a team member from an adjacent game ran into Stuart as he was just about to start one of his infamous runs. The second happened when the Meadowbank employed 'jobsworth' security man told the team to vacate the pitch as they didn't have a booking. An argument ensued and goals were scored in the melee which followed. Normal service ensued shortly afterwards, with a promise to pay for the pitch. This was followed by some exhibition football.

The reinvestigation of match stats on the new website clearly galvanised the spirit, if not the flesh.

GOALS - YELLOWS: Mike (2), Dan, Keith, Simon
REDS: David, Monty, Mike (O.G.)

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