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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
9/5/2001 10:20 GMT  Stuart Pauley
Simon has found a Glasgow football team's web site, which has a league table including a team called Reith Rovers. These imposters must be stopped!!!!!!!!! Check it out; 
7/5/2001 19:50 GMT  Jon
exactly.we must be the second team at least following our unbeaten 11 aside run.We may play at Meadowbank but you can't really compare us with Meadowbank Thistle or whatever they're trying to pass themselves off as this year. 
7/5/2001 12:52 GMT
we all thought that it was Hearts that were Edinburghs third team. 
5/5/2001 12:26 GMT  John Lindsay
In reply to his player profile. 'Where's the bit about my playing days...? ...about the silky figure whose cheetah like runs up the right wing and 'beckam-esque' crosses helped many of his fellow players to experience the glory's of scoring ....not to mention my Seaman challenging shots from my own half testing the goalkeepers agility to the limit. This is the same player that taught simon walton how the backheel can be utilised as an effective goalscoring weapon when used in the right circumstances! ..And don't forget I hold the only 'Lifetime Achievement Award' ever given out by the club (...or did Lawrence get one too?) Dan would never have forgotten to include all these bits if he'd been writing the profile...'  
2/5/2001 10:53 GMT  Paul Reid
MONDAYS GAME Can't remember who scored but who cares! i as usuall was first class at right-back. Thought it was a bit off that SUPERDAN had no water for us although it was Caribean temperatures. Oh and John clearly can't score in a brothel with a score haning out his ass. 
30/4/2001 14:26 GMT  Ruud Again
Ouch! There goes my knee again.  
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