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What own goal? Curry I'll have ya....

Claire Stoves  Thursday, February 21, 2002  19:36 GMT

First of all - in my own defence I would like to object about the allegation that I scored an own goal! I wish I had, it would have taken my record to one this season! Sunday is best forgotten about...
The pictures are on the way, I will be taking individual shots on Sunday! The team one from this Sunday gone was appauling, you'd get a fright I promise...
WVLFC - we will definitely add you to our links, cheers and all the best!
Henry Hyams - 'ginner', good new nickname for our keeper, thanks! It would appear that a few of you lads out there have claims on our buttock clinching goal keeper! It's funny what you say about her feet smelling - we were all thinking the same but didn't like to say..sorry ginner!
Lee - thanks for the phone number! Why the restrictions on phoning you? Mmmm I wonder, a case of 'night night love you go to bed, I'll just watch this film, 'come on Kirklees ring me'... Only joking, if you wanna call get yer kit on for Sundays game!
Scalby - good luck with your battle against Ferriby, sorry we can't help but they're far to good!
Jez in Bournemouth - good night out there? Come to our locals, we'll have you in a flat cap with a wippet by yer side in no time!
Scott Sutcliffe - you work with Michelle eh? perhaps you could fill us in on her performance at work and then we'll do the same! Come and watch her and give us some support, that goes to anyone PLEASE.... we need help!
The photo's are coming, I wanted to get you all down to watch us to give some support but perhaps after seeing the photo's you'll not get in touch again!!! Good laugh, eh? keep up the top messages...
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