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Same old news

Christine Curry  Thursday, February 21, 2002  13:13 GMT

Kirklees entertained visitors Manston Magnets this week and although Manston sit below Kirklees in the league this did not determine the out come of the game.

Its the same old news for Kirklees who haven't won a match since the start of the new year and this game wasn't to be an exception. Kirklees still couldn't preform with a full team although latest signings Kathryn Hayes and Mary Hood were available to play.

Kirklees, in the first half, decided playing the off side may stop the Manston attackers getting through on goal and although this worked there were a few occasions when the referee waved play on when clearly Manston were off side.

Most of the play seen Manston attack the Kirklees goal as Kirklees were put under alot of presure and it wasn't long before they started notching up some goals.

Kirklees found it difficult to get the ball in to Manstons half so a big old hoof was required from the boot of Claire Stoves to set the ball rolling for the second week running, right winger Kathryn Baines got herself on the score sheet, she chased a long ball into the area as the Manston goalkeeper came rushing out, Baines did enough to put the goalkeeper off and was able to slot the home. Baines goals in the last 2 matches have boosted Kirklees's confidence and her own as she was awarded player of the match.

At half time the score was 7-1 and a change of tactics was made, it was decided that trying to play the off side trap wasn't working so Claire Stoves dropped back to play the sweeper position. This seemed to have worked as Manston only manage to score 3 more goals, including an own goal by Stoves following a mix up with the goalkeeper.

In this half Kirklees had more attacking play, lone striker Dawn Mahon gave the Manston defence something to worry about with a few great runs but these chances didn't come of anything.

The match ended with a dejected Kirklees 1 to Manstons 10.

Baines also was awarded player of the match but she has announced that she does not want to play in next weeks cup match against North Ferriby, its a frustrating time for all the players losing match after match.

Pictures were took of the match last week but as yet they haven't been added to the site but hopefully you'll see them this space!
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