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We are now signing up for this season, please see below our Welcome pack...
..Leave your name & number in the guestbook if interested.

Dear All
Welcome to the Forest Inn Football Club. We are delighted that you have agreed to sign up to play for us this season.
This season our intentions are to build on our success from the past two years and continue the progress by challenging strongly for promotion once again, and also to defend the Bankes’ Cup.
The Club is very much geared towards all players and staff working together in order to achieve continued on-field success and this means that we expect a certain level of commitment from our players, but aim to give back a higher level of team and individual satisfaction.
We understand that at this level of football it would be unreasonable of us to expect all players to be available for every game we play; however we would ask that if you are unable to play in any match you contact either the Secretary or the Manager with as much notice as you can.
Fees are as follows :
Sign On £15.00
Match Day Fees £3.00 - (£2.00 for a half)
Yellow Card £7.00
Red Card £15.00
Each season the Club organises a number of social events including a Christmas Party, an Awards Ceremony at the end of the season and other enjoyable events. These are usually among the highlights of the season for the players and staff of the Club. You will be notified of these when they are arranged. We hope that you will be able to attend all of these events, but we would ask that if you are unable to attend that you let us know as early as possible.
We hope that you enjoy playing for the Forest Inn F.C. as enjoyment is one of the most important features of this level of football. We also believe that the best way to enjoy football is to be on the winning team as often as possible, and the Committee will do their best to ensure as many of those victories as possible.
Once again may I extend a warm welcome to the Club on behalf of the Committee and offer you our best wishes for the coming season.
Here’s to many victory drinks….

(Est. 2000)
On Saturday 25th May Forest Inn F.C. made their mark on the Dorset Footballing calendar, and turned another chapter on their short history.
The day was made for heroes during the David & Golith showdown against Kingston Lacy, Bugsey, Hendy, Lord Jones, Lace, Scotty II, Cobbo, Franny, Tommo, Hatty,Magic Marky & not forgetting Gordy The Lamp made the team with Tibs & Nicky A turning out to be inspired subs.
20 minutes in the 80 strong crowd went wild when Tommo struck a low right hand cross into Marky who caught it on the volley, to put The Trees ahead.
The stunned Kingston Lacy team could not believe it when 5 minutes later Cobbo chased down a loose ball on the 18 yard and struck to double the half time, everything in the Garden looked pretty.
With Sheppy sending out his troops from the changing room with renewed determination, the boys went back into battle.
Lacy & Ian were fantastic at the back, Bugsey was an inspiration, but a combination of tiredness from the last game and a lack of concentration gave Kingston an opening.
Making it exciting is what Forest do well, but when Kingston Lacy came back with 2 goals in a minute, no one was laughing, Sheppy kept hitting the roof of the dug out as he tried to direct his team into some sort of order, as the eventuality of penalties again beckoned.
Marky made sure, Franny made sure, Tibs (standing in for the Fox) knocked it in,...
With Kingston Lacy having missed their first and third, all Cobbo had to do was knock it in, and that he did to send the crowd wild, and give the Boys their first Trophy ever.
The celebration commenced, and spilled over into Wimborne that night, with the Trophy being paraded round the pubs of Wimborne in the P*ssing down rain, but no one worried, Winning was all that counted....


Managers Player of the Year...The Boogs

Players Player of the Year...Magic Lace

Best Newcomer of the Year...The Dorset Fox

Top Goalscorer...Super Wellman

Feel free to leave your comments in the Guestbook.

Keep those dreams alive,,,,,,  

I can't believe it, but Cobbo got 2 in 2 games....Marky Wellman 22...Jon Hatt 15...Chris Rawlings 7...Andy Lacey 4...Hendy 3...Chris Francis 2...Scotty One 2...Buffy 4...Nick Judge 2...Scotty Two 1...Nick Andrew 1...Gordy 1...Marcus 1...Big Bad Bob 1.....Neilly White...1 ....Tommo Tommo Tommo, he tells me he has got 2 goals this season...1

This month's "Sarah" Award has to go to Marcus, Who after catching sight of his midfield team mate Matty Hill having his hair pulled and being hit round the head with a hand bag belonging to Lytchett Red Triangle's Centre Half. Marcus ran the full length of the pitch, only just getting to the fight as darkness fell. With one stealth movement performed a Double Flying Half Nelson, to extract the Centre Half from Matty's barnet, The Centre Half ended up flying towards Bugsey, and instantly knew he was never going to be caught and had to perform an emergency forward roll......... With fur still flying, and the centre half's red pleated skirt torn and ripped, Marcus could be spotted innocently vacating the scene with a handful of hair as the Referee came to inspect.....!!! I give you.....Marcus "The Terrier" Fox
IN THE BUFF..... Weekly pearls of Wisdom from your Secretary...
Let me tell you about my day on Saturday. I visited Chessington World Of Adventures. I'm sure the rides were very good, but from 1pm onwards I was checking my mobile for news even whilst flying round the Vampire at a hundred miles an hour. By 3pm I was getting worried; surely I thought they must have lost or else someone would have contacted me by then. Then, at about half three the mobile rang, and everyone at Chessington must have thought I was completely bonkers as Lacey filled me in on the match, and I jumped ten feet in the air screaming "You beauties!" and punching the air in jubilation! From then on I didn't need any rides to excite me - I just wanted to be at the Cuthbury joining in the celebrations!!
I can only say that it has been an honour to play in this team this season (when we've been a bit short of players!) and a real honour to take charge when Mr Shepherd Jr has been unavailable. It has been a great season, despite the slightly dodgy start, but in the last six months the key members have been magnificent, with Buggs coming out of retirement to challenge strongly for the Player Of The Year awards, Lacey and Ian forging a defensive partnership which would not (for the most part!) look out of place in Serie A, Cobbo holding the midfield like a true British Bulldog, the tried and tested forward line of Marky and the Hitman (backed up by the fat Secretary when needed!) and of course the great additions to the squad in Hendy, Scotty 2, Chrissie Francis, Gordy, Tibbsy (who was so keen he even sent in his CV!) and the Dorset Fox. Not to mention the old heads such as Sheppy, Craigie, Nick Andrew, Cookie, Neilly White,  and those dearly departed boys who have served the club well this season but are sadly no longer around like the Army boys Scotty 1, The Judge, and Gaz, plus Gree, Brooka (thanks to the amazing Roy Keane-like bust-up with the management) and of course Stokesy, who to be fair to him did a decent job for us in his short time with the club. If I've missed anyone then I apologise, but everyone who has played as a Purple Head this season deserves some kind of credit.
Finally I would just like to share with you my personal moments of the season; in reverse order as is traditional. At No. 5, my first goal of the season, away at Sherborne. Craig had given me a huge bollocking for having a half-time fag at 0-0, but just five minutes after the restart I slotted a nice left-foot shot past the keeper to give us the lead. Sadly we lost 5-1, but I had some kind of consolation. No. 4 is Lacey's magnificent observation skills when he called the referee (who to be honest was a f***ing a***hole) a f***ing a***hole. Unfortunately the man in black disagreed, and showed the big man the red card resulting in a five match ban. My No. 3 moment is the time when the Judge, who to be honest had not dazzled with his soccer skills, picked the ball up on the left hand side of the Theatre Of Dreams. Seeing that no-one was available he decided to try his luck. Ten seconds later he had beaten four men and curled a delightful shot into the far top corner of the net, for what in my view is the undisputed goal of the season (sorry Marky and Hatty). At No. 2 is that great moment when the boss, who was called into action for once, went to take a free-kick on the left-wing up at Shaftesbury. As Craigie was about (surly....) to curl the ball into the box for a great header into the net, Shaftesbury's number one fan decided to take the law into her own hands and sunk her teeth into our esteemed manager's calf!! Not the first time Craig has been bitten by a bitch!! But at No. 1 for me this season was the moment when Lacey phoned me to tell me that the boys had won the Bankes' Cup; our first trophy after only two years (and the other year we won promotion) and, to be honest, a major achievement for everyone even slightly involved with the Trees from Chairman Sheppy as far as our No. 1 fan Mr. Lacey.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed anything this season from the all-seeing eye of Sheppy through the men on the pitch who have done the hard work down to my boys who have turned up to support us a few times...the Cup is for all of you.

Jolly Boys Barge Tour 2002
17 Lads, 3 Boats & 1 weekend in Oxford, The scene was set for the Forest boys to go a grab some Pikey's.
Friday night saw the boys land in Oxford with Robby Sex aka The Shark and Ian taking centre stage. With such one liners as "Do you mind if I come a talk to you" Robby Sex could not fail.
To the Victor the Spoils as they say, and it was Ian who bagged the first prize of 3 lightly shaven school teachers,with a house nearby !!! Apparently Robby had turned his back for two minutes, and it was the old faithful "I used to play for Yeovil you know..!" that finally sealed the deal.
Eventually, almost everyone made it back to the Barge for Friday night, Robby was so overcome with grief at losing out on a 5 in a bed opportunity that he lost all control of bodily function. Chrissy was unlucky recipient as Robby tried his best to p*ss into a half pint glass from his top bunk only to give Chrissy his very own private showing of "Pennies from Heaven".
As the Saturday morning Sun rose over the Oxfordshire Canal, Ian appeared through the mist clutching his, now very inflamed love spuds, it must have been some night.
Again, the boys did not disappoint on Saturday night, even Mikey H got in on the action, but with Sheppy a little out of sorts as he recovered from a bug, the two brothers just could not get up and running, the only thing Sheppy could pick up was a dodgy bird who had collapsed at his feet having an asthma attack,,,,Craig thoughtfully asked her if she was having an Orgasm !!
Sheppy, Craigie, Marky & Gordy, ended the night by taking a chance in one of Oxford's famous dodgy clubs, and dodgy it was - The night was young and at around 2.00 am it was decided to retire to the bargy's to open up the card school. Shoot Pontoon was the game, again the explanation of which took longer than the game itself, especially when Bugsey decided to stick on an Ace, a Nine, and a Two !!!
Sunday saw the legendary football match, and a Dannyboy master class of a header and a 50 yard pealer sealed it for the now ageing Vets
It all finished off with a Liverpool win, watched in the Pub over a beer, ..... Great Weekend ....
Forest Inn FC
43 Long Hill
BA12 6LR Map
Phone: 01747 861091

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