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31/5/2002 19:12 GMT  The Mole IX
Don't miss it - Saturday 8th June - Forest Inn 20:30 - The Mole will be revealed....... 
29/5/2002 19:18 GMT  gordy
No wonder it was so difficult you only had 10 players !!! Maybe it was just a dream - no im sure I was there, im in the team photo and I even got one of those small wooden trophies as well. 
29/5/2002 16:46 GMT  Mikey Hunt
Howway the lads! Top result on the hallowed turf that is The Cuthbury, home to our childhood dreams. What a season - a tough act to follow for next season though, but I have faith that with the rejuvenated figure that is Buggsy between the sticks, more silverware will follow. Cheers Chaps. Mikey 
27/5/2002 18:33 GMT  Humpa DFM
Congratulations to the boys & back room staff on your victory, mrs bugsy told me the result. Humpa 
27/5/2002 08:27 GMT  ?'.;''@#'/'/?
26/5/2002 17:58 GMT  Tibbsy
**Cup winners**! Glad I was some assistance in the penalty shootout.Hoepfully I can work my way into the the side next season.Hope the p**s up went well! 
24/5/2002 14:53 GMT  Franny
erm..where is the Cuthbury? 
22/5/2002 10:28 GMT  the dorset fox
guys, superb perfomance on saturday, blood n guts heroics, thoroughly deserved, although my textbook penalty nearly let us down at the final hurdle!! heres wishing you all the best in the final at the camp nou.... p.s. i here the that thommo is thinking of donning his boots one more time to tread the hallowed turf!!! 
19/5/2002 20:01 GMT  Craigie
What a result guys......... The commentry i heard via phone...seem to suggest that it was always in the bag....i salute you all... I FANCY THE LOOK OF HITMANS A DANCERS...... GIVE ME AN EACH WAY ON IT SPEAK TO YOU ALL SOON GUYS....HUMPA I SEND THAT STUFF THROUGH TOMORROW. 
17/5/2002 21:14 GMT  humpa
humpa out the traps? 
17/5/2002 18:34 GMT  Late Race Entries
Late Race Entries for the legendary Forest Inn FC Presentation\Race Night include, Hitmans' a Dancer, Humpa out of the Traps, Colonel Tibs, Greesagonna & never forget Lord Jones .......Tickets £5.00 - Inn in The Tin 19.00 - 1st June 2002, Reserve your place now in the Guestbook 
15/5/2002 19:29 GMT  humpa
or even jonny boy mills.... the mole can't dig for too much longer you see, as these dorset locals lay traps you see, ooh ah (in a dorset tone) craiggy, can you also email me some bumph on the company you deal with re your legendary bargey trips, ta mate 
15/5/2002 19:21 GMT  humpa
surely not surly.... not me though!! I reckon big robbie or bugs 
15/5/2002 09:21 GMT  The Chairman....
The Mole, Exposed, Surly Not !!! - Keep Digging... 
12/5/2002 16:38 GMT  Craigie
I would higlry recommend that the chairman bows to the mole requestes before any rummours are started.....obviously the mole is a person in the know!!!!! he knows the background and his tips aint bad either!!!!!!! *****GIVE THE MOLE WHATS HE WANTS MR CHAIRMAN**** bACK TO BUSINESS THE SEMI FINALS ARE NEXT SAT FOR DEFO......WE NEED ARE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TEAM JUST TO ENSURE THAT I CAN BRING MYSELF ON WITH 20MINS TO GO .......AND ALL THE GOALS ARE SAFELY IN THE ONION BAG....I'VE SEEN IT IN MY OWN PERSONAL WATER THIS MORNING APART FROM THE TINGE OF YELLOW 5-1!!!!!! SURLEY NOT.... 
11/5/2002 17:32 GMT  franny...................................
I suspect the chairman. Look for the dots....(4)after the name. 
10/5/2002 23:38 GMT  The Mole IX
Bugsey in the Final, at The Cuthbury playing in same spot as the legendary Kevin Leonard ......... Surly Not !!!! 
8/5/2002 23:29 GMT  Dave
It is I 
8/5/2002 22:39 GMT  The Mole VIII
And while I'm at it, it appears that the Managers Player of the Year is heading towards the defensive positions.............Surly Not !!!!! 
8/5/2002 22:36 GMT  The Mole VII
I think it's time for a new club poll - WHO IS THE MOLE?? Suspects include; Humpa, Buggs, Buffy, Lace, Brooka, Cobbo, Franny and even the venerable Chairman himself.... Place your votes on the guestbook until Sheppy agrees to put the poll up properly. And will the Mole be revealed at the Awards Ceremony - worth a fiver to find out! 
6/5/2002 17:00 GMT  Craigie
Well done for Saturday lads, 5-1 was good enough to ensure us 6th position within the league........down to the nitty gritty who is the mole, *******ITS TIME FOR THE MOLE TO BE NAMED AND SHAMED****** if the mole is out there please highlight yourself!!!!! next week guys semi finals vs Either Magpies or Allendale avalability is essential if we are to get silver wear as the chairman has requested, also the grape vine tells me Kinky Cobbo is making his return, after globe trotting As always i'll be in touch!!!!  
6/5/2002 16:45 GMT  The Mole VI
I hear the Cobbo has bagged hhimself a lady to bring along to the presentation night............ A little bit of Scottish Rare Bit........Surly Not !!!! 
3/5/2002 09:10 GMT  The Mole is Back
Reports are already circulating regarding the re-signing of A Humpa on the back of a lucrative Big Ger Russ deal,,,,, Div Two Glory beckons,,,,,,,Surly Not !!! 
29/4/2002 19:03 GMT  Humpa
I think I have exterminated the Mole for you Craiggy, but if the real mole is still out there, will the real mole please come out of your hole?!! 
28/4/2002 15:54 GMT  Craigie
The next game guys is against Handley Sports....renouned as the whipping boys on Saturday 4th May...hopefully kick will be 12noon so that the rest of the day can be spent in a pub....watching the Cup per normal.....the phone is just round the corner....for you boys... 
28/4/2002 13:29 GMT  Franny
Just reporting for duty, I am available if required (p.s.just in case there is any confusion over Holts goal, I will own up.. I am ashamed to admit he was my man...well, I didn't want to get my clean head muddy).  
26/4/2002 11:07 GMT  Cobbo
whens the game, wheres the game and whos the game against? I'm in France until Sunday week. 
24/4/2002 21:11 GMT  Craigie
Evening lads.......cobbo,,,,,the Tress need you for next week....and not forgetting Franny Just to keep you all informed there is no game for Saturday......take this week to wine and dine your good ladies...and of course pot the pink!! 
22/4/2002 20:47 GMT  Humpa
Craig, sorry to throw you a red herring mate, but I cannot claim the title of the mole, so will the real mole please step forward........ Humpa 
21/4/2002 21:22 GMT  Dave
Another good old result boys, if it were not for our shakey start, we could of gone up and we've shown that we would not of been out of place with the top boys! Next year, the title beckons! Any mid week games coming up??? 
21/4/2002 20:15 GMT  Craigie Boy
The mole (aka humpa) welcome back mate, we should of known!!! Agreed the clues were there... hope your well mate, Has the date been set for your comback?? 
18/4/2002 18:43 GMT  Humpa
Somebody needs to lay some blinkin mole traps Craiggy !! Also whilst writing, big shout to the Craiggy, Shabbs, Lacey, Dannyboy, Bugs & Buffmeister. 
18/4/2002 13:39 GMT  The Mole III
Forest Inn FC's Manager,........England Trial....surly not !!! 
16/4/2002 12:59 GMT  The Mole
With the Manager's contract looking decidedly ropey for next season, will he be teaming up with that other stalwart Alex Stokes to ensure he stays in the world of football 
13/4/2002 10:35 GMT  Craigie Boy
Ahhhhh the mole, we all love a mole, especially when its in a postion to be picked, Just to go public on my appreciation that all you guys offered on Wednesday was ace. The prodical son will not be present on saturday i.e Sheppy the grape vine tells he involved in something big going down. Never the trees will fight on, nothing less that 3 points today its a must win situation, and lacey You will carrying the arm band, to ensure the that we make the lychette red TRIANGLE go pear shaped. 
9/4/2002 16:52 GMT  The Chairman....
Can The Mole please identify himself/herself, I cannot have my manager slandered like this..........even though he's a raving homo !!! 
8/4/2002 15:58 GMT  The Mole II
With The FIFC manager being spotted having after match talks with the Corfe Mullen manager on Saturday, could the one time dedicated Craigieboy be considering the offer of running the Corfe Mullen Reserves in div 4 next season.......I wonder..!!! 
8/4/2002 08:59 GMT  Craigies second biggest fan!!!
I f***ing love you Gumbo!!! 
5/4/2002 08:30 GMT  craigies biggest fan!!!
The man is a legend. His team talks are an inspiration. His tactical intellect, combined with his subtle man to man management are the foundations of this team. This boy knows the game. Although still learning his trade at grass roots , he walks the walk and he talks the talk. One for the future. ...Sunday management is calling. 
4/4/2002 14:25 GMT  The Mole....
Rumours are rife that The Manager is set to make more signings before the end of the season to assure the team some Silverware this year.... Are his recent new signings not what he expected we ask ourselves...... 
3/4/2002 10:38 GMT  Dave
Can I please have a Corbinzola Fan Club or something!!! I've never been called C-O-O-L (I know I'm not likely to either but hey). Sounds like I'm not needed anymore guys, top result once again and with Sheppys comments does this mean promotion is in sight!!! I shall be back on Saturday fighting for my place. Corfe still need a whipping!!!  
Go GORDY !!!! What you see is what you get, and what you get is Man of he Match !! Need we say more !! G-O-R-D-Y is C-O-O-L !!!!!!!!! 
29/3/2002 18:52 GMT  Craigie
OOOOOH I say shaved...just how i like them, I can confirm the team which will be facing stur marsh the pig farmers, the grape vine informs me that there first will be away to Portland on sat.....From back to front Bugs,Sheppy Ian,Lace Nick Andrew.....Marcus,Rawlings,Hendy,Matt Hill, Hatty Wellman...hope you all approve, any queries please adress in writing. until tomorrow guys i will bid you fair well, some youngs fillies need backing!!!!  
29/3/2002 14:46 GMT  Mikey Hunt
All I have to add is just one word - SHAVED!!!! Trust me when I say that last Friday night one lucky bargies struck gold - twice, and didn't re-appear until morning! Need I say more? See ya lads, Mike 
29/3/2002 02:50 GMT  The Anonymous Bargester
Dave - as the manager says we cannot divulge many details; however I can reveal the answer to your last question is quite simply...friction burns! 
28/3/2002 09:27 GMT  the franster
just checking in to say Hi...let me know if you have a midfield place spare for a smooth head recently recovering from injury.. hope all you sailor boys had a jolly roger. Up the trees!! 
27/3/2002 20:20 GMT  Craigie
Cobbo......You should know the routine... what goes on the barge stays on the barge!!!! All i can say is that our big man did not return to the barracks, on the Friday night, 
27/3/2002 13:10 GMT  Dave
Are you going to disperse the Bargy details or not!!! I'm waiting with baited breath to find out who fell in, who was left behind at the lock and what STD Craig has picked up now! Come on spill the beans 
25/3/2002 17:41 GMT  Craigie
Just to keep you all informed....the game on Saturday is vs Stur Marsh.....bring em on.... home game 3pm kick  
21/3/2002 11:33 GMT  Craigie
Buffy.....Ithink your windsor, Good Luck 
21/3/2002 00:12 GMT  Buffy
Craigie - I'm very glad to see that your spelling and grammatical skills are still approximately equal to your managerial skills.... You're absolutely right though...everyone and everything is coming together. Here's to the Trees triumphant end to the season! By the way boys, be aware there are still two cup competitions to play for; the League Cup and the Banks' Charity Cup - Forest for a cup double anyone. See you in the chatroom later then Craigie! 
20/3/2002 21:38 GMT  Craigie Shepherd
Hey Hey Hey boys im back.....i've been under cover this passed 12 months as far as the web site, go's but circumstances being i will logging into seeing you boys a whole lot more,,,,,my evening are free now..... just mainly to say i big well done to you all, from my point of viwew we have come a long way since the winter months, it makes a big difference..... As for Gordy Gordy Gordy, this boy gets better and better,the whole team nows seems to be comming together......Wells guys we have a big do comming officially on holiday untill after the ill be dabling in some web site activity to night Must go boys......the madam awaits me. 
17/3/2002 18:25 GMT  GORDONZOLA FAN CLUB
Gordy always plays out of his skin, whatever position he plays !! He's the best!! All that skill and all that determination and he's so good looking too!! We love 'im !!  
16/3/2002 23:56 GMT  Buffy
Ian - You don't need to score (although it would be great if you did!) - you're vocal skills and partnership with Lace have been enough to win us a lot of points as it is! I have to say you are right about the spirit though - fantastic is the only word for it and it is getting better every week! 
14/3/2002 18:21 GMT  ian
Play the whistle - i scream it every week and guess what .... so used to it now i cant remember the f**k why i started saying it !!!! Just a note to say how much i love playing for the mighty forest .. fantastic spirit .. awesome backroom boys .... and i promise i will score one by the end of the season !!!  
12/3/2002 18:21 GMT  Roger The Cabin Boy...
IT'S COMING........................................ 
12/3/2002 10:15 GMT  marcus
I hear harry redknapp is looking for a new management role, so lets get him in and stop the bickering, oh, and well done lads for saturday's win, if we can beat k/lacey that easily lets give the same message to the rest of the league and put it up em lads... 
11/3/2002 18:42 GMT  Dave
Thats not the first time I've heard a whole team keep repeating 'Come on Lacey, this is s**t' but this time it felt quite nice. A solid victory guys, all I can't work out is why were not up there with the big boys if thats as big as it gets. Gordy, let the praise keep coming, a good match had mate. 
7/3/2002 15:03 GMT  SCOTTY
It seams my 2 favourit teams are on a roll still. The trees cant stop winning and Ayr love showing the big boys how its done.Bobby boy great to know the honest men are every where im sure youl know we hamered dundee utd last night and on to 2 trips to hampden in 1 week to show the old firm next.Im on the ferry home just now to get my ticket for next week. see you boys soon and lets hope our luck continues. 
4/3/2002 18:19 GMT  The Chairman
Wise words from The Cobbo - It's all about Winning, and when we are, everyone wants a slice of the pie.....and quite right too,,,,,, 
4/3/2002 09:44 GMT  Dave
Great result boys, I got alot of stick from them since the last meeting so now I can shove back up em. As for management, well done Buffy, but why change the setup as is. All of you have a deciding say in what goes on and even on Saturday can one man really take the credit for team selection. Sorry , my vote goes with Craig (backed up by Shep, Mark, Buffy and any other tree who wishes to put some input in. We won this week but I can't remember losing its been so long. Up the Trees, up the league! 
22/2/2002 18:36 GMT  BOBBY BOY
scotty,we havent met i dont think but being a life long ayr fan myself im sure id like you!come on united!!! 
22/2/2002 17:41 GMT  The Chairman..
Good to hear from you Scotty, I can confirm your boys are doing fine with Scotty II leading the pack, also Hendy is another quality catch from the famous stable..... I guess you 'll be after another 101st minute penalty to claim the CIS Crown,,,,,,What a quality competition......Hope you 're doing well Big Man....... We 're off on the P*ss in Windsor on the weekend of 22/03 - If you can make it, it would be a pleasure...!! 
21/2/2002 09:43 GMT  SCOTTY
still doing well i see boys well done. I hope you will be rooting for the great AYR UNITED in our trip to hampden in the cis cup final against the the mighty huns craig. Say hi to scotty 2 and the rest of the boys. once you get it up keep it up.  
18/2/2002 23:59 GMT  Buffy
Cobbo, you damned right we're not. Any more mention and I get nasty (that means I won't put your name in the paper if you ever score) 
18/2/2002 13:33 GMT  Dave
A cracker on Sat guys, and were not talking about Buffys chick.  
16/2/2002 00:25 GMT  Buffy
Cobbo, what's this "buff your boots up" malarkey? That's 50p you owe me due to copyrighting laws (sadly I have to pay it straight to Sarah Michelle Gellar) Got to say mate, your Mancunian chick could not possibly be a patch on my little bit of totty from last Saturday....just want to say thanks for rescuing me boys!!! 
15/2/2002 12:04 GMT  Dave
Never, in fact just last night I was wetting my lips with some very classy Mancunian. She even took out the chewing gum for the kiss. 
15/2/2002 10:03 GMT  The Chairman
Corbin,,,, Lunchtime on Valentine's Day..?........ Have the ladies at long last deserted you !!! 
14/2/2002 13:18 GMT  Dave
Are people not using this anymore!!! Do I have to start having false correspondance with Mr Francis again. Corfe on Saturday which means buff your boots up...... thats if you want them to slide right up there a**es as we're kicking'em!!! 
6/2/2002 16:21 GMT  Sheppy
Mikey, All confirmed.. Leaving on Friday 22nd March, coming home on Sunday ..!! Lock up yer Sheep !! 
5/2/2002 19:30 GMT  Mickey Hunt
Good win on Saturday lads! More of the same against Holt this week - maybe save Craigie's managerial career!!?? Sheppy, is the bargy trip confirmed yet for March 22-24? Need to book my flight soon. Cheers, Mickey.  
1/2/2002 13:58 GMT  Ken Barlow
Free Deidre 
29/1/2002 17:14 GMT  The Chairman - Doug Ellis Vote
Voting for the "Blood on the Carpet" Coronation Style Slaying finished at 12.00 noon today, and the result is that the whilst the public respected the Chairman's decision to axe the Ken Barlow's of the team, they feel he could have been a little more subtle.....................Not in my volcabularly i'm afraid !!!! 
22/1/2002 17:06 GMT  Sheppy
Mikey,...You 're in - And the good news is you have been upgraded to Executive Class and will this year get the opportunity of Captaining your own boat,,,, With Bugs as your 2nd Class Seaman.....How dod you feel ...? 
22/1/2002 15:03 GMT  Mikey Hunt
You can definitely count me in! I have just booked the time off, and will fly-in on the Thursday. let me know when you need the wonga? Cheers chaps, Mike 
21/1/2002 18:51 GMT  The Jolly Sailor
From what I've heard, the fact that the barge is going backwards on the homepage is fairly indicative of the whole cruise... 
21/1/2002 15:38 GMT  The Seaman....
The time of the year has come , the class of 2002 is currently being recruited to participate in The 2002 Bargy - (The return Leg).... Place : Thames Ditton -Date : Friday 22nd March to Sunday 24th March - Price : Certainly under £60.00 . If you are interested, leave your dietry requirements in the guestbook...............oh dear, here we go again, don't touch that door..!!! 
20/1/2002 13:39 GMT  The Chairman...
The call has gone out to get the mighty Bobby Boy back, his personal trainer assures me that within 2 weeks he 'll start feeling a new true Elton John Style !!! 
18/1/2002 16:44 GMT  bobby boy
Ive cut the beer down to "social" and lost 8lb magic eh? Anyway good luck saturday,hopefully see you in a few weeks when im a wee bit fitter. 
18/1/2002 16:44 GMT  bobby boy
Ive cut the beer down to "social" and lost 8lb magic eh? Anyway good luck saturday,hopefully see you in a few weeks when im a wee bit fitter. 
15/1/2002 12:22 GMT  SCOTTY
15/1/2002 10:13 GMT  marcus
great result saturday lads, we all dug in and pulled one out of the bag., still dont know any names though, p.s. whats the turkey vote. marcus  
14/1/2002 19:26 GMT  The Chairman..
For those of you who enquired regarding last week's "Turkey Vote" - Captain Marvel Corbin walked away with 30% of all the votes cast.......!! - An award richly deserved I'm sure you will agree.. 
14/1/2002 14:57 GMT  Mickey Hunt
Good win this week lads! I hear that Davey 'Buggsy' Bulgin redeamed himself this week, after his 4-errors / 4 goals howler last weekend! Anyway, I was just having my breakfast, when this sudden wave of nausia came across me. What could it be, I asked my self, and then I realised the horrible truth - it was the sight of a semi-naked wolfie standing proud before me. Not very pleasant, as you can imagine. At least you didn't show the picture of Wolfie and his unusually large 'Y' fronts! Good luck for next week lads - Bonjour! Mikey  
13/1/2002 20:05 GMT  Dave
How come the old polls gone, I needed to vote for it too late!!! Re: Saturday, top game , top result! The best part was when we defended to the end, even Ian didn't go too far. Well done guys 
12/1/2002 00:52 GMT  Sven-Goran Eriksson
Surely the manager would be taking a huge gamble in this must-win game if he wields the he turning into a Keegan type? 
11/1/2002 21:17 GMT  ?
Which tree is next up for the chop then? 
11/1/2002 15:57 GMT  The Chairman....

............Breaking News.....................
Apparently the time has come for a Coronation Street style slaying...... All I can say is The Manager has promised a "Blood on the Carpet" reponse to The Trees lack of form..... Cobbo, Ian, Franny, Rawlins,,,,Surely the stalwarts of the team can keep their place....... FYI - I have registered my concern with The Management, but all I can say, when The Manager is in this kind of mood not even Bugsey is safe..!!! For those of us that think we are safe, just look at the fate Silky Smooth Humpa and the fans favourite Rampaging Randell...........The word is, no one is safe,,,,not even Steady Hands himself 
10/1/2002 13:27 GMT  Cobbo
Don't look at me when your thinking where to put your stuffing mix and turkey skin Bernie. Craigs your man!!! 
9/1/2002 22:34 GMT  Bernard Mathews
I am very interested in many of your quality turkeys, that Cobbo seems a prize one, always up for a stuffing. 
9/1/2002 00:59 GMT  Buffy
Good call Sheppy - we are in need of inspiration and if the Wolf cannot inspire us who can...interestingly I believe the next game is on Full Moon day...a sign if ever I saw one. By the way, I'd like to point out that the only reason no-one has voted for me is that I was already carrying the turkey before Xmas, and will probably continue to carry it for some time yet... 
8/1/2002 19:13 GMT  Cobbo the poacher
The name just gets better and better! Shep, have you decided that the time has come to steal on of Bournemouth Athletics website icons, the little ref with the red card, ring any bells. After you slated me, I really did not think that you stoop to my level. See you all Saturday (hopefully) 
8/1/2002 18:10 GMT  The Chairman
The Campaign to officially get "The Wolf" back has begun.....Wolfy, Where are you . . . Take us back to the glory days . . . Let me unleash the Sam Hamman within me !!!!  
31/12/2001 15:35 GMT  Mikey Hunt
Hi lads, it was great to see you all over Christmas! Shame we couldn't add a win over Bere Regis to brighten our Christmas spirit. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! Craigy, what's this I hear about a yetty? Have you been on the pull again? Really looking forward to the 2002 Bargy trip. Sheppy, please let me know the dates when you have them. Cheers boys, and have a goodun', Mikey 
28/12/2001 16:56 GMT  SCOTTY
So craig, is it true that you taimed the bournmouth yetty? I hope you have her head mounted above your fireplace as a memory of your great catch. my parents address is 5 St Cuthberts Cres. Prestwick. Ayrshire.SCOTLAND KA9 2EG. Im off out for my birthday p*ss up tonight to meet the beast from the east.And craig your not getting your hands on this one because she would bite them off. im starting to think that the reason iv not met her parents is because she had them for dinner.  
28/12/2001 12:56 GMT  Dave
I've fiunally found five minutes when I'm sober!! Have a corker guys, see you all shortly with those turkey bellies. Got to go, the pub is calling. 
26/12/2001 19:51 GMT  The Chairman,,
Scotty, Good to hear from you Big Man....when are you planning on making your welcome return - we need some more fight back in the sqaud. We do indeed have you "SCOTTY" training top - If you can send me a forwarding address I will get it to you. Humpa/Dave - Thanks for your good wishes - All the best to you both, and good luck on Sunday' the New Year FYI - Hilda The Builder was last seen making towards Craig with her a rather large grin on her face.............The boy did n't even come up for air !!!!  
26/12/2001 18:21 GMT  SCOTTY
ATTENTION: There is a scotty imposter in the camp that left a message for dave and was kind enough to place my name on the insult.Sorry dave. 
25/12/2001 19:41 GMT  Buggs
May I take this chance to wish everyone associated with the Forest Inn F.C a merry christmas & a happy new year. Lets hope our recent upturn in form continues into the new year, if scotty logs on his training top is on its way to you finally sorry for delay. 
24/12/2001 22:52 GMT  Buffy
Dave - don't worry about Scotty - he's Scottish (although we still love him!) Scotty - It's good to hear from you, how's it going defending the countries honour? Haven't you got that Bin Liner fella yet??! Humpa - Merry Xmas and all the best to you and yours, thanks for the message of goodwill. To everyone on the team; have a really good Christmas and New Year - get really pi55ed and eat loads then I might be somewhere near your level next year!! 
24/12/2001 18:53 GMT  Dave W
Amended message from earlier: Happy Xmas to everyone. Except 'Scotty'. Whoever she is. Its great when you get slagged off by someone you don't even know, isn't it?! 
22/12/2001 12:23 GMT  scotty
I am a mosher and i`m gay oh yes I am Dave Watkins. 
21/12/2001 17:29 GMT  scotty
Well done boys with your run of wins good luck in the rest of the season. hope yous had a great xmas night out and a grat xmas and new year because i will.All the best boys see you soon hopfully. SCOTTY. ps has anyone found hilda the builder on there travels? 
21/12/2001 10:21 GMT  Humpa
Merry Christmas to everyone at the club from the Humpa. Special hellos to Buffy, Lacey, Chrissy Rawlings, Bugsy, Sheppy, Craiggy, Mikey Hunt and Big Robbie Sex (if he pulls himself away from the simpsons to read this message). Anyway, hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and good luck for the rest of the season. Dont forget to check out our website at intheteam, then Blandford HMR. Humpa.... 
20/12/2001 18:59 GMT  Dave Watkins
As the Sunday player/manager of Blandford HMR, I would like to wish you all a Happy Xmas. Neil White plays for us...I think he has been at the back for you when he plays but he's been shoved up front for us recently and scored last week! I used to be a team mate of Gree too and know what a keeper he is. And even Dave Bulgin has played one game for us this season! I don't think we are as good as you though!!! Good luck the rest of the season...... 
18/12/2001 23:50 GMT  Buffy
Gordy - you are living in a dream world!! Our last two games carry an aggregate of 10-0 in our favour, and I seem to recall the idea is to be towards the top of the league, rather than fourth from bottom - although that's a successful season from Saints' point of view!!! Seriously though, I can cope if you can. Sounds like a fair deal - I'll catch up with you Saturday to check out the details (when we do to Bere Regis what Spurs will do to Southampton!!) 
17/12/2001 23:30 GMT  Gordy
£20 - since its christmas and all! Its in the Saints end - but near the away section apparently. Another spurs fan is going. Can u cope with the humilation of seeing your team get hammered by the mighty SAINTS though !!! 
17/12/2001 20:49 GMT  Buffy
How much, Gordy? And which end is it in?? 
17/12/2001 18:06 GMT  Gordy
I have a spare ticket Saints v Spurs on Boxing day if anyone is interested ? Transport included. 
10/12/2001 23:40 GMT  Dave
Bere Regis need a beating good amd proper this week guys. That cup game was not right and the draw was daft! This week I am promising to stay away from Chris Rawlings until kick off so he should be fighting fit and raring to go as will I. Its should be ours, it shall be ours! 
3/12/2001 23:59 GMT  Buffy
Well boys, it has been an honour to semi-take charge of you for the last two games; shame it wasn't three or the Sheps would have no recourse; Shep; what is your view on our performance while you were away (see the latest poll) will Craig keep his place or not. Various reports have you saying three wins would see Craigie dumped; others say a 100% record would do the job. Let us have the official line ASAP. Personally, I'd be happy with Craig's job, but also if it is the case I'll carry on as Secretary only. 
3/12/2001 15:09 GMT  Dave
Buffy, you've done us proud but do you really want to make all those phone calls each week! Forest Inn management requires the Sheps and that's just the way it is. The Sheps however do need to take heed of the fact that a lttle re-organising worked wonders and there is no room for matey decisions. I think the time was coming with or without change but the fact it happended on a day of change stands for itself. As for you rsubmission of defence Shep, I would have thought the tackle from the small boy last season would have put you off that sort of thing. Welcome back boys, get down the clinic Craig! 
3/12/2001 14:39 GMT  The "Once Chairman" of FIFC 1998 - 2001 !!!
Well,,,, What can I say - Not being able to use the handle of The Chairman in the gustbook is strange.....but if picked, I would be happy to be your Sponge Man anyday - Marky, Buffy, Bugsey You have done fantastic, - Those in favour of ousting The Chairman I submit in my defence , My sliding tackle on the Kingston Lacy winger that smashed the water bucket...!! - Which can be performed in any pub of your chosing....!!! Well Done Boys.....YOU have made us proud again !!! 
30/11/2001 23:49 GMT  Buffy
Sorry Dave;I was p|ssed in both senses of the word. Just like to say thanks to everyone who was ready to play tomorrow; particularly Keith Condie & Steven Hesford who stepped in at the last moment (ie Friday evening) but sadly we still didn't have enough players. I promise you this though; when we do play Kingston Lacy again we owe them a serious thrashing!! 
29/11/2001 00:24 GMT  Dave
Buff..... whats the Jeez all about! Good luck lads for this Sat, whip some rosey ass 
22/11/2001 23:25 GMT  Buffy
Jeez guys; I've just looked at the Bere Regis website; I thought we were bad but those guys are so far up their own arses they can tickle their tonsils!! Apparently in both the games we played against them this season we were outclassed; lucky to get a draw in the first and deservedly trounced in the Cup (which I seem to recall was as much down to the most ridiculous linesman display I've ever seen. I'm tempted to start writing our match reports in this kind of style, but I need Buggs to blatantly cheat from the line on Saturday. Check it out and leave them a message if you agree with me. 
22/11/2001 18:10 GMT  Lee Atkins (Poole Boro` Res)
Great site lads, hope you are all having a great time up there in div 3.Heres hoping that you stay up there cause next season we want revenge.... Have a great season, all the best. Lee Atkins and all the boro boys.. 
19/11/2001 20:51 GMT  Buffy
Dave - cheers for doing that - you forgot Magic Marky Wellman's brace!!! 
19/11/2001 19:17 GMT  Dave
Guys, I've just done the headline bit on the homepage and updated the scorers, but unfortunatel we scored so f***in many I can't remember all of them!!! I've got Hatty, Chris, Nick, Scottie and Tommo, there two more somewhere. Let me know. Top result lads, thats what were more used too!!! 
19/11/2001 12:29 GMT  Tommo
Sheppy - Even I managed to notch !! I'll talk you through it when you get back. 
18/11/2001 22:03 GMT  Buffy
Shep & Craig - read it and weep! You might as well stay out there boys!! 
18/11/2001 15:06 GMT  Urgent message for anyone from Shep & Craig
Boys, I can't get a signal on my mobile phone out here in America, and the phone charges are really expensive - Can you leave the score of Saturdays game on the web site ASAP and I will check back again tomorrow.. cheers Sheppy 
13/11/2001 18:07 GMT  The Chairman
Boys, As we know the losing must stop........... - I am positive our current position does not reflect the hard work we have all put in over the past Month/Season/Year...........Hang in there, and it will come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Remember WE are born Winners !!!! If the losing continues however, look out on for a "Football Team complete with Kit, Balls & Treasurer" in the Bargain Basement Section !!  
9/11/2001 20:20 GMT  Buffy
The Buffalo is back on goalscoring form, and back on-line also. Sheppy - how dare you try and flog me! Worse still, I know you'd accept a half-pint of shandy!!! For the record, I am, and always will be, a Tree through and through. The Sunday thing was good, and I'll play again if required, but the Forest Inn always comes first. Still means I've got to break Hatty's leg to get a chance though!! 
9/11/2001 15:19 GMT  Dave
Woever put that poll up forgot to put the crucial fourth option down - none of the above! As for Francis, I'll leave hitting banjos with cows to you and then you can leave me to dismantle the opposition piece by piece. As for the chairman, if he thinks I'll pay for Buffy, he can shove his round table up his backside. The Buffmeister would have to pay me, infact a quid should cover it. Anyone else want a go! 
9/11/2001 12:36 GMT  Marky
FOREST INN F.C. XMAS DINNER. Saturday 8th December. 7.30pm at The Inn at The Tin. Tickets on sale shortly. £13.50 a head.A three course meal, Xmas raffle, competitions and prizes are on offer. Wives, girlfriends and mistresses welcome, though no doubt Craig will have to bring his imaginary friend. 
7/11/2001 21:24 GMT  chrissy F
The fella Bufster is a legend. Two chances, both on target and one in the onion bag. The boy has a better hit ratio than Pete Waterman. I'll swop you Cobbo for him. He could'nt hit a barn full of banjo's with a cows arse. 
7/11/2001 20:35 GMT  The Chairman
Mr Cobbo, How much.....??? We are ready to get round the table. . . We have a price in mind, can you match it !!!??? 
7/11/2001 17:33 GMT  Cobbo
Guys, a quick note to applaud the Buffmeister on his Sunday debut, he comes on, he scores. Well done mate. 
29/10/2001 21:41 GMT  Onlooker
So you are saying that Gree is under the thumb? I dunno, women should recognise that blokes need to play footy! And when he is that good a keeper, then it is a huge loss to any team. Shame! 
29/10/2001 17:39 GMT  To the "Onlooker"
Reveal yourself Onlooker - FYI Gree I feel has been suffering from a bad case of Mingeater Disease, It seems to having a bad affect on his memory,,,especially at weekends..!!! ....Top Keeper though !!! 
27/10/2001 19:53 GMT  Onlooker
So what has happened to Gree then? Why do you need a keeper, has he run away or is he under the thumb??!!! 
22/10/2001 23:14 GMT  Buffy
OK, when I put that poll up on the website I didn't expect that sort of result. Anyone who feels they can stand up and say "I've been playing to my full potential" please do so on this guestbook. I can't, and with my very limited potential that's really worrying!!! Craigie forever!!! (By the way, I'd appreciate a little more than 10 mins on Saturday!) 
19/10/2001 08:13 GMT  Stan......
Chrissy, Can you hear me, when I talk to ya B*tch - And when I sleep at night - I dream of you - Shut up in the trunk B*tch.......I'm your biggest Fan......Stan !!! 
18/10/2001 20:35 GMT  Chrissy Whissy F
Bad news..I am washing my hair, sorry Craigie. Still with Cobbo in the engine room, I am sure victory is around the corner.All the best lads. 
18/10/2001 10:09 GMT  Craigie
Morning lads, this site is my first stop of the day, i ll then progress into Bornmouth Athletics, then i might dabble in a bit of porn..... So far the team news is looking good, Cobbo is back from injury, tommo is avaliable for selection, gree is back from the town after sombody torched his its looking all plum again... Beware chrissy F, THE PHONE CALL IS NOT FAR AWAY NOW, THURSADY 7.30 PM........IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN. 
14/10/2001 16:54 GMT  Cobbo
Unlucky guys, I think next week the word on your lips should be Allanwho? 
14/10/2001 16:54 GMT  Cobbo
Unlucky guys, I think next week the word on your lips should be Allanwho? 
12/10/2001 16:04 GMT  The Chairman
Craig, I have deleted your previous message as it is an embarrassment,..!! If you are having trouble spelling please speak to your Mum in order that she can verify everything over 4 letters...!!! THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU IN THE GUEST BOOK , I WANT SOMETHING FLASH....!!!! ........It's not Rocket Science..!! 
11/10/2001 18:51 GMT  David Bulgin (aka Buggsy)
I concur! Craig, you spell like a two year old! 
10/10/2001 16:44 GMT  Dave
Criag, I think its best if you stay off the site as your spelling is atroshush! 
7/10/2001 17:30 GMT  Sheppyboy
Chrissy Francis,,good to see you.....You have no doubt heard about our current dip in Form... Apparently, speaking to Craig, he is now willing to offer Yourself & Mel Four weeks in the Bahamas, All expenses paid, with him as your Butler - To be able to play with you on a Saturday Afternoon...!!! I feel he is a desperate man !!!! 
6/10/2001 19:33 GMT  the real chris francis
Dave'Cobbo'Corbin seems to find it mildly amusing to send messages in my name. These usually tend to be aimed at a Mr.Hunt, who I am still yet to meet, and although I borrowed his mildly amusing name once, I do not harbour an unhealthy interest in the fellow. As for Dave, he obviously has far too much time on his hands. Perhaps Sheppy has got some girls phone numbers he could try....again..  
6/10/2001 13:46 GMT  Dave Watkins
Nice website you lads have here. I'm the alleged manager of Blandford HMR, Dorset Sunday Div 3! Neil White plays for us. Sorry about his broken nose by the way but blame the Hamworthy lad for that! I think you also know Steve Humphries, who is in our squad!! The player that you have that we worship is Gree. I had the pleasure of playing alongside him for a few years and he once cracked my rib. But he is indeed one hell of a keeper and it is my one big regret that he cannot be persuaded to get his a*se out of bed on a Sunday. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best. Have a look at our site if you wish...another InTheTeam effort but I'm not clever enough to have moving bits yet!!  
3/10/2001 15:14 GMT  Chris Francis
Is Mike Hunt back on the website. I told Sheppy that on no occasion can that picture be shown again. 
2/10/2001 16:49 GMT  Mikey Hunt
Hi Sheppy, My boots and shinnies will be packed - don't worry about the shirt size. I have slimmed down a little from my slightly portly condition from the bargy trip in March. We are not so young anymore though, are we mate? Apparently it's all down hill from here. Anyway, give me a call at work when you get a chance - my # is 001 718 242 8009. Cheers mate, and see ya on Saturday at 12.00pm. Mikey 
2/10/2001 14:46 GMT  Sheppy
Good to hear from your Mickey Boy.... I think a dose of the Hunty is exactly what we need to boose our fortunes, we are Kicking Off at 12.00 Noon - Then it's down to the real business of drinking..!! Bring your boots big man, I v'e got Purple Number 8 shirt ready for you my boy......Size 48 if memory serves.......It will be good see ya Big Man, if only to get my Porn Mang back !!!!  
1/10/2001 22:31 GMT  Mikey Hunt
Hi Lads, how's it all being going back in sunny (or not) blighty? Haven't spoken to most of you for a while, but hope you are all OK! A bit of a mixed start to the season by all accounts, but it's still early days. Maybe a recall for Buggsy between the sticks is what's called for??!! That's a joke by the way - I raised the issue with Mr. B the other day, and he has stated that his playing days are now definitely over. Shame! Many an amusing afternoon has been spent in the past watching our atletic 6 foot 4 inch man- mountain get lobbed whilst standing on the goal line. Them were the days!! (only kiddin' Dave mate!) Anyway, I am coming back home on Thursday for a long weekend, and was wondering what time the game is on Saturday. I take it will be a morning kick-off due to the England vs.Greece game at 3.00pm? Where is everyone watching the game by the way. I assume a pub in Wimborne will be the location for a good olde lads booze-up? Let me know. Oh, and if you are short on Saturday, I would love to play. Not sure if I'm signed-up, but I am more than happy to sign up for the bargain 10 quid fee (or whatever it is this season) In any case, let me know where the game is so I can at least come an watch. See you all on Saturday boys - it'll be good to be home, especially after the past three weeks here in NY. Cheers lads! Mikey 
26/9/2001 18:37 GMT  The Chairman..
This is an official notice to the Manager - If no updates are seen on the web site within 5 days of this date,,,,,,,,,I will personally knit a winter scarf with his intestines....Don't mess with the Shep...!! Additionally, readers may like to follow the link to our friends over at Bournemouth Athletic......and play "spot the difference" with the website - Cobbo the magpie swipes again !! 
26/9/2001 14:13 GMT  Bournemouth Athletic Treasurer
A kind note to the Forest Inn chairman. Your so tight you couldn't pull a needle out of your backside with a tractor. Stop leaving threatening messages on my Sunday teams page. The gifs have been retitled to 'jiggling soccer boys' to ensure legal action is avoided, so blow me.  
24/9/2001 23:31 GMT  Buffy
Well, since no-one else can be a*sed I'll suggest that on the 6th we go to Bere Regis, open up a can of whup-ass as we should've done on Saturday, then all, and I mean all, head back to the Inn In The Tin to watch the Greeks suffer the same fate as Bere Regis. Sheringham & Ferdinand up front anyone??!! 
23/9/2001 00:55 GMT  Buffy
Come on you bastar*s let's get back into the swing of things, and start taking the pi*s, praising and whatever - LET'S CHAT!! I'll start - here's to Hunty if you're reading this; I guess footy doesn't seem that important right now, and we're very glad you're OK, but when it comes down to it, get back here, as we've got a problem with the final ball!! No seriously, pleased that Hunty's OK and let's get on with it this season!!  
9/9/2001 18:43 GMT  The Chairman
The Guestbook has been wiped for a new season.... This is your forum,,,,,,,,Have your Say.....Good, Bad, Funny, Sad.....leave your mark on the lamp post of life.... 
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