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Picture taken from the Official Wimbledon Dons Website Courtesy of Ian Perkins from the Mildenhall Meeting


Match Report for Wimbledon V Buxton 1/8/02

Sorry it's a bit late but i have been mega busy.
Individual Scores are below..

Heat 1 (63.9)(Rerun)A.Collins, L.Derbyshire, N.Urwin, C.Mills(EX)
Chris Mills went wide in heat one and fell whilst hitting the fence, the race had to be stopped and a re run was ordered without Chris Mills. In the re run Collins lead from the front, with Derbyshire 2nd and Urwin 3rd Urwin was not that far behind Derbyshire but could not pass him.

Heat 2(66.9) C.Belfield, J.Wright, R.Dickerson, C.Hunt
Carl Belfield looked an impressive reserve, he lead right from the start, there was a race on for 2nd place Wright and Hunt battling for second, Chris Hunt lost a bit of ground to enable Wright to take second place, Dickerson then took up the challenge on Wright, but it was not enough to pass Wright. Wright gained second after alot of battling.

Heat 3 (64.7)(Rerun)M.Williams, P. Burnett, J.Stevens, A.Brown(EX)
Alan Brown fell on the 2nd bend of the 1st lap, Williams could not avoid Brown and came down too, Alun Brown was the cause of the stoppage so therefore was excluded from the re run. Martin then went out in the rerun to win the race from the start, a fantastic ride by Wimbledon's own Harry Potter Martin Williams.

Heat 4 (67.6)(Rerun) J.Wright(R/R), C.Belfield, N.Morton, R.Dickerson(EX)
Roger tryed very hard in this race to overtake Wright, but he tryed just a little too hard and ended up under the fence, the race was rerun. In the rerun, Nathan Morton lead the race but unfortunatley for the Dons he was not able to hold off the challenges from both the Buxton Boys and went from 1st to 3rd as both Belfield and Wright overtook him.

Heat 5 (68.7) A.Collins, M.Williams, L.Derbyshire, J Stevens
Good gate from Martin Williams, but unfortuntaly for the Dons coming off the 4th bend of the 2nd lap, Collins rounded Williams pushing Williams into 2nd place.

Heat 6 (67.5) C.Belfield, J.Wright(R/R), C.Mills, N.Urwin
In this race the two Buxton reserves had it in the bag for Buxton from the tapes, Nathan Urwin fell on lap 3 but the race was not stopped as Nathan was able to get up off the track quick enough.

Heat 7 (67.6) P.Burnett, N.Morton, C.Hunt, A.Brown
Paul Burnett, lead right from the start, the two Wimbledon boys were a little troubled by Alan Brown as Nathan Morton was having a few bike problems, but fantastic team work by Chris Hunt, as he stayed behind Morton and helped him home to 2nd place as Hunt was able to stop Brown from coming through. Morton came over the finsih line in second place with his bike going at a slow speed.

Heat 8 (68.1) C. Mills, J.Wright, L.Derbyshire, N.Urwin
This race seemed to be very slow but it was a very good race for Chris Mills as he played the whole track to hold off James Wright and take his 1st Win for the Dons.

Heat 9 ( 63.3) A.Collins(R/R),M.Williams, C.Belfield, J.Stevens
Fantastic ride by Martin Williams as he didn't get the gate and was laying in 3rd place for 3 lapsbut on the final lap on the 2nd bend Williamsdipped on the inside of Belfield to take 2nd place.

Heat 10 (68.2) P. Burnett, C.Mills, R.Dickerson, A.Brown(EX)
In this race it saw both Roger Dickersen and Alan Brown fall whislt Burnett and Mills were out front, both Dickerson and Brown were able to remount and continue the race however Brown ended up being laped by Burnett and Mills therefore Brown was excluded and Dickersen got the 1 point for the Dons.

Heat 11 (64.4) A.Collins, L.Derbyshire, N. Morton C.Hunt(EX)

This was another good race for the Buxton Boys, Aiden Collins was able to overtake Morton on the 1st lap and then Derbyshire then overtook Morton on the final bend of lap 4. Hunt had fallen at the end of this race and took no further part in the meeting as he recieved St John Attention for a groin injury.

Heat 12 (66.8) C.Belfield, P.burnett, M.Williams, R.Dickerson
Both the Buxton Boys lead from the start. Williams didn't get the gate in this race.

Heat 13 (65.2) A.Collins, C.Mills, P.Burnett(R/R)N.Morton.

Another great race from A.Collins who was unbeaten and scored a fantastic 5 race max. Nathan Morton did fall was remounted the race was not stopped.

Heat 14 (67.6) J.Wright, N.Urwin, A.Brown J.Stevens.
Stevens seemed to have a few problems with his bike in this race and nearly came off the bike a few time but was able to stay on each time.

Heat 15 (66.0) C.Belfield, J,Wright, N.Morton, C.Mills
The Buxton Boys won this meeting in style as the team manager put there great reserve pairing of Belfield and Wright into the nominated heat,and they romped to a 51 over the Dons pairing of Nathan Morton and Chris Mills.

Fianl Score DONS 28 BUXTON 62





Chris Mills Ex,1,3,2,2,0=8

Nathan Urwin 1,0,0,2=3

Martin Williams 3,2,2,1=8

Jon Stevens 1,0,0,0=1

Nathan Morton 1,2,1,0,1=5

Chris Hunt 0,1*,0=1+1

Roger Dickerson 1,Ex,1*,0=2+1


Aiden Collins 3,3,3,3,3=15

Lee Derbyshire 2*,1,1*,2=6+3

Paul Burnett 2,3,3,2*,1= 11+1

Alan Brown Ex,0,0,1=1

R/R For Chris Collins

Carl Belfield 3,2*,3,1,3,3,=15+1

James Wright 2*,3,2,2,3,2*=14+2

Heat Details and match report will be added tomorrowas only just managed to get this up before I fall asleep!!!




1, Craig Branney (Newcastle) 2,2,2,EX,2,3 = 11 (after Run Off)

2, Rory Schlein (Sheffield) 3,3,3,3,3, = 15 max

3, James Brundle (Mildenhall) 0,2,2,3,3,1 =11 (after Run Off)

4, Daniel King (Swindon) 1,3,3,EX,2 = 9

5,Jason Prynne (Wimbledon) 1,3,EX, N/S, N/S =4

6, Wayne Broadhurst (Mildenhall)  3,1,3,2,1,2, =12 (after Run Off)

7, Steve Boxhall (unsure of Club) 0,EX,0 - - =0

8, Tom Brown (Newport) 2,EX, 3,2,3,0 = 10 (after Run Off)

9, Chris Schramm ( Peterborough) 0,0,EX,3,2 = 5

10,Barrie Evans (Rye House) 3,0,2,1,1 =7

11, Shane McCabe ( Peterborough) 1,3,0,1,3,1=9 (After run Off)

12, Martin Williams (Wimbledon) 2,1,2,3,2,3 = 13 (after Run Off)

13, Rob Hollingworth (Boston) 0,1,1,0,0 =2

14, William Lawson (Newcastle) 1,2,EX,EX, N/S = 3

15, Dean Felton ( Carmarthen) 3,1,1,1,EN = 6

16, Edward Kennett ( Rye House) 2,2,1,2,1,2,= 10 (after Run Off)

17, Chris Hunt (Reserve Wimbledon) 2,0 = 2

Race Details

Heat 1 (Time 60.4)  Schlein, Branney,King, Brundle  

This was a good race, Schlein lead right from the start and was never worried by what was going on behind him, King overtook Brundle on the 3rd lap to gain the all important 1 point.

Heat 2 (Time 64.1) Broadhurst, Brown, Prynne, Boxhall

Good race from Broadhurst. Tom Brown was riding instead of Chris Collins and Steve Boxhall instead of Rob Finlow who was originally down in the programme. Prynne went from 2nd to 4th in one lap.

Heat 3 ( Time 64.5) Evans, Williams, McCabe, Schramm

Fantastic race for Evans and Wimbledons own Harry potter Martin Williams, Martin went 4th to 2nd on the 2nd lap, and was inches away from overtaking Evans on the last lap.

Heat 4 (Time 64.3) Felton, Kennett, Lawson, Hollingworth

1st time I had seen Edward Kennett and this lad has skill, and looked very impressive.

Heat 5 (Time 63.6) Prynne, Branney, Hollingworth, Schramm

Prynne lead the race almost from the start, a fantastic race for Prynne. Prynne wobbled abit on 3rd lap and was nearly overtaken by Branney by Prynne just held on for the 3 points.

Heat 6 (Time 61.3) Schlein, Lawson, Broadhurst ,Evans

Rory Schlein, was another rider tonight that looked very impressive and lead right from the start in this race.

Heat 7 (Time 65.4) (Rerun) McCabe, Brundle, Felton Boxhall

1st try at this race and Boxhall was excluded after causing the race to be stopped in the interest of saftey as Boxhall had fallen. In the re run, there was no problems McCabe lead from the start and it finished in the order that the riders had come out the gate.

Heat 8 ( Time 63.9) King, Kennett, Williams, Brown 

Tom Brown fell in this race on lap 3, mamnged to quickly get himself up and onto the centre green, Williams got pushed out wide by Kennett, and came home for 1 point when Brown fell. The Ref publicly announced over the tannoy a public Thank you to Brown for getting up and off the track so quickly.

Heat 9 ( Time 64.8) Broadhurst, Branney, Kennett, McCabe

Good race, Branney had problems on the 4th bend in both laps 2+3 but managed to hold on for 2nd place.

Heat 10 (Time 62.8) (Rerun) Schlein, Williams, Felton, Prynne.

A nasty accident in this race, Prynne was out front leading the race when he fell, Felton hit into Prynne, Felton's bike went over the top on Prynne and Felton landed face down on top of his bike. There was a bit of a delay in getting the race re run as Felton was down on track for a fair time before getting up and walking from the track, and his bike being carried off. It is suspected that Prynne recieved a Broken arm at the elbow and a suspected broken wrist. Prynne took no further part in the meeting. In the re run Schlein lead and won the race Williams came second and Felton who took his place in the re run came 3rd although Felton did then seem to struggle. Prynne had been Excluded.

Heat 11 (Time 65.2) (Rerun) Brown, Brundle Schramm, Lawson

At the tapes Lawsons bike seemed to dissappear from underneath him as he fell backwards. Lawson was excluded. The race was stopped as Lawson could not get up off the track quick enough. In the re run Schramm fell on the 1st lap remounted and tryed to continue but at the end of the race Schramm was excluded as he had been lapped the race was awarded to Brown with Brundle coming in 2nd.

Heat 12(Time 64.3) King, Evans, Hollingworth, Boxhall

King lead from the start, and the race finished in excatley the same order as when the riders came away from the tapes.

Heat 13 (Time Awarded) (Rerun) Williams, Hunt, Branney, Lawson

Chris Hunt came into this race instead of Boxhall as it is believed he was possibly injured ( unsure of injury) Lawson fell whilst Williams was leading Lawson was excluded for causing the stoppage. In the rerun, Branney fell in the same spot as Lawson had before, therefore the race was awarded to Williams with Hunt coming in second.

Heat 14 (Time 61.9) Sclein, Brown, McCabe, Hollingworth

No Problems in this race very easy win for Schlein.

Heat 15 (Time 64.7) Brundle,Kennett, Evans, Prynne

Prynne was a non starter in this race, Kennett, looked impressive as he kept fighting or 2nd place .

Heat 16(Time 64.6) (Rerun) Schramm, Broadhurst, Felton, King

On the 2nd bend of the 1st lap, Kings bike did a wheelie up in the air over the fence. King was excluded from the rerun. In the rerun there was no problems and Schramm lead right from the start Felton seemed to struggle again.

Heat 17 (Time 65.1) Brown, Branney, Evans, Felton

There was a race on for 1st place an d 2nd place Brown just held off Branney to come 1st. Felton finished the race with his engine not looking so good.

Heat 18 (Time 61.8) Schlein, Schramm, Kennett, Hunt.

Schlein lead again from the start and one this meeting with style. The meeting was won in this race by Schlein. Hunt was out of contention for 3rd in this race.

Heat 19 (Time 65.3) Brundle, Williams, Broadhurst, Hollingworth.

This was a fantastic race for Williams and came second, he fought all the was with Brundle and nearly took Brundle on a number of occassions.

Heat 20 (Time 68.4) McCabe, King, Lawson, Prynne,

McCabe and King were the only starters in this race as Prynne was unfir, and I think Lawson missed out on the 2mins warning. No problems for McCabe who won this race easily.

Heat 21 (Time 64.4) Run Off for 2nd and 3rd places. Williams,Broadhurst, Brundle, Brown.

Williams won this race with style, and never looked back, as he took 2nd place overall in this meeting. Broadhurst finished the meeting in 3rd and Brunle finished in 4th. Brown finished 5th

Heat 22 (Time 65.5) Run off  Branney, Kennett, McCabe

Branney won this race with ease, to finish the meeting in the top 8 qualifyers, along with Kennett. MacCabe finished third in this runoff, and will be the 1st reserve for the final at Rye House at the end of August.

A Brilliant meeting with some class riders who have a lot of talent and skills, Schlein, Kennett, Broadhurst, Williams King, Prynne  all looked very impressive. All the lads that took part tonight has provided a great amount of entertainment.








The Dons have gained their second win of their troubled season tonight at Wolverhampton. They recorded a win that almost matched the score of their victory over Wolverhampton at plough lane last thursday. 

Justin Elkins topped scored for the Dons tonight with 12 points from 4 races. 

Many Thanks to Sean Wilkinson for supplying me with the updates throughout tonights meeting via the good old text messages.

Please let me apologise for not supplying you with a match report on Thursday but I didn't get home for the meeting tell late, and I have been very busy this last week.

Rest assured you will recieve a match report of this coming weeks meeting at Plough Lane which is The Conference League Riders Championship Qualifying Round.

Report by Becky

     23/7/02 Live Updates on Wolverhampton V Wimbledon


Wolverhampton 38  Wimbledon51       

Individual Wimbledon Dons Scores

Wayne Barratt 11+1, Gary Sweet 5+1, Martin Williams 4+1, Jeremy Pestell 7, Justin Elkins 12, Chris Hunt 8+1 Roger Dickersen 4+1


Today's Wimbledon Team

Wayne Barratt, Gary Sweet, Martin Williams, Jeremy Pestell,Justin Elkins, Chris Hunt, Roger Dickersen


Individual scores

Wayne Barrett 3,3,3,1*,3  = 13 + 1     Rob Finlow 2,1*,3,2,1= 12+1

Justin Elkin 0, EF, EF =0                     Luke Priest 1*,2,2*,1*,0 = 6+3

MARTIN WILLIAMS 0,3,3,1* = 7 +1    Darren Smith 2,0,EF,  = 2

Gary Sweet 3,0,2*,3 = 8+1                   Steven Braidford 1*, 2,2*3,2,0, = 10+

Jason Prynne 3,3,3,2,2* = 13+1         David Speight EF,EF, FX, 0 = 0

Chris Hunt 3,1,1,0,1 = 6              Daniel Shelton  FX = 0   

Roger Dickerson 1,EX,1,2 = 4          Lawrence Needs 2,2,FX 1 = 5

14/7/02 Carmarthan 47 Wimbledon 41

Wimbledon Speedway Press Release
*    Ex-Dons to be guests of honour
*    Brass Band to provide pre-meeting entertainment
*    Meredith lays over 420 tonnes of shale on new circuit
*    Share issue applications available on thursday

With the summer weather finally upon us, a large crowd is expected to
witness the grand re-opening of Wimbledon Speedway when Wolverhampton visit
the home of the Dons.

To celebrate the occasion, a trio of former Dons stars have accepted
invitiations to be guests of honour at the re-opening meeting.

Olle Nygren, the "Grandfather of Swedish Speedway" captained the Dons
between 1965-68 and led them to the first of their hat-trick of Knockout Cup
successes. Nygren was the first of the Swedish world class riders and
reached numerous World Finals. For many years he has been associated with
his riding school at King's Lynn.

Trevor Hedge rode for Wimbledon for ten seasons from 1965 to 1974 and is the
second highest points scorer in Wimbledon history (only topped by Ronnie
Moore). Trevor's finest hour was victory in the prestigious 1969 Wills
Internationale at a packed Plough Lane and this was followed twelve months
later by an appearance in the 1970 World Final at Wroclaw.

Bert Harkins, one of the most popular riders to have worn the famous red and
yellow  has also agreed to attend the opening meeting. "Bertola" had three
seasons with the London side in the mid-seventies and also rode with
distinction for Edinburgh, Coatbridge, Wembley, Sheffield and Milton Keynes
as well as a short spell in the sunshine of Los Angeles.

The 11 piece Fulham Brass Band will provide pre-meeting entertainment and
play a series of household favourites culminating with the traditional
"Blaze Away.." at 7.30pm.

Over 420 tonnes of shale will have been laid on the new 250 metre circuit by
the time the tapes rise for the opening heat. This mammoth task has been
performed by respected trackman Colin Meredith who has worked alongside
Wimbledon Speedway plc director Pete Gower in spending hour upon hour
getting the track ready for top class speedway.

Gower paid tribute to the expertise of Meredith " Colin is a supreme
professional and has worked tremendously hard in producing a top quality
circuit that should give all Dons fans a track to be proud of."

The Dons management would also like to publicly thank Swindon Speedway for
their support in allowing Colin Meredith to remain at Plough Lane this week,
so ruling him out from similar duties at Blunsdon this thursday. The Swindon
Sprockets can be sure of a warm welcome when they visit south west London in
the coming months.

Application packs to purchase shares in Wimbledon Speedway plc will sent out
to all interested parties this coming week. In this the first public rights
issue of shares involving a speedway club, shares are available in minimum
lots of £25 to all members of the Wimbledon Speedway Supporters Club (WSSC).

All speedway supporters are invited to join the WSSC this coming thursday at
the Track Shop situated on the first floor of the Main Grandstand where
Share application packs will also be made available for collection in

End of Press Release.


Wimbledon Speedway

A New Website and Fanclub  has been set up by myself and my Mum Carol for Wimbledon Dons Number One rider Martin Williams. Please enter Martins site by clicking on the above link, and find out how to join his fanclub.


Wimbledon Speedway PLC Press Release

Dons saved - Grand Re-opening on July 18th

*    £40,000 investment in new track
*    Ian Barclay appointed track curator
*    Wolves to be opponents as Dons seek first victory
*    Existing season tickets and re-admission tickets to be honoured
*    Members of the Supporters Club  offered opportunity to purchase
shares in plc

Wimbledon Dons, one of the most famous names in speedway,
have been saved from premature closure and will re-open their doors on Thursday 18th July when Wolverhampton will provide the opposition in a Conference Trophy fixture.

A new company, Wimbledon Speedway plc, has been formed by a group of committed Dons fans following the well documented problems of the previous promotion, and they have successfully reached agreement with both the
Stadium Landlords and the previous promotion to bring speedway back to Plough Lane.

David Croucher continues as the BSPA licenced promoter whilst also becoming a director of Wimbledon Speedway plc.

The first task facing the new promotion was to obtain the return of the Speedway Control Board track licence, suspended in May over safety concerns with the previous circuit used.

After discussing a number of options, the new promoters agreed to sanction the installation of a new 250m purpose built speedway track to be constructed inside the current stock car track, at a cost of over £40,000.

The track should provide a number of racing lines, being some 12 metres wide on the bends with over 380 tonnes of shale laid down to ensure a smooth racing surface.

BSPA Track Inspector Colin Meredith formally checked all the plans and will visit the stadium this week to view the new circuit and hopefully hand back the suspended track licence.

Chairman of Wimbledon Speedway plc, Ian Perkin commented " The fact that the new company are prepared to invest over £40,000 in the installation of a new speedway circuit at Plough Lane shows just how determined we are to make Wimbledon a success."

"When the speedway returns on July 18th, we are confident that all supporters will witness a wonderful evening of speedway racing on Britain's newest circuit. At 250m long it should provide a feast of close racing befitting the luxurious confines of Wimbledon Stadium."

Further evidence of change is with the appointment of Ian Barclay as the new Track Curator. Barclay will always be associated with the famous Ace of Aces Grasstrack event which he promoted for a number of years, and which attracted a host of famous riders.

Perkin commented on his arrival " We are delighted to have someone of Ian's stature on board. His record is second to none and he is looking forward to the task ahead."


Wimbledon Speedway plc would like to confirm that all season tickets and car park permits issued under the previous promotion will be honoured for the remainder of the season.

Also, all supporters who attended the abandoned fixture on May 23rd against Boston will receive free admission to one of the first two home fixtures (either July 18th or July 25th) upon receipt of a valid re-admission ticket.


In a unique move in British speedway, the new promoters of the famous Wimbledon Dons have unveiled plans to sell shares in the club to the general public.

This will be the first time that a public limited company has sanctioned the sale of shares in a speedway club to supporters.

Wimbledon Speedway plc have formally ratified plans to sell up to 49% of the issued share capital to members of the Wimbledon Speedway Supporters Club.

For a minimum stake of £25 fans will be able to fulfil a lifetime's ambition of part owning arguably the greatest name in World speedway.

Ian Perkin, Chairman of Wimbledon Speedway plc commented on the rights issue " The Board were unanimous that true speedway supporters be given the chance to own a part share in Wimbledon Speedway.

" We are confidently expecting that a large number of fans across the speedway world will take advantage of this unique offer. The only pre-requisite is that shares can only be offered to paid up members of the Wimbledon Speedway Supporters Club."

"Membership of the supporters club costs £5 and details of how to join are available on the official Dons web-site:

A list of shareholders benefits will be announced in the coming weeks with plans for an exclusive shareholders viewing area and bar at the top of the


Following plans to invest £40,000 in a new speedway track, the promotion have reluctantly taken the decision to increase admission prices for both Adults and Students/OAP's.

Adult admission rises to £9, Students/OAP's to £7 whilst Children's admission remains unchanged at £1, with the meeting programme also unchanged at £2.

A spokesman for Wimbledon Speedway plc commented "After careful planning and budgeting it became apparent that we would have to sanction a small increase in admission charges. These have been held to a level that will help safeguard the future of the sport at Plough Lane."

Photo's of current track conditions can be found on the Official Wimbledon Website at
End of press release.
Wimbledon Speedway
Press Officer

This new Website is for Jon Stevens, watch this site for information on the new Jon Stevens Fan Club. Click on the link to enter the Jon Stevens Website. Please bear with us as it is new and under construction.  both myself and my Mother Carol will be running Jon's site. Please sign Jon's Guestbook on Jons Site.

Pence Per Point Sponsor Poll

I have added a new poll to the website to the right of the homepage. I would be interested to find out how many wimbledon supporters would like the idea of sponsoring their favourite wimbledon rider / riders or the whole team on a pence per point basis. I would be willing to start this all up if people are interested. If you are interested in this please vote in the poll and email me.

Press Release 25/06/2002


Work Starts On Wimbledon Speedway's New Track

"Work is due to start today on the construction of a new permanent speedway circuit at Plough Lane, following agreement between Wimbledon Speedway plc and the Greyhound Racing Association.

With a similar concept to Arena Essex, the track will be located on the inside of the existing tarmac stock car circuit and will be approximately 250 metres in length.

A spokesman for Wimbledon Speedway plc commented " We are determined to give the Dons supporters a track to be proud of."

"If the construction goes to schedule, we envisage running our opening meeting in mid July."

End of release.

Barry Pickering PRO


MILDENHALL 60                                                    WIMBLEDON 30
1.Wayne Broadhurst 3 3 2'0 = 8+1                         1.Martin Williams 2 1 1 1 3 2 = 10+1
2.R/R                                                                      2.Gary Sweet 1'0 2 0 0 = 3+1
3.Mark Thompson 3 2'1 3 1' = 10+2                       3.Justin Elkins 0 1 0 0 = 1
4.James Brundle 0 2'3 3 3 3 = 14+1                      4.Chris Hunt 1 0 1 1 = 3
5.Paul Smith 3 2'3 3 1 = 12+1                               5.Jason Prynne 2 1 2 3 21 = 11+2
6.Darren Andrews 2'2'2'2' = 8+4                             6.Terry Day FX = 0
7.Tom Allen 3 0 3 2 FX = 8                                   7.Jeremy Pestell 1 1 0 0 =2
8.Matthew Wright 0 = 0

Ht1: 55.0s Broadhurst, Williams, Sweet, Brundle (f.rem) 3-3
Ht2: Awarded Allen, Andrews, Pestell, Day (f.exc) 5-1/8-4
Ht3: 54.8s Thompson, Brundle, Hunt, Elkins 5-1/13-5
Ht4: 55.0s Smith, Prynne, Pestell, Allen (fell) 3-3/16-8
Ht5: 56.3s Brundle, Thompson, Williams, Sweet 5-1/21-9
Ht6: 55.8s Broadhurst, Smith, Prynne, Pestell 5-1/26-10
Ht7: 55.6s Smith, Andrews, Elkins, Hunt (ef) 5-1/31-11
Ht8: 56.5s Allen, Sweet, Williams, Wright 3-3/34-14
Ht9: 55.0s Brundle, Prynne, Thompson, Sweet 4-2/38-16
Ht10: 56.8s Thompson, Broadhurst, Hunt, Elkins (ef) 5-1/43-17
Ht11: Smith, Andrews, Williams, Sweet 5-1/48-18
Ht12: 55.6s Prynne, Allen, Thompson, Pestell 3-3/51-21
Ht13: Williams, Prynne, Smith, Broadhurst 1-5/52-26
Ht14: 56.5s Brundle, Andrews, Hunt, Elkins 5-1/57-27
Ht15: 58/5s Brundle, Prynne, Williams, Allen (f.exc) 3-3/60-30





                                     Top Scorer                                  Top Scorer

James Brundle  14+1 From 6       Jason Prynne   12+1 from 6


SUNDAY 23rd June 2002



MILDENHALL                                               WIMBLEDON
1.Wayne Broadhurst ©                              1. Martin William
2.R/R (G.Hedge)                                         2. Gary Sweet
3.Mark Thompson                                      3. Justin Elkins
4.James Brundle                                       4. Chris Hunt
5.Paul Smith                                             5. Jason Prynne
6.Darren Andrews                                     6. Terry Day
7.Tom Allen                                              7. Jeremy Pestell
8.Matthew Wright



Following a positive meeting at Wimbledon Stadium yesterday, there is
growing optimism that the future of Wimbledon Speedway may well be secured in the next few weeks.


BSPA Track Inspector Colin Meredith met with Stadium officials and members of the newly formed Wimbledon Speedway PLC to outline the work required to bring the Plough Lane circuit into line with modern safety standards.

A number of options were discussed with one possibility seeing the
installation of a permanent speedway circuit INSIDE the current stock car
track. Measurements were duly taken and it was happily confirmed that a
new circuit would easily pass the SCB width restrictions.

Wimbledon Speedway PLC are awaiting costings from the stadium contractors before making a final decision, but remain positive that good news will be forthcoming. A very experienced track curator has been approached to look after the track and restore the reputation for exciting racing that was always the case up to 1991.

A company insider confimed " The past week has been very encouraging in
our aim to relaunch Wimbledon Speedway. The GRA in the form of Mick Hardy and Arthur Deveraux have been very co-operative and are fully supportive of our efforts to secure the long term future of the Dons."

"Whilst we look forward to retaining David Croucher as part of the
management team, it must be stressed that Wimbledon Speedway PLC are an entirely new company, with fresh ideas for running speedway meetings at Plough Lane".

End of press release.

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ROLL ON  THE 18th of  July when hopefully we will have our licence back and action re commences at Plough Lane on the NEW proposed built track.

Many thanks

 Becky Partridge

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WHAT  ARTICLES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE SITE? Dons record 2nd win, live update scores of tonights meeting.

Wimbledon Speedway
Plough Lane
SW17 0BL Map

Would you like to be able to sponsor your favourite Wimbledon Don on a pence per point basis? and who would you like to sponsor in this way?
Martin Williams
Gary Sweet
Jason Prynne
Chris Hunt
Jon Stevens
Jeremy Pestell
All Conference League Dons
Any rider or all junior Dons
Total Votes: 11

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