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13/6/2002 10:32 GMT  David Briggs
Please don't let it all collapse now, so much hard work and investment of time and money must not be wasted,we have seen that the fans will turn out for speedway racing at Wimbledon. A very special get well message to Rob DIXSON.....valuable volunteer track and fence man at Plough Lane. 
31/5/2002 12:53 GMT  Stuart (Stu) Towner
Nice one Becky, keep up the good work and 'the DONS forever'! 
24/5/2002 11:41 GMT  Marie (Mascot Muvver)
C'mon on you **DONS**, We will get a win!! (and a race!) At college doing work (yeah right) See you on the 6th!!!  
24/5/2002 11:25 GMT  Abbie.B
Hi Everybody! See u all on june the 6th it's going to be the first time i see speedway!!!!!!!xxxx 
21/5/2002 11:13 GMT  Let the forces be with you!
21/5/2002 10:14 GMT  YAHOO
14/5/2002 21:08 GMT  Sean Wilkinson
Hi Becky, Excellent Site, been watching the updates coming in thick and fast. You've got my E-mail, Drop us a line,and i'll help out with anything you need to know, Especially about the Track!! see ya EVERY THURSDAY! Sean Wilkinson Events Manager Wimbledon Speedway 
10/5/2002 21:20 GMT  Becky
I'll be down at Wimbledon every week Stuart so i will proberly see you which one are you I know Sean!! 
10/5/2002 20:40 GMT  stuart quigg
Great to see an "UNOFFICIAL" web site....Superb!!!. Good to see so many people at the start of the dons home campain lets hope that this will be sucsessful. Look out for me im one of the track staff( the young one). 
8/5/2002 03:38 GMT  Shawn Venables
Hi everyone over there. Just wanted to say how pleased I am to see speedway back in London. Good luck and all the best. 
5/5/2002 17:42 GMT  Becky
Well done Lads for putting on an outstanding performance on Thursday Night it was just great to see that Speedway is back at Wimbledon. 
2/5/2002 12:45 GMT  Lush
Hi there gang!!!! I am so so looking forward to 2nite!!! I have got goose bump's aready just thinking about them playing Blaze Away........ I am in top form with the voice so let's all get behind our boy's 2nite. Well done Becky this is fab!!!!!!! See you all later... Lush XXXXXXXXXXXXX "UP THE DONS" 
27/4/2002 08:52 GMT  Becky
Many thanks for everyone who has signed my guestbook so far, I love to read all your messages. Well as you all know Ronnie Moore is back in town and it was a pleasure to meet him and welcome him back on Tuesday the 23rd of April. All is left to say now is ROLL ON NEXT THURSDAY when the Wimbledon Dons return Home to the Mighty Plough Lane, is anyone going to be at the Grand re opening?  
13/4/2002 20:13 GMT  BN
Good luck folks . The visit of Ronnie Moore has brought back so many memories , Cant wait to see my first meeting since 75 . 
10/4/2002 23:22 GMT  Linda De Boise
Good web site.Glad to see the "other" London club is ready for May 2nd,can't wait for the 9th when the best London club come to Plough Lane. 
28/3/2002 14:39 GMT
Well done the other night gr8 to see Wimbledon back. Visit my site you can vote for who u thought was Pumas' man of the match. Glen Phillips looked very good I hope he gets fixed up in the PL soon. 
28/3/2002 10:47 GMT  gavin mcfarlane
It's unbelievable to see the Wimbledon colours in action again. Well done and good luck 
20/3/2002 21:19 GMT  ck
Good luck Dons. I remember the good 'ole days at the end of the 80's......  
6/3/2002 17:23 GMT  Rach
Glad to see the Dons up and running this season , but watch out coz SHEFFIELD are after a hat trick!!!!!!!!! Cool Site ! Rach 
22/2/2002 15:57 GMT  Chris Clapham
Look forward to the season. Good luck to ALL at the Dons 
22/2/2002 00:05 GMT  Clive
Great to see The Dons back again. Good luck for next season. Great site, keep up the good work Becky. 
17/2/2002 19:22 GMT  Hamish
Want to see a good site come to 
16/2/2002 12:57 GMT  Becky
Hi everyone, Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the new speedway season. I have added a new style chatroom and a new style forum to the site as some people where having a few difficulties with the old chatroom and forum. Thanks go to Lee,Keith, Michelle and Bob for making postings in my guestbook since I last posted. 
16/2/2002 03:07 GMT  Bob Franklin
I've just heard that the Dons are back in business this year and it is FANTASTIC NEWS!! l was a Massive dons fan in the mid 70's to mid 80's but then moved out of London but hearing this news makes me wish l still lived in London, l had many many great thurs evenings at plough lane! l wish you EVERY SUCCESS this year!! 
31/1/2002 20:48 GMT  speedbabe
hi michelle here i hope the website goes well for you it is a fantastic with plenty of information. love to hear from you. i will email you soon keep the good work going michelle-ann 
30/1/2002 21:23 GMT  keith yorke
wimbledon press and pratice day is 18th of aprill member of the surrports club will be allowed in from 2pm till 6pm if they show there surrports club membership card 
27/1/2002 17:28 GMT  lee merison
good luck to all personel at plough lane for the season ahead , nice to see speedway back in the capital! 
25/1/2002 20:50 GMT  Becky
Just a reminder that there is now a message board and a chat room on this site. Please use the message borad to voice your views on Wimbledon Speedway or speedway in general, and why not chat to other speedway supporters in the chat room. 
25/1/2002 20:42 GMT  Becky
Hi there Gary and Dave Kirby Many thanks for your messages and looking at my site. 
24/1/2002 00:15 GMT  Becky
The site has been updated with the latest Wimbledon Press release, the Support Oxford speedway website link. The link to is now working and a picture of Ray Morton has been put on the History Roll of Honour page. Dont, forget to visit the chat room, message board etc. 
18/1/2002 23:11 GMT  Becky
A new Page has been added to the site with regads to Season Ticket Prices for Wimbledon Speedway in 2002. 
18/1/2002 10:41 GMT  Gary Dooley
Must say that I was amazed to find that the Dons are returning to action this year.Having been a regular from the mid seventies to its closure I will certainly be in attendance for the opening meeting.If you need any help or info get in touch as I have a mountain of old Dons progs at home. Good Luck Gary 
10/1/2002 12:55 GMT  Dave Kirby(Exeter)
Hello Becki! I have put your link onto Good luck for the season. Here you may go Elite! Good 1. I'm up in Teddington at the Weekend so I might have a pop along to the track just to see what's going on etc. Best wishes, Dave Kirby, 19, Devon 
8/1/2002 22:55 GMT  Becky
Hi there Pipeman you will be pleased to know that I have added a Message forum onto the site. 
8/1/2002 16:50 GMT  Becky
Updates have now been posted on the links section of this site. 
7/1/2002 14:47 GMT  Becky Partridge
Hi Barry and David, and Pipe Man, for your Messages. Pipe man I will certanly look into linking a message board onto the site. Becky 
7/1/2002 14:05 GMT  Pipe man
Yahoo! ten years is a long time!!! Can we get this site linked to a messageboard please? i'd like to post thoughts about the mighty Dons to other fans! 
7/1/2002 08:14 GMT  David Croucher
Well Done Becky, Our first Official "Unofficial Website". See you all on 2nd May. Regards, David. 
6/1/2002 21:51 GMT  Barry
Well Done Becky! Good luck with the web-site and thanks for all your help so far.  
3/1/2002 17:33 GMT  Carol
Hi Alison I remember the Edinburgh Monarchs 
3/1/2002 13:51 GMT  Alison
Congratulations Becky ! Good Luck on all your website work and to ur speedway team! From an "Old" Edinburgh Monarchs Fan ! (ohhhhh, please I do hope there is someone out there that remembers the Edinburgh Monarchs !) 
2/1/2002 14:21 GMT  Becky Partridge
The official Wimbledon Dons Website is at 
2/1/2002 14:08 GMT  Becky Partridge
Many Thanks for all your messages with regards to this website and the good luck messages for The Dons in 2002. It has been encouraging to read these messages. I have put an update page on the site today called History Roll of Honour.Thank you once again for taking a look at my website for The Dons. 
1/1/2002 21:52 GMT  Matt
Hi good site keep up the good work from 
1/1/2002 19:19 GMT  TT
Good luck for this site and the Dons(except May 9) 
1/1/2002 02:06 GMT  David
If you need any help Becky just let me know, it was in fact a year ago today I started my first website thanks to Steve Ribbons with before moving on to do Mildenhall's official site: 
30/12/2001 20:11 GMT  LW
Good luck with the site, Becks. Also hope the Dons have a great season. 
30/12/2001 19:44 GMT  joyfull
Good luck with the site, and best of luck to the Dons in 2002. 
30/12/2001 17:39 GMT  Carol
Good luck with the site Becky keep up the good work its all in a good cause 2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate D.O.N.S DONS  
30/12/2001 14:11 GMT  Lioness
Good Luck with the site Becky :-) 
30/12/2001 13:47 GMT  Ian H
Hi Becky Good luck for your new site and best wishes for the Dons in 2002 and beyond - PL, EL  
30/12/2001 08:26 GMT  keith yorke
good luck becky with your sight if you need any help with it just email me,i run the romney falcons sight on in the team 
29/12/2001 22:31 GMT  Flying Scotsman
Good luck with the website and good to see the Dons back on track. Keep pushing them Becky. 
29/12/2001 21:09 GMT  Rabbit
Good luck with site and good luck to the Dons in 2002 
29/12/2001 19:20 GMT  Phil
Keep up the good work of promoting the dons Becky, you will find the site becomes easier to run as the season progress when there will be more material to include on the site. 
29/12/2001 18:38 GMT  Becky Partridge
Welcome to all you speedway fans out there. Please sign my guestbook, so that I know you have entered my new website. 
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