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Match Reports 11 Man 2002
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11 Man season Begins...Victory at last.......

Niels Hansen  Saturday, June 15, 2002  19:33 GMT

today we performed great

stig on goal
peter s
jon holliday
anders strand
niels h
steven g.
jens f.
thomas r.
playing  in the field.

it was a start as usual.
bloomsday in ball-control but giving away goals.

after 3 minutes Hansel headed a cornerkick in goal. unfortunately it was our
own goal. great header though.
typical for the luck we have had this season.

after 7 minutes we were down 2-0. still we were in ball-control, but we
did'nt mark aggressive enough - which gave them space they didnt deserve.
neil pulled one goal back after being giving a free run from an exellent
pass from niels.  brilliant goal.

hope was high, we were back in the game and deserved to be due to our great

but then(typical) we decided to give away 2 more goals . aggressive marking
etc. etc....
down 4-1, bottomm against top. other teaams would have collapsed.
we did'nt.

befor halftime we had pulled 2 goals back.
first jon holliday scored(his third this season), jon who is improving his
game from match to match. exciting.

then neil was kicked (fell over like a sack of potatoes) in the penalty area. hansel scored easely, a very safe

half time - down 4-3. spirit was in top. we all believed it would be
possible to win.

I dont remember, but i believe pedro scored after having a excellent run
with the  ball.

and then playermanager niels hansen made a fantastic shot, that deflected on
a defender and went into the goal.

bloomsday ahead 5-4 and 30 minutes to go.

the last 30 minutes was hard. fc frederiksberg trying to get a goal and
bloomsday giving all to get the first victory this season.

we succeded and won 5-4 in a very wellplayed football game.

second half anders strand was pussed into central defence togheter with
peter s., it worked out great with peter sweeping the defencve and anders
being cloese  and aggresive on the opponent.
jakob played right back and jezz left.   both did a perfect job. i have
never seen Jezz run as much or as fast as he did today. he was flying.

niels and steven g. controlled central midfield with their cool dribles and
great short passes.
and jens, jon h., pedro, hansel, neil and thomas r put pressure on the
opponent defence with aggresiv play over our wings and in the penalty area.
and all did an exellent job defending.

it was fun today. and it totally takes away the feelings from the denmark
-england game.
it was bigger than seing a child being born.

we are playing again tuesday and the again thursday.

the team for tuesday is allmost full - it is kick off at 19.15 at
klÝvermarken. email me fast if you want to get in line.

our game thursday you can start e-mailing me now if you are interrested.

cheers niels.
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