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Match Reports 11 Man 2002
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The voice of Niels...11 man draw 4-4......

Peter Streader  Sunday, May 19, 2002  09:39 GMT

We got a draw against FC Knoedel ,good since Peter S. got injured and Neil was injured
for 40 minutes.

We took an early lead  after 10 minutes scored by new player Stefan who
played leftwinger. The first 20 minutes we really put pressure on FC. Knoedel
and we should have scored 2 more goals to close the game.
Unfortunately Neil got injured after 20 minutes and it took some pressure out
of our attack.

In a disastrous period of 10 minutes late in 1. half FC knoedel managed to
score 2 goals - with help from us and the ref.

2. half we started like first - in total control and we scored 2 in the
first 15 minutes - both goals by Eske(exellent player and man of the match), 
who has been brought into the club on a free transfer. We had chances to
score a goal or 2 more but didnt succeed.

Up 3-2 we started to panic again. We are not used to being ahead.
so in a ten minute down period Fc Knoedel again scored 2 goals.
one was a clear off side. the Ref was an *sshole.

So down 4-3 with ten minutes to go, we made a last effort to get control and
pressure the poor team of FC Knoedel. with 5 minutes remaining of the game
Eske again scored a fantastic goal after a good run with the ball.

After scoring to 4-4 we continued to keep the pressure on Knoedel, but
suspect calls from the ref prevented us from getting really dangerous.

But again a very good game against one of the better teams we have played
this season. we were in control most of the game.
and so far 10 of the players from this game have signed up for the next, so
we are starting to play like a team.

the future looks better.

I think the game also shows us that if the ref gets tired of listening to a
team complaining  about his decisions he will not be any more objective.
The coach has spoken.
After the game Søren H.'s name was reported to the  DAI-top by the Ref, and it is
likely that he will get a two week fine. All Søren did was arguing through the
game and afterwards telling the ref to let a dice decide his calls in future

That  is it - looking forward to next game.


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