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Match Reports 11 Man 2002
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11 Man fall to fifth defeat......

Niels  Thursday, May 09, 2002  17:27 GMT

Best game this season.
manager confident of A. Bloomsday breaking the spell and awful start of the

Being 13 players for the game and with the right players in their right
position everything was in place for a Bloomsday victory.

Bad luck, not using our chances to score, a yellow and red card made it
impossible - unfortunately.

But we played well.

At half time we were 1-0 down but it was an equal game so we started 2. half
by putting pressure on the poor team from Wiesel.
our pressure resultedt in a yellow card for Hansel.

Down to ten players - not unusual for our team - we continued to control
the game and put pressure on Wiesel.
Shortly after being 11 again Jon Holliday scored a well deserved goal.

1-1 only lasted 2 minutes though
Typically for  a team in our situation Wwiesel scored an easy goal from a corner, while our
Keeper was injured and unable to use his right arm.

Jon Holliday became Keeper for the rest of the game but wasn't tested for

Ten minutes before the game ended, Magnus stop an opponent with a free run
towards our goal.
Magnus saw red, and from the free kick they scored( a very nice goal actually)
but without giving Jon Holliday a chance to move in goal.

Down 3-1 , down to ten players, and down on luck
We put pressure on them again, with luck and reduced to 2-3(neil boughey
header) with five minutes left of the game.
We didnt come closer. but had chances to score 6.The spirit was there, and after the game we had no problems in looking and
talking together.
We played well and like a team.
It is not usual for our team to pass the ball around as much as we did.
It was great fun.

All we need now is the goals.

It was almost decided after the game in the clubhouse(where 11 players
spent half an hour in good company) that in the next game we should play with
two strikers - to put more pressure on our opponents and to get more 100
procent chances.

man of the match was Steve Devaney.

the manager has been listening and there might be some tactical chances in
our next game.

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