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WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE - SHOCK!!! transfer request

Ken Export  Friday, February 01, 2002  08:49 GMT

Broadford Plant have been rocked by shock a transfer request this morning.

The request was made by veteran striker this morning via a written statement exclusive to Broadford Plant website.

Dear Club Secretary / Manager
( Please post this on the club website and circulate to other teams in the
Bradford Sunday Alliance or Wharfedale League )

I hereby give notice that i no longer wish to play for Broadford Plant
Football Club. Following a serious groin injury that had severely limited my
appearances for Plant over the last 2 years, I returned to the Plant fold in
the 2001/2002 season determined to use the season to work on my fitness and
to play as many games as possible.

In my opinion the season has more than exceeded my expectations, having
played in every game for Plant, and against all odds being the top scorer
after 18 games with a total of 17 goals, several from the Midfield position.

Not only this, i have enhanced the reputation of footballers in general with
my heroic intervention of a potential serious crime within the region only
last month.

However, i feel that this has not been enough for members of the team, the
supporters or the management of the club. There have been unfounded
allegations of eating 50 pies in one pub following the Fox and Pheasant
game, having similarities to a Triple Mac and taunts of sneaking out of the
fat camp during the week to inspect the Park Street pitch ( whilst eating
pies ).

I feel i can no longer take the pressures that go with playing for a club
riding high in the Bradford Sunday Alliance 4th Division and hence the
reason for the request.

I look forward to your acceptance of this, and my subsequent placement on
the transfer list.

Yours sincerely

Danny Burke

Boss Alan Walker will hold emergency talks this morning with the player. Sources close to Burke believe he was sent over the edge when Walker's son striker Kristian, always a controversial figure at the club, played yet another training ground trick against Burke. Following yesterdays morning training at the Richard Dunn training complex Burke returned from the shower to find his trousers on fire hanging out the window and a size 18 dress in its place on the peg.
Young Walker is believed to be jealous of Burke's high standing at the club and his sucess with Plant's female following.
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