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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
22/4/2002 10:55 GMT  hello
did u know all teams r up this season in 4a. 
22/4/2002 07:50 GMT  Geo
Cheers Chalkie. Good luck in your cup competition. 
21/4/2002 21:03 GMT  Chalkie
Congrats on the win today lads, bar the last 10 or 15 when they were trying to push for the equaliser I thought you had more chances and perhaps could have had it sown up earlier. One thing puzzles me (and forgive me for going back a month or so) - has 'Crown Reserves' posted yet with his comments about how they thrashed you again. Oh that's right it didn't happen did it. Look back at that post (5th March) - "expect us to win every game now", don't make me laugh. Once you've removed that large amount of egg from your face perhaps you'd like some of this humble pie? No? Suit yourself! Might sound like I'm going off on one but if there's one thing I can't stand its gloaters. Nightmare when it backfires isn't it! 
18/4/2002 11:48 GMT  Martin Close
Shut up and get back on ya diet ya fat git ! 
17/4/2002 10:03 GMT  Dom
I had a run out with year 7 this morning..groin / ankle ok, therefore fit for sunday. UP THE PLANT  
16/4/2002 18:20 GMT  Thinny
16/4/2002 14:08 GMT  BIG G
tuff s@*t danny youve muckied youre ticket now mate, er sorry ex mate !!!! 
16/4/2002 12:52 GMT  Danny
I was only joking Gaz!!!! Notice you've never made comments before Closey, i wonder why that is ? 
16/4/2002 12:25 GMT  Martin Close
Get this website up to date. Never mind about the new job, get your priorities straight ! 
16/4/2002 12:24 GMT  BIG G
to my dear "friend" danny. after all the support i gave you when eveyone was calling you the big fat pie man and then you go and stab me in the back . well no more you big round SPACE HOPPER thats it . THE GLOVES ARE OFF PAL 
16/4/2002 08:02 GMT  Danny
Its easy to drop players. Just say "Gary, you haven't got a shirt this week". 
15/4/2002 12:20 GMT  Richard Dunn
How many current plant players attend the weekly training sessions held at my state of the art sporting complex?..... No wonder you're losing money on it..... 
15/4/2002 12:14 GMT  BIG G
one point that we missed on sunday was. how are we going drop players if we have too many on a sunday morning ? any ides ? 
12/4/2002 09:44 GMT  BIG G
to chalkie .. youre not wrong there mate 
11/4/2002 21:19 GMT  Chalkie
Probably the same one as that referee last Sunday... 
11/4/2002 11:59 GMT  BIG G
to trinity nut .. what the f'$& planet u on mate 
11/4/2002 11:04 GMT  A psychopath
i have been watching you for weeks. If I cant have Danny, no one can - watch your back fatty! 
11/4/2002 10:46 GMT  Big G appreciation society
Nice one !!! Everyone spread the word. 
11/4/2002 07:46 GMT  BIG G
we can change in pub b4 game but not after .. also new landlord will put sarnies on 4 us on sunday  
9/4/2002 10:21 GMT  Ken Export (Website Reporter)
Cheers chalkie. Very good summary. But don't get any funny ideas about applying for a job here. This website aint big enough for the two of us !! 
8/4/2002 21:33 GMT  Chalkie
Unlucky on Sunday lads. I've seen some bad refs in my time but he really was one of the worst (apart from the bloke who gave a penalty against the Ammers when the tackle was 2 yards outside the box but thats another story). He'd only got home from work at 6 that morning - where from, the local comedy club? I think its fair to say thats not the best you've played this season going by what you've told me (and what I've seen) but the first 2 goals - especially with the offside first one coming virtually on half-time, plus the ridiculous sending off, really were a joke. Unfortunately once your lads got on his back a bit everything suddenly went pear shaped and it was never going to happen at 2-0 down with only 10 men. At least I got to see miss of the season contender 'A' anyway from their number 10 (just how did he manage it - even Thomas Radzinski could laugh at that one eh Reg!). I reckon you've got as good a chance as any of beating Oddfellows next week though and get that 4th spot. If we've not got a game this Sunday (wouldn't surprise me - don't know yet though) then I'll come and watch - any cut price tickets going for the Park Street end? Cheers, Stu.  
8/4/2002 12:40 GMT  Club Sec
Not only did we have the ref against on Sunday but also I have on good authority half of Baildon's first team who have drifted to the reserves in recent weeks following a fallout with their manager. Lets remain upbeat and get Oddfellows beat followed two more wins to finish clear fourth. This has been a great season. Keep it going 'til the end. COME ON !!! 
8/4/2002 09:14 GMT  Dom
Having been unable to log on for a while, I am somewhat distressed to find that the usualy 'pleasant' ambience of the guestbook has ebbed in my abscence. This appears to have been caused by anonymous contributors making somewhat ill-judged comments. This is surely not the "Way of the Plant" as stated in the most Holy Testament, Park Street Chronicles, Cahpter 3, Verse 9. If you are willing to mix it, then lets mix it. Until then, get your own website, and, remember, "It's nice to be nice" (Sir James Saville, 12/08/83) 
5/4/2002 21:01 GMT  Trinity Nut
Broadford Plant 1 Baildon 10 A last gasp goal from Gary Walker at his spiritual home. Thats the best your goin to get. Because your poo !!! 
3/4/2002 16:17 GMT  Ed Chamberlain
14/4 is the date divy! 
3/4/2002 10:41 GMT  A Bookie
which bookmakers do you frequent Mr Chamberlain? 14/4! 21/14, what sort of odds are those! Sort it out Sky or ITV digital will be after your rights!  
3/4/2002 08:56 GMT  Anon
REMEMBER ........... website eticate !! 
29/3/2002 16:11 GMT  Hello
Come and view the best site on Intheteam @ 
29/3/2002 02:14 GMT  Sycamores mong is a thick t**t
With reference to "Sycamores mong". However wrote this should take a time-out."Downs Syndrome" is a condition which can not be pre-determined. You might find yourself in a situation where you are the father of a child with this condition. Would you disown your own child in such a situation ? Take stock. There are no rules. Act with humility for once in your life. (((Probably a lost cause anyway - can't make his own mind up - looking for his mates - gay bastard ))) 
28/3/2002 21:40 GMT  taz
the plants rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and micheal clayton is the player of the season! 
27/3/2002 17:26 GMT  Plant Fan
He's only warm cos he's got his own central heating built in to his rolls of fat! And you couldn't handle ALL of his body luv. 
27/3/2002 13:38 GMT  A bird
That Daniel Dooonican hasn't gone mad, he's a lovely warm man and i want his body next time i go to Chicarrrrgo's.  
27/3/2002 09:25 GMT  Danny Fat Camp Burke
Secretary, i've cancelled the stag weekend i'm on ( Apr 14th ) for Plant's sake 
26/3/2002 12:06 GMT  sycamores mong
did u lose again u plant pots i mean tosspots 
25/3/2002 19:51 GMT  To Sycamores Fan
25/3/2002 14:09 GMT  Daniel Doonican
Report Amended.....Sorry Gary mistaken identity....George Grant feeding false information.....WELL PLAYED GAZ 
25/3/2002 13:55 GMT  Michael Clayton
Fair call. Didn't get close enough but at least I was goal side and was trying to hold the opponent up. Well placed effort but no real pace on shot. It there was a weakness yesterday it was our hesitancy in the face of a good striker. We deserved a point.  
25/3/2002 13:16 GMT  a plant fan
Rob Dunn actually cut across Mick Clayton not Gary Walker to score the 1st goal.......... 
25/3/2002 11:14 GMT  Plant Soft Lad
25/3/2002 10:50 GMT  sycamores
who's stupid, can u even spell his name i guest not. Its got only one E, no wonder u can't win at footi. 
23/3/2002 11:26 GMT  Pants
Whats all this nonsense about Skipton Lap dancing clubs?? I was out with Fat Camp in Halifax trying to pull him a young bird but it all went pair shaped when he bumped into an ex-lover of his (Fat Camp in marriage break-up scandal). Dan you're doing a good job of scoring on the pitch we just need a massive improvement off it. Chicago's here we come!!! PS who is off out on the 30th of March? 
Can't be the real Paul Moorehouse. He is too stupid to use a computer.  
22/3/2002 11:48 GMT  sycamores
broadford 0 oddfellows 13. one plant player hurt the rest ran away. 
21/3/2002 12:00 GMT  Broadford Softie
Dear Mr Thickamore, here's another throw away comment for you....what about...wait for it...... 3 goals!!!  
21/3/2002 11:16 GMT  Diego
It makes me feel good seeing pictures of Danny Burke 
21/3/2002 10:20 GMT  ?
21/3/2002 09:43 GMT  sycamores
sycamores here fancy a friendly ha ha ha u soft gits.get back to the wharfdale. 
20/3/2002 18:45 GMT  ?
20/3/2002 17:02 GMT  The Real 'Chris Fitton'
Do you have copyright on that phrase.....I am willing to sue!!!....unauthorised use 
20/3/2002 15:35 GMT  Fat Camp
20/3/2002 15:08 GMT  mister er e
yes g.walker is improving quite quickly, now that he has been given his chance to prove he is capable of holding down a first team shirt ... 
20/3/2002 14:22 GMT  Gary Walker
Good at football? 
20/3/2002 13:06 GMT  Chris Fitton
It's times like these..... when sometimes....... you've got to think about being ______!!!! what was that last word? free tickets to the purple door lap dancing bar to the lucky winner! 
20/3/2002 11:09 GMT  paul moorhouse
who's gonna win the league? sycamores 
19/3/2002 12:23 GMT  Long Distance Observer
I think that the stats are worse than those on The Premiership, when can anybody get it right like Doonican 
18/3/2002 18:54 GMT  Doony
18/3/2002 17:22 GMT  Webmaster
Listen Doony.......If you fancy taking over the reporting full time you CAN!!!!....No Chomp!!! all stats and facts up to date....League tables etc...results....and report amended 
18/3/2002 09:24 GMT  Doony
Reg, get your facts straight. 1) You are not Daniel Doonican 2) Hare & Hounds actually went 2-1 up then 3-2 ahead 3) Everton are going down still 
14/3/2002 11:24 GMT  Webmaster
Daniel Doonican....stop bleating and bring us a copy of your Christmas Classics album on Sunday!!!.....George is cr*p on here your statistics are now up to date !!!! 
13/3/2002 11:58 GMT  Danny
George, the statistics column isn't up to date either. If you're not careful you'll be voted Manager, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Club Mascot, Club Strap and everything else at the club in the next AGM Meeting. Oh yeh, apart from player! 
13/3/2002 10:15 GMT  a plantfan
come on georgey kins get youre finger out a put the god damn match report on . god damn it blumin eck 
12/3/2002 13:05 GMT  plantfan
come on webmaster were is the match report from sundays game & also could you update the league tables ..cheers mate... 
11/3/2002 11:08 GMT  mis ter e
crooner crooner crooner . there's only one crooner burkey one crooner buuurkey  
11/3/2002 08:35 GMT  Danny
Who the f*** is Val Doonican? 
10/3/2002 15:19 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
Good to see the plant are back to their winning ways! and also to see val doonican at the opening of the vic before the match. I hear he's signed his jumper and he is going to donate it to the raffle next week!!!! 
9/3/2002 12:45 GMT  A Bird
Oi Danny leave reggies bird alone!!!.......I want you to myself!!! 
8/3/2002 20:18 GMT  sec
Lots of players, no one to get changed until team announced. Okay, lets get changed in pub. I will put up nets and direct people to pub from car park. Tim has kit. 
8/3/2002 14:26 GMT  big g
we can change in the pub b4 game on sunday in the bar though as he is living upstairs. but we will have to change in the cars after  
7/3/2002 16:06 GMT  Danny
Thats Reggie's bird. Mind you, Reg will probably be there somewhere painting some pictures.. I am fit though to be fair, and the age difference would only be 12 years instead of 15!!! 
7/3/2002 15:40 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
Danny i think this is your cue to get that groin back into action!!!! 
7/3/2002 14:42 GMT  Agent Claire O'Connor
very bored at college, showing my friend Rosie your amazing website. She wants to know if any of you are fit........ Hehe x 
5/3/2002 16:04 GMT  A CROWNFAN
5/3/2002 11:57 GMT  Crown Reserves
It wasn't the first team lads, it was the reserve team. We have some new players and you can expect us to win every match now. We had a lot of players shouldn't have been playing recently but now they've moved aside. Sorry boys but thats how it go's. See you at your place for another thrashing!!  
4/3/2002 11:32 GMT  A Bird
Not before time Fat boy!!! 
2/3/2002 12:03 GMT  Danny
Have i been dropped? No-one has rung me with details of tomorrows game! looks like i've got a lie in. 
1/3/2002 12:23 GMT  Sec
Will ring their sec sats dinnertime. Dom, would appear that there is not enough interest in sesh. I can do a fortnights time (15th). 
28/2/2002 17:24 GMT  Young Mr.Walker
28/2/2002 12:51 GMT  Dom
Any news on match on/off situation and Club night out on Friday? Please respond! 
28/2/2002 10:05 GMT  big g
nice words from the internet surfer .but who is he? is he a friend of dannys ? or is he a she with designs on poor dannys groin hoping to have him up & running if u now waht i mean  
28/2/2002 01:16 GMT  Internet Surfer via ""
What's all the abuse directed towards Danny Burke in aid of? He is your leading goal-scorer just ahead of Ali F, and your currently 4th in the league. Looks like your pulling things around lately. If you look at the likes of the mighty Mick Quinn (ex-Coventry), he was a robust player, but didn't half put the ball in the back of the net. You need this man, no one else will score as many for you, give him a break... P.S. Nice Web-Site, keep it up! 
26/2/2002 15:43 GMT  danny
sorry i didn't show up bird, the queue in McDonalds was too long and it took them ages to fry my 18 portions of chips and 22 big macs. I wont let you down next week, i'll make sure i'm looking at my sparkling best, just like my picture on the player profile 
25/2/2002 12:29 GMT  A Bird
Danny.....I was waiting for you in Chicargos on Saturday night to give your groin the best treatment it could wish for.....YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP 
22/2/2002 22:53 GMT  Mr Ben Dover
broadford get a grip and win the title i am going to wacth u at da weekend and if u dont play well ur out of the team !WIN WIN WIN THE TITLE! 
22/2/2002 22:25 GMT  Geeka
Big G, sorry I forgot to ring. I'll contact the Vic regarding Sunday, match very unlikely to go ahead. Also suggest we hold AGM in March 24th after away game at Greengates against Oddfellows, pencil it in. 
22/2/2002 13:59 GMT  the mole
dannys groin has been rested although not by choice.. if you now what i mean. but he has this saturday night at chicagos to redeem himself or should that have been releive himself????  
22/2/2002 11:26 GMT  BIG G
we can change in the pub this week but not in the room upstairs... change in the bar area. ps i will have an answer about footy kit tonight gaz  
21/2/2002 16:34 GMT  danny
Who's the bird?...Cos i'm coming to get you.. Who's Big Bad Wolf? I'm scared of you 
21/2/2002 13:53 GMT  big bad wolf
yeah danny it will espcially with that "dodgy " groin of yours  
20/2/2002 16:38 GMT  A Bird
Danny......Its the only thing you will be forking!!! 
20/2/2002 11:59 GMT  Michael Fish
..... and the rain is expected to continue in the north up to Saturday .... 
15/2/2002 19:26 GMT  Rain Cloud
I am currently on my way to Park Street, and I may rain all over the pitch, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 
11/2/2002 11:35 GMT  Danny
I'll go down to Park Street on Saturday to give the pitch a good forking before the Bedes game. Weather forecast is ok so we should be playing on Sunday. 
11/2/2002 09:03 GMT  Secretary
Bring a bucket and fork day at Broadford Plant. Appeal:- Players, supporters, officials etc required to help clear standing water off the pitch. This is the ONLY way Sunday's game has a chance of being on. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Meet Park Street 9:30. 
8/2/2002 17:53 GMT  Young Mr.Walker
I'm available for sunday everybody, looks like i've got a bit of a fight on my hands to get the number 9 shirt back of reg, how he ever filled it i don't know!!! 
8/2/2002 16:06 GMT  christine
hey guys, check out our new player my be back for more when the snapshots come in! 
8/2/2002 15:30 GMT  big bad wolf
doms birthday eh well how old is? should this be our next on line poll? i will start the bidding at 3 years of age 
4/2/2002 13:25 GMT  A. Waggoner
Your going down with the hounds! 
2/2/2002 15:25 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
1/2/2002 13:00 GMT  A N OTHER PLANT FAN
1/2/2002 11:58 GMT  Plant Fan
GEORGE....You strap i think you've been had mate!!!!......that Danny Burke story is a definite April fool and ity got you didn't it!!!.....Wish the artistic Webmaster would return he wouldn't have made the same mistake!!! 
31/1/2002 13:52 GMT  Reggie
It is a course in Theatre I think you'll find!!! 
31/1/2002 11:53 GMT  Gerry
Yeah, right on Adrian. Anybody else at Broadford Plant interested? Our doors are always open. Anyway, got to go. Demo outside Birmingham Town Hall to attend. Ciao !!!! 
31/1/2002 11:43 GMT  Adrian
Chris. Here at Warwick University we encourage older people to do our art courses. I would like to discuss your application soon. Perhaps we could meet for a pint in the Firkin soon. I here they keep their bitter really well in there and Black Sheep is the guest beer this week. 
30/1/2002 14:43 GMT  Dom
Better add me to the treatment table section.....sustained ankle injury on Sunday after about 20 more serious than I originally thought...maybe why put in a crap performance. Maybe fit for Sunday, will advise. UP THE PLANT! 
29/1/2002 23:00 GMT  Pants
Come on lads lets organise a club night out and build that spirit up!!! 
29/1/2002 16:37 GMT  hippopotamus
How about some decent on-line polls, never mind this medals/training malarkey, get some humour back into the club!  
28/1/2002 23:05 GMT  Geek
With teams dropping out etc we will (I am 90% sure) go up to 3b if we finish in the top half but if we managed to get in the top two I think there are medals. Although this is unlikely I would love it if that happened, LOVE IT !!!!!!!! ......... ps We owe Oddfellows (Vic 2000 for those who remember) for that semi 3 years ago. Up the Plant !! COME ON !!!! ......... pps As an incentive perhaps get ourselves medals if we manage to come third in our first season in the BSAFL paid for by ourselves or maybe subsidised (discuss with Dave Woodhead), new on line poll perhaps. To come third we must turn over Oddfellows Hall on Sunday, we can do it !!!! 
28/1/2002 21:26 GMT  Pants
Anyone fancy a "Team Building" session one friday night in February?.....2 takers so far (Reg and Pie boy). Reg, send me the questionaire through you promised last week!!! Email address is 
28/1/2002 18:53 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
28/1/2002 16:37 GMT  Statto
Another victory on Sunday I believe creates a club record. 
25/1/2002 13:39 GMT  anone muss
ok enough is enough leave poor "old" danny alone . these pie munching allegations are all unfounded .so unless anyone has any proof either photgraphic or written ( photographic being the better option ). all will be sued for deformation of character. aslo if that fails then all of you will receive a damn good kicking!!!  
25/1/2002 11:50 GMT  Yorkshireman
Lancastrians are also very keen on pies. This is obviously why Danny "fat camp" Burke got a job over there !!! 
24/1/2002 14:23 GMT  danny
i'm a bit worried webmaster. I've deleted a chain text saying that if i didn't pass it on i'd be unlucky for the next month. I take it i'll be playing for plant every week then in February? Up the hotpot! 
24/1/2002 14:01 GMT  GARY
geoege could u email the address for sundays game please. my email address is gwalker@spencer& cheers .. 
24/1/2002 13:22 GMT  Cornish Pasty Hater
Fremington is in North Devon Danny. Would you ask a Yorkshireman to eat Lancashire Hotpot ?  
23/1/2002 11:05 GMT  Secretary
Trip to Devon will take some organising. I'll assist but will probably take a back seat generally as I will be taking a close season break from admin duties but deffo up for going. 
22/1/2002 18:59 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
Chris, I think the pre season friendly would be a good idea but i might not be available due to fat camp duties, i'll have a meeting with paul merson and brekke legg asap to see if i can play if not then i will just have to tag along and participate in the international drinking duties!!!!  
22/1/2002 14:17 GMT  danny
Better ask the wife? I dont know if i'll have a license to play that weekend. She's already ordered my 21 cans of Asda Challenge lager and 14 Steak and Kidney Pies for that day. They'll go wasted if i go to Fremington. Still, mind you, i reckon a bit of Cornish Pasty wouldn't go a miss.Get the deal booked with Ali Kabs right now.  
22/1/2002 14:09 GMT  christine
hi guys! good luck for the rest of the season! please visit us at and sign our guestbook 
22/1/2002 13:48 GMT  Chris Fitton (Webmaster)
Lads, Have been asked by Fremlington in Devon if we fancy going down pre season for a friendly in July and having a night out with them on the beers afterwards...ideal preparation for the new season I feel......comments and thoughts please 
21/1/2002 20:09 GMT  Pants
Scouting news Oddfellows 3 Sycamores 8. Scouts present, Geeka, Burke, Reg, Pants & a.n.other...........oddfellows don't look upto much, not much strength in depth. What the h*ll was Ali's taxi's upto? 
21/1/2002 18:24 GMT  Young Mr.Walker
Thanks netts it would be very much appreciated ,my e-mail is 
20/1/2002 21:59 GMT  Netts
Well lads sorry I can't be their next week but good look and keep up the good run. Young Walker if you require fat camps address just E-mail me and I will forward it on. 
17/1/2002 19:45 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
I have just got out of a lengthly meeting with brekke and i have been advised to drink my injury off for the next 5 months providing i stay clear of chicago rock's dog house (danny!?) and i have to steer clear of any hollands pie shops (danny!?). Otherwise I have been told i will have to visit fat island with paul merson as my drink advisor!. 
17/1/2002 19:43 GMT  Mark
George wear your glasses when you take a penalty in future.  
15/1/2002 20:53 GMT  Stu
George, congrats on the site making the top 10 'best sites' in the country for 'in the team'! Just thought I'd say well done! You've also passed our number of visitors but thats hardly surprsing is it! Ammers forever. See you Sunday. 
15/1/2002 15:13 GMT  BIG G
15/1/2002 13:34 GMT  Danny
Plant V Kirklees Ladies? free showers after the game 
15/1/2002 12:56 GMT  Dominic Fitzgerald
14/1/2002 16:17 GMT  EGG
£20 on crown, and im gonna sue plant for every penny!  
14/1/2002 15:31 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
hi! good luck for this season. visit us at 
12/1/2002 19:58 GMT  Oves ( manager fremington)
Ok Lads lets get this end of season game sorted and then a good night out on the beer, leave a date in our guestbook and we will sort out accomadation. 
9/1/2002 11:12 GMT  Milky (Ilmington Rev)
Good to see that there are other sides out there who take things with a pinch of salt in the same way we do. Come vist the home of the Revolution and see how us Midlanders do it! All the best for the rest of the season. Milky 
7/1/2002 15:19 GMT  big g
hope everybody had a good xmas & happy new year. lets keep up the results & we will all be buzzin 
4/1/2002 21:38 GMT  webby
hey there plant hope u had a good new year! last week was a shocker. reserves lost 5-1 and firsts lost 7-1. firsts have a tough game against braunton. 
2/1/2002 18:53 GMT  Agent Alison Mcallister
Happy New Year Plant!! Lets hope its a year to remember. Good Luck! 
2/1/2002 13:28 GMT  Kevin Keegan
And he says those things about those players ....... I tell you what, I would love it if we came in the top two ... LOVE IT !!!! 
2/1/2002 12:57 GMT  THE WEED
25/12/2001 19:44 GMT  webby
MERRY XMAS PLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
24/12/2001 09:56 GMT  Jeff Stelling
It's May 2012, Sky Sports Saturday Let's go to ... (oooh !) hang on, Rodney at Park Street. Great chance for Broadford there, Burke with the keeper to beat from five yards didn't connect properly and Barthez tipped it round the post ..... Stay with us Jeff, in comes the corner and it's there !!! Would you believe it, Clayton. The Plant has got it his first goal for four years and will he ever get a more important goal than that. Plant 1 Manchester United 0. If it stays like this the title race is wide open. Thanks Rodney, what a finish to a season we've got. Don't forget live next week Arsenal v Broadford Plant in what could be the title decider. We'll take a short break .... 
21/12/2001 16:43 GMT  THE WEED
21/12/2001 13:12 GMT  BIG G
merry xmas & a happy new year to all ps don't get too drunk we must always be model professionals 
19/12/2001 17:59 GMT 
19/12/2001 12:29 GMT  big g
well bowyer may just help our promotion push but if the cocky little bastard steps out of line then he will be getting a good slapping from me  
12/12/2001 13:23 GMT  Dom
Four in a row? Long live Broadford Progressivism! Plantmen of the world unite! 
10/12/2001 10:27 GMT  webby
a bad weekend for fremington, reserves lost 5-1 first team lost 5-2. 
7/12/2001 12:19 GMT  Dom
28/11/2001 18:43 GMT  webby
27/11/2001 19:47 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
Miss A.Non happens to be my sister, fair enough she didnt put her name to it but on the other hand neither have you, why is that???? 
27/11/2001 13:34 GMT  To Miss Anon
Response to Miss Anon. "Backstabbing" ? The fact that things have gone sour is because people (for once) have been honest enough to say that they are thinking - and (unlike you) put their names against what they are saying. It is not the fault of the originator if those reading the contributions spit their dummies out rather than taking time to consider what is being said.  
26/11/2001 15:44 GMT  webby
good to see you won yesterday. we drew 2-2 they equalised with the last kick of the game. look forward to seeing you in june! 
23/11/2001 18:36 GMT  concerned
Sort it out lads is there really any need for all this playground banter your supposed to be a team. As somebody has already stated this crap shouldn't be on the website if you can't say it to each others faces is worth saying. 
23/11/2001 15:17 GMT  Danny
I have two suggestions. One of these is the most obvious in the world. As follows:- Alan has to make his mind up whether he wants Reliability or Ability. Depending on the choice he makes, a list is drawn up of the players in his priority order i.e. If ability is chosen, Lee comes before Gary. If the reliability is chosen, the opposite applies. Second suggestion is that we break this down even further into departments i.e Central defence 1st choice of Tabber, Mick, followed by Lee, Martin, Rob. In other words, we silo players into their relevant positions, and then pick the squad based on who is available to play in those positions. Potentially, players can fill more than one different position, so it wont be the easiest job in the world, but at least players can't moan that they should be in rather than someone else. Example of this was on the first day of the season when Tabber stepped down cos he wanted Hinchy to play instead of him. Gary moaned that if Tabber stepped down, he should play in central defence. Clearly that wouldn't have worked, and Gary had a point, but based on my proposal, no-one could complain. Feedback required. I will put these proposals forward on Sunday if i get enough support. 
23/11/2001 14:47 GMT  Bossman
Reference message of 23/11/2001 from 'Young Mr Walker'. This message has been put on the guestbook by someone who obviously wishes to remain anonymous and WAS NOT put on by Kristian. He is actually at work at this time and has no access to a computer. If the person who composed this message would like to make themselves known......please do so!!!! (This has obviously been done to wind George and Kristian up) 
23/11/2001 14:29 GMT  Miss.A.Non
Why all the back stabbing? A sunday football team takes a lot of hard work and organisation to run, why can`t you all just stop being pathetic and get on with it. If any of you have problems, talking about them on this guestbook is not the best way to solve them, a proper meeting would be better. Put a lid on it guys - I know your results just lately haven`t been brilliant but the way you`re all slagging each other off certainly won`t help to improve them.  
23/11/2001 13:50 GMT  Young Mr Walker
I'm just a little whipper snapper and i dont have any say,i can't take my drink and Ali is loads better than me. i really fancy you george though and want to make it up to you tonight baby. 
23/11/2001 12:47 GMT  George
"Plant failed to get to grips with the conditions and extremely wide pitch in Manningham in the first half and trailed 5-0 at the interval following some poor defending and bad fortune (skidding ball off the turf under Andy Hutton's hands as he allowed for some kind of bounce and an own goal)." Kristian, would you like to tell which players I have accused of making mistakes in that paragraph extracted from the Rose and Crown report ?  
23/11/2001 08:40 GMT  George
Rose and Crown report - no-one is blamed. Stockbridge report cup - I have taken full blame for their equaliser. Sycamores report "Andy felt he should have done better". These are the only references in match reports to individuals mistakes, two only. One of which is mine, the other Andy Netts. What is your problem. Reports are for obvious reasons as neutral as possible. Don't you think you are going a bit over the top. A just a bit of fun for f*ck's sake. A lot of time and effort goes into keeping this website up to date. Anymore criticism and we'll abandone it okay. I am not prepared to criticise the talents of any players unless I have the guts to do it to their faces. What's your problem with Ali ? He is above average player and a vital part of our squad. He is second top goalscorer. He is trickier than you but you are harder working than him. SO WHAT !!! After the Waggoners game I said to a lot of people that when you came on it made a big difference with your harrassment of their back line. At the moment we have a depleted squad. Things will be okay in time. Everyone should stop arguing, get back to enjoying playing. This website is supposed to be a bit of fun but the way things are going I think we'll have to knock it on the head, which from my point of view would be a great shame. I suggest that if anyone is not happy with the club is run make a resolution, vote on it and we will abide by that democratic decision. I have no more to say on the matter. I have tried to do my best for this club over the years but the criticism that is flying around hurts my feelings and I'm not prepared to take much more. 
22/11/2001 17:57 GMT  Young Mr Walker
George if you are going to start back peddling after your comments about me and come out with, "Lets get back to enjoying playing and socialising with each other after", how are we going to do this now after slating people on the guest book, If you cant take a bit of constructive critisism then you might aswell take your nets and go play somewhere by yourself, what i said was a joke because u decided to leave your name off the match report and include other peoples names which made mistakes?. The things that p*ss me off are that you are always going on about ali and how good he is, ive nothing against him but who does all the running upfront and who always puts himself about upfront to win the ball back? another thing that p*ssed me off was when you wrote the match report and decided to mention andys mistakes for which he has held his hands up to and u plainly left out all the mistakes you made some of which cost us goals and not just in this match.And another thing, i dont think anyone is telling you the set up is bad there is nothing wrong with it, it is just we dont appreciate the qualities of each player on the field, look forward to your reply....  
22/11/2001 13:36 GMT  CLUB SECRETARY
REGARDING USING MY DISCRETION:- I make suggestions to Alan if the squad is looking at bit thin so obviously knowing the characters involved my discretion will come into it. On discovering Martin is working until 6am and will make an appearance if starting naturally I report this back to Alan. I don't say to Martin "the rules are you make yourself available and see if you are picked on Sunday morning" because I know he will say that he is not bothered. We have no centrebacks for Sunday. I have to be allowed to use my discretion in the approach I take to try and persaude non-regulars to turn up. I say "I'll let you know then" and tell Alan what he has said. Also Lee will not make himself available unless he is starting therefore he would never play for Plant again unless ten were available and he was number eleven. The other way to do it is to get Alan Walker to do ringing around. Let's make all these suggestions on Sunday and come to a decision. When I give my list to Alan on Friday or Saturday, yes I do chip in, it's only natural. I've been with the club years and know the players. Do you want me say "Sorry Alan. There's your list, pick the team and I'll see on Sunday. If this is unacceptable then call a meeting, define my roll in black and white and we'll take a vote on it, otherwise let me get on with it and get back to playing. Whatever we agree I will stick to it. Also who is going to be treasurer next season. The way it's going I think I'll be setting up on my own next season. I've got the new nets but I don't want the money for them yet, I'm waiting to see what happens. Perhaps when all this calms down people might realise that the set up is not that bad and get back to enjoying playing and socialising with each other after. 
22/11/2001 12:38 GMT  George
Cheers Webby, thanks for the support. Hope the reserves pick up all three points on Saturday. Enjoy your football. 
22/11/2001 11:32 GMT  Danny
Gutted about Post Office Reserves dropping out...the goals should still be included within the end of season tally, because at the time the match was official and had to be won. Mass debate on Sunday? 
22/11/2001 10:51 GMT  webby
sorry i havent written for a few weeks! end of june should be ok i will check with the gaffer and all. we have a had a rough 2 weeks losing 3 games. no first team game on saturday so i will be travelling with the reserves to the mighty bratton flemming! looks like there is problems at plant? dont worry we had the same problem at fremmie last season. keep it lads! 
21/11/2001 22:39 GMT  Andy Netts
We definetly need to sort out a regular to partner mick at the back. Getting people to fill in is causing problems. I agree with George it is no easy role to take on unless it suits. As for choosing the team I feel it should be left to Alan with help and advise from dave. I feel the team should also be picked on ability, but this is an hard line to follow when you only have certain regulars to choose from. We need to find a balance between regulars and ability(Not Easy).I am prepared to commit myself to training as I am unfit and need the use of a training session,but it has to be training and people have to commit there selfs.We also have to turn up to matches earlier to help George with the netts and get together and organise ourselfs better. As for young walker, I believe he needs to rest his injury and return when he is fully fit.He is an excellent player who is not apprieciated for this work rate.It would be a great shame if we were to lose chris to a sat league team.Chris needs to come back fit and commit himself weekin weekout.I personally still enjoy playing for plant and hope these problems can soon be resolved..... 
21/11/2001 13:42 GMT  Danny
George, why dont you adopt the "Jonathon King" approach of attracting young and impressionable young men to the club? 
21/11/2001 13:37 GMT  Club Sec Request
Can anyone go to the league meeting at East Bowling Unity Club on the 4th of December. I can't make it. We will be fined if we do not attend. 
21/11/2001 12:36 GMT  Secretary again
Yes me again, you've really got me going. Typical tricky situation when I have to make a judgement. If we have only got eleven I'll try and get Lee. If 12 I might try and get depending on who is available. If 13 wouldn't ring him unless really short on centrebacks. This is what might happen for Sunday if Martin can't play. BUT may be too late to get Lee when confirmation of Martin's availabillity is confirmed. The other problem may come later when we are very short and neither Lee nor Martin are available are we are really short of players because a regular's nose has been put out and he's left the club. Okay we may lose better players because of the quality of the regular's but from a personal point of view I'd rather have fourteen average players who want to play every week and keep them happy BUT I will ring whoever I am told to ring. ANYWAY don't you think we are over reacting. With injuries out of the way we have a really strong squad. Doesn't anyone remember Prince of Wales ?!!!!! Stop panicking, roll up your sleeves, let's get back to playing and let's enjoy it !!!! 
21/11/2001 10:43 GMT  Michael Clayton
I'm amazed that we have got enough players for a second team ! 
21/11/2001 10:36 GMT  Secretary
I suggest everyone talks to Alan Walker on Sunday and during the following week (01943 875955, mobile 07940 523193) to suggest names of players they want rung up every week and then I will take a list off him after our away game on the 2nd of December (George Reserves, in Low Moor) and we'll do it like that OR we'll carry on the way we are doing it now. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. 
21/11/2001 09:51 GMT  Secretary
REGARDING UNRELIABILLITY. I used to adopt a three strikes and out policy. After the third blob the player was never rung again (unless very exceptional circumstances occurred). Shall we return to this or can I use my discretion or does somebody else fancy the job. The other to sort this reliabillity problem/squad strength is to ask all new players if they want to be regulars eg "Inchy" who played in first game, "Jimi", and new lad from Red Lion and I then ring up the "regulars" which when we get all our injured back after xmas which could number twenty and take it from there. You lot don't understand how the conversation goes when I ring what I call a fringe player ... usually along the lines of "How many have we got ?" so you tell me what the best way is to sort it out. It's the Lee Hewlett problem. Does the boss want me to ring him every week (at moment I don't) ? He can only do Sundays every now and then and I tell you now if he got in in front of an average reliable player like myself say twice or three times I'd be off and playing for someone else. You need to keep your reliable week in week out players happy. I say it again tell me on Sunday who you want me to ring. Let's get it sorted !!!! 
21/11/2001 09:18 GMT  Secretary
PLEASE READ THINGS PROPERLY EVERYONE. I was referring to the AGM prior to the 2000-2001 season not this season ("two season's ago"). 
20/11/2001 19:15 GMT  Bossman
I think its time I responded to some of the comments that have been made. It would seem George, that you are getting fed up with Kristian. OK, he may have missed a couple of games, but what about him turning out when he is injured when he should really have been resting until fully recovered. Also, your comment about YOU taking on the role of team selection at the AGM, I seem to recall that myself and Dave are supposed to be doing this job! Or have things changed, because if they have it is news to me. Regarding the situation re: centrebacks, I know this is not an easy position to play, but why can we not recruit someone (i.e. Martin Close) who IS a centreback.I have to say that the team we put out is not strong enough but I won't go into detail as I would not like to offend anybody. Everyone who had a bad game on Sunday knows without being told! but you seem to have taken to heart the comment from A.Fan. If you are not happy with Kristian for some reason, please let me know and then I can tell you a few home truths if you can take it! This is not because Kristian is my son, but I do feel that your comments about people messing you about could have been directed to several others. I must say though that it is no good having people turning up every week and being selected because of their reliability, I would go for ability every time if there were stronger candidates to put in the team. Does Broadford want to win something or are they happy just being a mediocre outfit, content with the odd decent performance. Any comments welcome 
20/11/2001 18:34 GMT  Young Mr. Walker
I agree entirely with mick clayton, in respect of the reliability .v. ability saga because we pick people who are not good enough and how are we going to get the results we want doing so. There are certain people in the team who do not play well or to the best of their ability and i for one am getting sick of turning up on a sunday to play football when i know full well that we arent going to get the result we want. So you all might aswell know that i will not be turning up on sunday because im injured and in that time i am considering packing in and going to play for a saturday side who has ambition, and as for 'club secretary' if you are trying to say that you are getting sick of me messing you about you can shove it up your ar*e because you have no say in the squad selection.  
20/11/2001 16:54 GMT  Michael Clayton
I do not want this to get out of hand. E-mail can be dangerous in this respect. Like I said, the good of the club comes before everything else. What I will say to you George is that Martin had made himself available prior to his one appearance. You chose not to forward his name to Alan. Also, you mention team picking (and this being the hardest job). I thought that this was down to Alan (with help from Dave)- has there been a change in this respect ? In terms of your efforts and organisational skills I think that you do a good job (far better than I did !). Anyone who has done it knows what a thankless task it can be.  
20/11/2001 16:13 GMT  Alan Hansen
That was shorrrkin' derfenden' from the Rose and Crown for Burke's goal !! Diabolical !!! 
20/11/2001 16:03 GMT  Danny
I agree entirely with George on this subject. There are no easy decisions in respect of reliability "v" ability. George is doing his best based on the resources he has, and how he perceives the team should be run. Keep up the good work mate..... PS NO mention of the goal of the season!!!!  
20/11/2001 15:23 GMT  Club Secretary
Any player after his first appearance of the season tells me he has retired in my book doesn't want to know (statement after the match following availabillity request from myself). I believe that was after the Clayton Albion defeat or BYO. Whichever game it was I'm not interested in time wasters. I'm good at finding out who wants to know and who doesn't (Steve Plumb, Jason Davies etc) and I will stand by my experience on this subject. As secretary I'm not prepared to put up with people who mess you about. And before I get shot down in flames young Mr Walker is getting close to that. If anyone thinks they can do it better then I suggest you have a go. All you need is my list of phone numbers. I can do the teamsheets and paperwork. Also remember the hardest job of all is team picking. "If you've got the gob, you have the job !!" is famous phrase from a previous p*ssed off team selector. Denis and Mick, I must get this off my chest .... two seasons ago when Lee Hewlett packed in and talks of folding were mentioned, yourselves had said prior to the AGM that as a joint effort you would select team. At the AGM this suddenly changed mainly down to Denis not wanting to do it. I took it on. Perhaps you would like to do it this season from now on ? Shall we have a meeting ? I will ring up whoever I am told to ring (including Steve Plumb if told to).  
20/11/2001 13:18 GMT  Michael Clayton
The reason why there is a feeling of unrest in the camp is because those players with something about them have realised that we are not committed to winning football matches. There are several reasons for this:- (1) Not picking the strongest team that is available (Martin Close could have solved the defensive problem),(2) Deliberately freezing people out of the picture because they are not scared to tell a few home truths NB Martin Close, (3) Relying on players who do not have the ability and/or are unable to read the game, (4) An inability to attack or defend as a team - again there are question marks about ability, understanding and also fitness. It's all very well talking about reliabilty as the basis for team selection - but there is a flip side to this in that several of the "reliable" players are going to get fed up very quickly. No doubt I will be accused of sounding off. Please understand that anything that I have said is meant for the good of the club. I have not set out to cause offence and if people can't accept that then so be it.  
20/11/2001 10:14 GMT  George Grant
If that's a poor report dig then I respond thus:- I was busy and had to keep it brief, if anyone wishes to do the match report write in an email send to me or Reg and we can copy and paste it into news (if anyone can be bothered !!). If that's a dig regarding my performance my response is this:- centreback is not my usual position, I don't any other regulars offering to play out of position in one of the most responsible places on the pitch (maybe no one fancies having to head the ball when it comes miles out of the sky from the oppositions goalies hands a dozen or more times on a wet, cold Sunday morning. Try it sometime !!!) 
19/11/2001 20:17 GMT  A. Fan
The bad fortune mentioned in the match report was correct but what happened with the other goals....George Grant? 
19/11/2001 12:49 GMT  Andrew Nominus
This website is tearing the club apart, plant needs help!! 
16/11/2001 20:01 GMT 
It's only a bit of fun denis, the website that is......! 
16/11/2001 15:00 GMT  Denis Ryan
Shouldn't we be a football team with a website, not a website with a football team?  
16/11/2001 13:22 GMT  Secretary
Support the Webmaster. Get some profiles in NOW !!!! 
14/11/2001 16:21 GMT  plantaid
So no-one apart from Stewie tracks back? Ps... ignore nit-pickers.They are nit-wits; as we all know, it's easy to criticise. 
13/11/2001 22:42 GMT  The Webmaster
All this flack directed at myself is beginning to annoy me....all this nit picking.....if you lads were so bothered about this website you'd contribute more....PROFILES???.....PLANT GOLD???.....This website may amuse you but could fold very easily.......PS If the midfield got back abit more then maybe the defence would not look as frail!!! (bar Stewie) 
13/11/2001 19:53 GMT  Boredford Plant
"D-FENCE,D-FENCE,D-FENCE,D-FENCE", I think you need to work on your defense lads, as soon as a couple of goals go in the heads go down. 
13/11/2001 13:32 GMT  bored plant
I can't vote on the change of name because the question is so badly worded. Should they do so or stick with tradition - which part is yes and which part is no ? I would also like to say that we were crap on Sunday and until we get eleven footballers we will never achieve anything.  
12/11/2001 08:47 GMT  Club Secretary
Numbers did not come in sats night therefore dream relocation to new stadium on greenfield site on outskirts of Saltaire still on hold. No worries, there's time yet. Look at Chieva in Serie A. UP THE PLANT !!!!! 
10/11/2001 09:36 GMT  Bossman
New lad is from a club in a higher division than us, 28 years old, big strong lad, can also play in goal! Just what we need, it gives us cover in case nets gets injured or any fatter!! 
9/11/2001 15:16 GMT  anon e muss
who is this new signing ? is he any good ? how old is he ? does he have any pace ? and the big question is how much did he bloody cost us. cos we do not have have any funds me old mukka . 
8/11/2001 20:51 GMT  Bossman
Good news.. should have a new signing for next week.. front man, right hand side, more competition for places. Have sent for info on new six a side midweek league at Beckfoot (outdoor on Astroturf.. what do you think? 
8/11/2001 10:45 GMT  chris' buddy
at last i've visited the famous broadford plant site! hope your ok.good luck on any up and coming matches m8 xxxx 
6/11/2001 13:28 GMT  Matthew Allen
I've heard that the reason behind fittons shopping exploits are fuelling rumours over his impending move to Middlesborough Rovers?!?!? 
6/11/2001 11:23 GMT  Matthew Allen
What@s happening with the kit this season ? New kit for next season ? 
2/11/2001 19:07 GMT  Arm ando
Fitton in Matalan shocker!!!! Plant in shock as fitton follows grant to discount clothing shop. Where will it end, dimo? country manor? Fitton was unavailable for comment as he was driven away to goodison priory 
2/11/2001 12:04 GMT  She Mings
Guestbook no-no's. 1. The goalposts (it's a disgrace !!) 2. Dom's outbursts (it's a disgrace !!)  
31/10/2001 13:48 GMT  Teddy
Keep up the winning ways. My owner is a lot happier. I have remained all tucked up and cosy all week and on the road to recovery following last week's incidents. 
31/10/2001 13:00 GMT  Dominic Fitzgerald
come on you Plant.....and we didn't argue! 
30/10/2001 16:07 GMT  BIG G
thanks for the vote of confidence boss . but what an excellent team performance it was by everyone ..same again on sunday hopefully... 
30/10/2001 15:44 GMT  big al
The boss returns... what a performance by the lads! A clean sheet thanks to Den. What about the new centre forward.. Big G for England. The family will never be shamed again. Gaz could be the Van Nistelrooy of Broadford! Andy Nets you are a disgrace, it took you while 10:55 to realise that we were playing away.. a club fine is coming your way! Beware 'the manager' 
27/10/2001 22:05 GMT  susan
good luck tomorrow boys xxxxxxxxxx 
26/10/2001 20:32 GMT  Big Al
The Boss is back!!! I`m expecting a big improvement this sunday, or the greeks that i signed will be on the first plane over here to take over from you muppets! 
26/10/2001 16:32 GMT  Emerson frome (Teds Agent)
Regarding my clients fitness l allowed him to go to the Eels concert and jumping up and down may in actual fact strengthen his ankle although Brekke may disaqgree with me his agent knows best due to medical background. Ted is making his fitness up elsewhere!!!! 
25/10/2001 11:30 GMT  Teddy
I'm black and blue from being thrown out of the cot by my owner. Please can we have some votes for George to remain as club secretary. Thankyou. 
24/10/2001 16:31 GMT  Gary Clayton
Who the f@*£ing hell is gary walker you muppets. ok so i sub. but at least do me the courtesy of getting my name right. Oh and by the way gary walker you cant even spell correctly you big sausage jockey. 
23/10/2001 21:08 GMT  Oves
Hi guys New manager of Fremington here just checking the site maybe an end of season trip for you guys to Devon. Good luck for the rest of the season. 
23/10/2001 12:40 GMT  Paul Keighley
With reference to Jimmy Hill's latest story regarding Plant's Amateur Cup match against Stockbridge I think you'll find that Broadford played Clayton Albion in the West Riding Sunday Trophy not the District Cup. 
23/10/2001 11:16 GMT  ??
Webmaster ..... nearly 1000 visitors, is there going to be a prize for the onethousandth ? 
22/10/2001 12:33 GMT  Guess who
Away from home on Sunday thank f*ck. Need to be there early and focussed and relatively sober On November 4th. MASSIVE home league game. 
22/10/2001 11:58 GMT  S. Hocker
We can exclusively reveal that fittons lack lustre performance on sunday was due to him losing, not one, but two of his web lovers in a catastrophic saturday, helped only by evertons narrow win over villa at goodison 
20/10/2001 19:20 GMT  webby
Hello from sunny devon! we drew 1-1 today. should have stuffed 'em! good luck tomorrow. 
19/10/2001 17:42 GMT  Webmaster
Sorry Gary apologies just a printing error!!! 
19/10/2001 12:03 GMT  big g
who th e f@*£ing hell is gary clayton you muppets. ok so i sub. but at least do me the courtersy of gtting my name right  
18/10/2001 20:39 GMT  Kris
Reg will u please fill in my profile cos i cant be arsed sending you an E-Mail telling you how good I am. 
17/10/2001 12:15 GMT  Fitton cant help himself
Following Fittons outbursts to friends and colleagues on Monday night, Fitton was once again seen consuming vast amounts of alcohol in The Original Oak on tuesday night. Relatives and friends fear this could be the start of the end for the fallen star.  
16/10/2001 16:29 GMT  zippy and bungle
any chance we can buy George? 
16/10/2001 12:43 GMT  scott marshall
french writing on sven goran erickson 
16/10/2001 11:22 GMT  BYO
Clayton got nine, we're gonna get ten or more !!!! 
15/10/2001 17:34 GMT  Who Wants It
15/10/2001 15:08 GMT  A Plantfan
Interesting to note that 11 of the 13 goals were scored by Clayton ! 
13/10/2001 11:14 GMT
12/10/2001 18:51 GMT  Sniffer
I have some inside information on the Mr. Burke "FAT CAMP" saga, I am the managers son so I get to know everything first hand, the latest news is that Mr. Burke has been sensationally thrown out of "FAT CAMP" for being too greedy at meal times and attempting to smuggle in vast amounts of pork pies for himself and his portly chums.  
10/10/2001 19:22 GMT  Danny Burke
I've managed to sneak this message out of the secure "FAT CAMP". The pies are lovely but the nets are not up yet at Park Street stadium. I checked on Wednesday night under cover of darkness. 
10/10/2001 11:01 GMT  Club Secretary
Quite agree Mike. You can have a polite moan with some force at the time. But once he's made a decision he is not going to change his mind. Complaints should be made in the appropriate manner, ie via a low score and a written report to the league when the teamsheet is submitted. LET'S GIVE THE REFS A CHANCE !!!!! 
9/10/2001 11:40 GMT  Michael Clayton
Go to The leading article reveals why the referee abandoned Fox & Pheasent v Baildon Trinity. Point is that if teams continue to shower abuse on the referee there will be no Sunday football left for any of us.  
8/10/2001 18:05 GMT  Stu
Geeka, nice to see in the T&A tonight that Sycamores lost to Rose & Crown 3-1 yesterday morning. I'm sure you and the rest of the Broadford lads are absolutely gutted. Never mind eh! Do Clayton next Sunday and we'll have a re-match of Ammers v Plant. Or a day trip to Goole, either will do! Cheers. 
7/10/2001 19:34 GMT  Sniffer
Dont worry everybody i'll be back next match, good job u lot didn't play this morning cos Mr. Burke isn't a substantial replacement for me is he?!. Rumour has it that Mr. Burke will be getting dropped for having one too many curries after his visits to Chicagos and he is too overweight to perform to his natural ability. I heard from the manager that he is sending a certain Mr. Burke to the Fat Camp in Leeds???? 
7/10/2001 13:27 GMT  big al
big g brings shame on the family (again!!).how come even though big g always turns up early for matches he`s so late in the tackle the game is nearly over by the time he gets there!His left peg is so bad he could double for long john silver at the alhambra!As per, Kris is still recovering from the night before and is as we speak in bed with his partner in crime, Dale. Oi ,Oi!! 
3/10/2001 21:56 GMT  d
hi x 
3/10/2001 15:01 GMT  Michael Clayton
George. Plant Gold (2). The match at Ravenscliffe was on 22-11-1998 ! Did you take a drink out of the bucket ? 
3/10/2001 12:35 GMT  Geek
A Plant memory of mine now on Plant Gold. Check it out 
2/10/2001 15:20 GMT  A Plantfan
Is the club to invest in a Pooper Scooper for Park Street ? There was enough crap on the field on Sunday without the added effluent. 
1/10/2001 18:18 GMT  Broadford Hooligan
Due to the over whelming support Broadford are now recieving each week, is there going to be a chance to buy a 25 year season ticket? 
1/10/2001 15:48 GMT  BIG G
EXCLUSIVE!!!!! 1 SHERBERT TOO MANY!! as we all know it was are beloved leader. big al walkers 50th birthday this weekend . What started out as a family meal turned into, lets say a rather intresting night for the man involved. Once he had arrived at the popular nightspot the woodend social club he took to the dancefloor with ease but this soon turned into waht can at best be only described as WINDMILL dancing. As the night drew to a close big al found himself in the clutches of,in his eyes a pretty young thing but in reality the said lady was to be truthfull at least 99 years old!!!! note to big al ,start taking more water with it ... 
1/10/2001 15:37 GMT  Michael Clayton
About Sunday. Goal one (defensive positioning); goal two (wrestling hold/badly positioned wall); goal three (bad marking at a set piece). All things that could have been prevented. It would probably pay us in the long run to think in terms of these lapses. We let ourselves down in the same way/s every week. At least the game was enjoyable and Crossley Hall played in the right spirit. 
28/9/2001 11:57 GMT  A Plantfan
Get this Gedman: You are supposed to be an investigative journalist. It is up to you to find stuff out rather than using your aliases in order to print fictional stories about you and your house-mate. You may not like John Sadler but at least he gives it straight.  
28/9/2001 11:53 GMT  Dominic Fitzgerald
What time are we meeting tonight? 
28/9/2001 11:43 GMT  Martin Near
I've been told that if I turn up for training more regularly & learn to open my mouth to offer my unique insight on how the game should be played I might get a shirt. I'll just have to improve my drinking ability & I'm almost there... 
28/9/2001 09:02 GMT  A Plantfan
It's obviously a conspiracy. Either someone is scared of being shouted at or sees Martin as a threat to their place ?  
28/9/2001 08:56 GMT  Another plant fan
Close is a must for the squad. Can we overlook his talents any longer? 
28/9/2001 08:45 GMT  A Plantfan
To Alan Walker: Martin Close is available for selection. Why is he being snubbed? 
28/9/2001 08:19 GMT  Ken Gedman
To A Plantfan - well if some more of the players showed a bit more interest then we might print stories about them !!!!  
28/9/2001 08:07 GMT  A. PLANTFAN
Going back to the "Webmaster Profiles Outburst". Could the "lack lustre" response be due to the apathy of people who realise that this site is a self-serving publicity machine ? The fans are fed up and want to hear about ALL the players.  
27/9/2001 17:44 GMT  Dominic Fitzgerald
Big g:It's about the omly chance I've got! 
27/9/2001 12:29 GMT  big g
MORNING!!! dear dom we now all about your glossy mags .. nudge nudge wink you think that amount of crawling to big gay al will get you straight into the side for sunsday eh eh eh .... 
27/9/2001 12:16 GMT  Dominic Fitzgerald - Comment and NEWS
I must say that I am pleased with the way people have responded to the Faisal affair to date. My feelings are that we have got to stand together on this one. Sycamores are an embarrassment to the Alliance and football in general. On a happier note, I am currently in negotiations with an inside source at the T&A. This Broadford friendly agent is aiming to obtain 20 FREE copies of the 180 page, full colour publication, 'In a league of their own'. Plant get a full page glossy spread, an item that will grace the wall of any Plantite's workplace. (The Sycamores page may also be used as toilet I've heard) I will update progress on the above mission at the forthcoming Gentlemans Evening to celebrate the Birthday of Our Spiritual Father (blessed be his name), Sir Alan Obi Wan Walker, Fourth Earl of Bailon, 'Defender of the Plant'. PS I'm fit for Sunday.  
26/9/2001 10:53 GMT  BIG G WALKER
i have arrived this guest page will never be the same again tinderloo tinderloo gazzas gonna get ya!!!!!!ps to mick claytons comments your bang right there mate!!! 
24/9/2001 12:27 GMT  Trevor Brinsden
How many tickets are we allocating to Crossley Hall ? 
21/9/2001 12:12 GMT  L A T E S T - Harrington Smyth, T&A
After an intensive two week rehabilitation programme, it appears that Dom Fitzgerald may be available (if selected) for Sundays crunch game with Sycamores. A Park Street press release described his recovery as 'remarkable' and almost undoubtedly encouraged by the excellent cup win over Prince of Wales. Fitzgerald himself stated that he was 'hopeful' for sunday and that watchiing from the sidelines was 'pure agony'. Elsewhere, rumours continue to intensify as to the proprietor Dom's Diner in Horseforth. Mr Fitzgerald today refused to comment on the matter, but informed the T&A that, 'I have once been to Horseforth....I think'. Read into that what you will. 
21/9/2001 11:17 GMT  Harry Harris - The Mirror
Great scoop on the Ted Grant worms story. Well worded. Yours in journalism - HH 
21/9/2001 00:20 GMT  Emerson Frome
I can confirm my client T.Grant will be available for selection this Sunday despite his concerns regarding the lack of 24 hour chemists in the Bradford area to alleviate his ongoing problem with worms. 
20/9/2001 18:59 GMT  anomynous lady
i wish i knew chris when he was still in nappies mmmmmmmmmmm wot a nice thought 
20/9/2001 15:47 GMT  Gillian Neal
I can remember the days when Christopher Fitton wore nappies!!!  
20/9/2001 11:39 GMT  Psycho
Remember it well. Caught him with a beauty. He was running back to the halfway line with his finger in the air. Looked a bit like Elvis. 
18/9/2001 11:46 GMT  The bucket
Bucket Resigns: The Broadford Bucket resigned today after months of speculation over his future at the club, in a concluding statement the bucket confirmed "I've given my life to this club and now i don't even get on the bench, it's time for me to move on" 
17/9/2001 11:43 GMT  George Grant
Ecstatic over victory !!!! One of Broadford's finest hours. Ranks alongside penalty shootout quarter final victory over The Royal four years ago. Well done everyone. GET IN THERE !!!!!! 
14/9/2001 14:40 GMT  Ise Lodge
Quality site mate but i am afraid Richard Draper is a crucial member of our team and is not for sale at any price. We liken him too much to Veron. 
14/9/2001 14:33 GMT  A.Plantfan
No directions for Sunday. Is this the way that you treat your supporters ? How am I supposed to get there ?  
13/9/2001 11:38 GMT
great site!!!! 
12/9/2001 20:54 GMT  xbabydollx25
this is a message for all concerned about fittons move to skye thistle as yet nothing has been decided and i would appreciate it if this was not discussed at the moment thankyou x  
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