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Plucky preformance by beaten Kirklees

Site Admin  Monday, February 11, 2002  13:03 GMT

Kirklees played at home this week against fellow y & h league competitors Battyeford.

Hopes were heightened this week in the club that an 11 squad team maybe on display for Sundays match, Kirklees had recently signed a 2 new players from Ossit Albion for a record transfer fee of £5 per player...bargin! unfortunately the paperwork had not been finalized for Sundays match therefore again Kirklees played a team of 9 players against battyefords 10.

The match started with Kirklees forcing Battyeford to a corner, Dawn Mahon swung the ball in which led to a scramble in the penalty area but the goalkeeper managed to recover the ball as this chance came to nothing.

Battyeford continually, through out the match tried to out run the Kirklees defence and on many occasions they did only for Lisa Wenzel to track back and make some excellent last ditch tackles to keep Kirklees in the game, her performance earned her player of the match. Clare Bedford also had a great match in defence, she was also suffering from a thigh strain.

Stiker Simone Lodge had a few chances to put Kirklees on the score sheet but Battyefords goalkeeper was on form to deny her. The away side had many chance too but most shots were off target or just not good enough to beat Kirklees but on 2 occasions they did beat the defence and goalkeeper to place the ball well in the back of the net.

it was a plucky preformance by kirklees who have now been on a losing streak for the last 2 months but non the less... what ever doesn't break 'em will make 'em stronger!

Central defender Nicola Cartwright and ex-kirklees player Julie Naylor came to watch the match. Nicola who has been out for the last few months due to injury now has doubts whether she will be fit to return to the side this season. Good news now though as former player Julie Naylor is considering returning to the team after a her shock departure earlier this season.

Check out the website next week when we expect have new pics of our lovely ladies in action!
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