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Who Won What At Presentation Night

Christine Curry  Thursday, June 06, 2002  13:28 GMT

Saturday the 1st of June seen the players of Kirklees Ladies FC turn up to receive their much-deserved awards. Although a few of the squad could not make it to the "Star Studded" bash it didn't dampen the mood of the evening as Manager Andy and Club Secretary Nicola announced the winners.

Top Goalkeeper Sara Ginley picked up 2 awards on the night, she received the Player's Player Award and also the Player Of The Match Award. Her performances through out the season has been fantastic and pulled Kirklees out of a few tough positions in her time! A deserved winner.

The Top Goalscorer Award was shared this year as Striker Simone Lodge and Midfielder Christine Curry battled all season to raise their tally of goals but in the end they couldn't be separated and each picked up an award.

Everyone in the squad has worked hard this season so when it came to the Most Improved Player Award it was to no suprise that this title had to be shared too! Hard working Rachal Walker joined Kirklees at the end of last season and she has made significance improvement in her performances. Dawn Mahon a new comer this season has also improved her performance to earn her this award too!

After downing a few drinks to celebrate Kirklees grabbed their chauffeur driven limo's and headed into the town centre to carry on the celebrations, staggering from one pub to the next.The antic's that went on that night will be gladly blanked out by alcohol!! Nicola Cartwright drunkenly confessed she would now like to be called DUCKY?? Looks like we'll be running a Bird Sanctuary as we she the return of Sue "Rooster" Sullivan this week! Watch out for Speedy's goal celebrations next season...shes got as much grace as Jimmy 5-Bellys doing the conga! However she redeemed herself by cleverly escaping through the back fire exit, away from some unwanted male fans!

So whilst Ginners is in Jamaica sunning her ass for her admirers next season the rest of the squad are back in training preparing for a Tournament in Morley later this month.

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