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  Chris 'Gareth Southgate'  Allan
Age: 27
Chris recently appeared in every photo of every local newspaper in the area for being the first baby ever born anywhere, yet incredibly, he is still younger than Sandy Carr! Chris has played most positions this season, but mainly sub! This solicitor won this seasons unique goal for the simple reason that he was the only player in the team to score, who only scored once!
  Donald 'Whurz Da'  Burd
Age: 22
Brora Hooligan, Donald started the season brightly and quickly scored a couple of goals but struggled with fitness and consistency before getting a job which meant him working Sundays, so therefore the Burd had to fly the nest!!!
  Steve 'Prince Charles'  Burns
Age: 20
Steve signed through adverts placed on the internet and after telling us he played in the same school team as Terry Butchers son, he was first name on the team-sheet. This defender though struggled through other commitments and spent the season mainly on the bench. Another the club lost on occasions through curling and his amazing talents on the internet. See the All Saints link on the homepage for evidence.
  Brian 'Smiler'  Campbell
Age: 26
Centre Half who bases his game on his future Brother-In-Law, Danny Griffin, except with less emphasis on heading, tackling, clearing and running, but hey, Brian's not rated at £1M, so we can't complain... too much! Well liked by many in the team... for all his top-tips on the bandits! Another who's game is affected by his other love in sport... American WWF Wrestling, see his tackles for evidence!!!
  Sandy 'Porno Star'  Carr
Age: 43
Role: Team Management
Regular left-back who is older than the rest of the team put together and is a founder member of the team who is now joined by his son, Craig. (As well as son-in-law, Ginger Baz and rumoured son, Mackie!) He is also a father figure to everyone else in the team. He regularly winds up Gav with his stunning wit and repartee, though he shouldn't bother as it's a lot easier to wind Gav up!
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