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22/11/2001 22:24 GMT  Mirza fae Sarajevo Tartan Army
All the very best wishes to Perth (two unforgetable drinking nights over there this year). SCOTLAND FOREVER! - 
19/9/2001 12:33 GMT  vinny
hi! good site. Would you put a link to our page? its johnstone are f*ckin atrocious and easily have the worst and ugliest supporters in existence, the tramp b*stards. 
29/8/2001 17:10 GMT  Concerned
One of the Broadwood Players is reportedly flying high in the Ugliest person in the world poll. Surely this cant be true with Cadzow Hamilton in existence. Vote Ricky Dunn out of the top 5 now.  
2/7/2001 03:11 GMT  K arim Bajjawi
this is the worst saints page ive ever seen and shut the f*ck up morton and beatson you fat b*st*rd  
8/6/2001 19:35 GMT  Broadwood_Psycho
See you later guys. Do us a favour and beat Cadzow and Raith eh. Cheers. We'd do it ourselves but were in the First. 
4/6/2001 11:58 GMT  Sis
Well done Prof Stu. Must be all the curries u eat. 
26/4/2001 11:45 GMT  David Stewart
St johnstone for europe next year and first place in scottish premier league 
23/2/2001 12:36 GMT  For a cool site
29/11/2000 18:42 GMT  PSYCHO
Cheers for the game on Sunday, That was never a corner for our third wonder goal, by the way, Sorry! 
2/11/2000 00:07 GMT  Dougie
Kev, when can I expect some feedback regards info for your team for League website?  
20/10/2000 15:34 GMT  zzzzzzzzz
This site is even worse than your team. 
20/9/2000 11:29 GMT  The late, great John Holmes.
There was a young lady from China, who had an enormous vagina. And when she was dead, they painted it red, and used it to dock ocean liners!  
20/9/2000 11:27 GMT  The late, great John Holmes.
There was a young lady from China, who had an enormous vagina. And when she was dead, they painted it red, and used it to dock ocean liners!  
20/9/2000 11:05 GMT  A horse's wanger covered in curry.
Does this site ever get updated?? 
13/9/2000 22:12 GMT  Fedup
28/8/2000 17:12 GMT  stuarty cadzow accies
we would know.. 
27/8/2000 21:37 GMT  cadzow accies
cheers for the game boys, i hope it is not too bad down at the bottom of the league 
17/8/2000 15:45 GMT  Jake
Is this site ever updated? 
16/8/2000 21:27 GMT  Allan Sampson
I have a team called The Bruce, and we are wondering if you boys would like a friendly, We come from Hamilton contact me at my website:in the team The Bruce. 
16/8/2000 20:37 GMT  Stewart 'The Prof' White
Off to Ecuador in a couple of days, back end of September if the natives or the mozzies don't get me. Keep that number 8 shirt warm for me. 
3/8/2000 17:17 GMT  Dave the flying Saintee
Yeah, Marco's brilliant, brainy and a good footballer too. Good on ya Marco. 
3/8/2000 14:53 GMT  Marco
Yeah, but you forgot about the elephant man, he's my real favourite. But it's not all bad, at least i've got the intelligence to notice when i've got caps lock on!! Bitch. 
31/7/2000 16:16 GMT  mARCO
31/7/2000 14:22 GMT  Michelle
Hi, just thought i`d prove I`ve been here to look at your photo Brian. It`s very cool.  
28/7/2000 21:11 GMT  sam
Speaking of fools ,hi marco 
28/7/2000 14:55 GMT  Marco
"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with fools"..........Marc Crockatt. Speaking of fools, do we have any pre-season games arranged yet???  
18/7/2000 15:46 GMT  Horses
Good luck in the new season any trips to London let me know. 
15/7/2000 09:17 GMT  Ally s
Good page Kev. But who ate all the pies ? 
12/7/2000 12:08 GMT  Ram A Rim
Ohhhhh! another Nic Dasovic fan of Southern England. Lets meet up at yours and bring your bitch. I'm Free! 
11/7/2000 11:04 GMT  Steven Morton
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I will always win in the end 
5/7/2000 06:38 GMT  Nick Dasovic Fan Club Of Southern England
Kev does not copy anything. Everything comes from being clever, intelegent and a brilliant footballer. 
4/7/2000 22:01 GMT  PAUL HARTLEY
Your page sucks the cadzow accies one is well better you just copied it u bunch of sheep 
4/7/2000 12:40 GMT  Allan Ross
Sorry you resigned from your post as secretary. I think i will do a job like that in the future  
4/7/2000 10:42 GMT  enzo fae airdrie
greg from california you sound like an ideal guy not to hang about with 
30/6/2000 19:46 GMT  Dave S the flying Saintee
Somehow, somewhere, sooner or later, I knew you'd do it Kev. Only you could. This is a fantastic site. You deserve every compliment that comes your way. Keep up the good work and I look forward to another season flying up to Perth from the New Forest. 
19/6/2000 21:00 GMT  Marco
Kev, I forgot your e-mail address, but just thought i'd best like you know that i'll be up for Saturday, but i've fractured my leg, so the day time is probably out of the question, so if you could let me know what time everyone is meeting at the pub, then that would be sweet. Cheers.  
15/6/2000 20:36 GMT  John
Like it?... I Love it! 
10/6/2000 01:56 GMT  Greg from California
Good site mate. I wish I was living back in Perth and Scotland. You sound like the ideal guys to hang out with. 
8/6/2000 22:08 GMT  Fat Maria Ross
I want to play for you but i would have to leave the 12 kids with Allan which is a VERY BAD idea. 
6/6/2000 20:47 GMT  Kev
That's what I was asking you!! But I realise it's regarding the League Website and not this one. I thought you were campaigning to become our manager!!! 
6/6/2000 11:14 GMT  stuarty cadzow hamilton
kevin what the fook was that e mail all about mate? 
5/6/2000 21:52 GMT  Eh Nony Mouse
I run a page on this address too and just checked in to see why this one was so popular... have to say it's very funny and has a lot of detail and info. You've obviously put a lot of effort into the page. I hope your team-mates appreciate your efforts and I hope you appreciate being the most popular page. And there's me thinking St Johnstone never had any fans. Oh well. 
5/6/2000 07:36 GMT  Marco
Appologies to all for my failure to show face at the Queen's Park Sixes due to the medevil public transport system operating in Macclesfield (horse and cart to the nearest city, then model T Ford home. 
4/6/2000 21:40 GMT  Chris McLaughlan
Good to see that the Care in the Community Programme really is starting to pay dividends. Hope these guys are suitable cared for when not making a mockery of the beautiful game. 
2/6/2000 23:11 GMT  Kev
Since you never left your email address Tom, it's just been myself so far but I ma looking for contributions from the rest of the team. 
2/6/2000 23:10 GMT  Tom
Very nice site, especially as you've just recently set it up. I have checked this in the team type thing out just to see about my team, but don't think I could touch this with a barge-pole. How many of you work on it? 
2/6/2000 17:16 GMT  Allan Ross
Good site Kevin better than mine 
2/6/2000 08:17 GMT  Marco the Macclesfield Mauler
Gibbering Gimp Gav Gets Grotesquely Gay when Ginger Gigalo Gives Gonorrhoea Gratuitously. WooHaa WooHaa 
31/5/2000 23:54 GMT  Perry Johnstone
Great Site, Kev Saintees if the world unite 
31/5/2000 20:30 GMT  Kim
Great, I'll get to see all my favourite hunks even more often. I hope there will be nude photos, even of you Kev.  
31/5/2000 12:06 GMT  Stuart Sharp
Mackie is bent. 
31/5/2000 10:17 GMT  Gary Panton
Good to see more Saints web sites Kev, keep up the good work. I'll put a link on Blue Heaven later today. 
31/5/2000 07:40 GMT  Tom Ferrie
Sainteeeee From Helsinki Signing In Wish you well with the Site and to all Saintees Worldwide for a great season  
31/5/2000 07:27 GMT  Jamie Beatson
Good page Kev 
30/5/2000 23:18 GMT  Scott Gordon
Good work hope it all goes well  
30/5/2000 15:34 GMT  stuarty
good luck with your site,stuarty.cadzow accies 
29/5/2000 22:07 GMT  Rossi
We would have had a poetry page but our idiot from the village has decided to call time on his illustrious playing career!!!!! 
29/5/2000 21:57 GMT  Allan Ross
Well done, you're up and running. Any queries about the site just email me and I'll try to help. Also don't forget to visit . We expect a link from your page to ours!!!  
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