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3/8/2002 17:20 GMT  TITUS BRAMBLE
Hello there girls,great site,I was just looking around your site as my brothers daughter is a keen footballer,and she is looking to study and play,you know combine the two,I've heard good things about EDHCC, I've just recently signed for Newcastle United,and I've heard about one or two of the girls up there,is it Danielle Perich??? and Laura Humptie??? sorry if names are wrong, i think they have been connected with England!! Is there residential accomodation?? and whats it like??? is there anything to do at nights??? is everyone friendly towards each other??? 
3/8/2002 17:08 GMT  DEL TROTTER
Alright girls!! good luck for those who are playing in that Reebok tourney today. Apres moi,la del luge!! Bonjour for now!!  
2/8/2002 21:22 GMT  cazalina
i wana play on saturday who else is twiddle hasnt emailed me i dnt think she has ma email address i am guna try and go up though it shud be a good little reunion! he he we can go out on the raz after! and crash at houghall he he! 
1/8/2002 17:14 GMT  nasher
wonderin, just have a look at the web site in september when i get a list of all the new players, players staying on and the leavers. WHO IS PLAYING A WEEK ON SATURDAY AT HOUGHALL? 
1/8/2002 17:08 GMT  Cazzy!
PLUMMY!!!!!!!!!! i am the defo best burger maker i gave loads of free stuff out!!! he he!!!! i willnot 4get ur b-day plummy no way hitting 18 is ace! ur guna love it! well HI to every1 and a big up to all the academy girls!!!!!!! Cya GUYS!!!!!!!!! cazXXXXXXX 
1/8/2002 15:59 GMT  wonderin
hoo's goin in 4 there 2nd yr at colege? hoos leaving like? 
1/8/2002 09:06 GMT  nasher
nat yeah, Becky McCabe, we did BTEC Sports Science. 
31/7/2002 21:52 GMT  MOWZA SNIFFER
31/7/2002 20:16 GMT  Plum
Caz i love you 2 x x x x x x x x x x x x I already miss you chicken, but i no i'll see you soon and i cant wait till you come down on my Birthday!!Well once again I wish every1 all the best off Luck in wat you all do and i'll see you at Xmas!!! Big shot out 4 Caz she makes top Burgers!! ha ha ha I LOVE YOU CHICKENXXX dont forget my Birthday card the big 18!!!!!!! BYE GUYS X X X X X X X X X X X X X 
31/7/2002 19:49 GMT  nat
du mean becky mcabe?  
31/7/2002 17:28 GMT  nat
Nasher-thanks for your repy-wot is her name? what were/are u studying like? 
31/7/2002 17:03 GMT  caroline
hey everyone plum i love u MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i hope u are all good! the girl with black hair and blonde tips whos in defence is becky (AKA big becks!) keithy baby! hope u have fun working in Benidorm sort me out with a job ;) say hi to Shingy 4 me! if u wud! hope u are all good Right i am away now cya l8r!  
31/7/2002 08:51 GMT  nasher
Rach - hey mate, i am ok. just working here and there! You need some keeper tips?!?!?! I dont think that you need tips! you need a merical! LOL. Just save the ball! and stop it going in the back of the net! Jody - well done! nice to hear from you. Are you still at seaham school? Hopefully coming up in september so i'll try and visit! Everyone - i dont think i am going to Reeboks (adidas). it depends if i am selected but i dont think i will. would love to go down to watch! Nat yeah there is, she was in my class the past two years 
30/7/2002 17:26 GMT  Plum
Hi Every1 Hope your all avin a top Summer and i'll c u all in Sept. Good Luck All you 2nd years and all the best x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x love the 1 and only Plum x 
30/7/2002 13:20 GMT  nat
hi is there a girl i think she goes 2 your college shes got brown with blond tipps spiky hair she plays defence i think? u  
29/7/2002 23:01 GMT  Rach
when eva rat!nash need sum keeper tips of u coz i said id go in goal 4 the reebok's! 
29/7/2002 20:59 GMT  Jenna
Help im Rach's gf why? 
29/7/2002 19:37 GMT  rat
whose cumin 2reebok/adidas tourni dis weekend?? nash r u gona b der? ope every1 avin a gr8 summer, n c u al dats cumin bak/just startin in few week. RACH wat time u gona b down ere for on fri??  
29/7/2002 17:44 GMT  FOOTY PLAYER
29/7/2002 17:29 GMT  help
who r u like jenna u seein rach?  
29/7/2002 17:02 GMT  Jody
Sunderland U16 won the sage Comp. Sunderland U12's did too but our open age came second. I scored 4 i scored in every game but the last game.  
29/7/2002 15:25 GMT  Rach
Alrite nash!soz i aint tx u bak got no cred soz!howz u anyway, u alrite? u stayin at leeds then? u goin to the reebok's this weekend?love rach xx 
28/7/2002 22:01 GMT  Jenna
Nasher!!Its not too late really but like u say u wana concentrate on ya footy.It wa oni an idea for you chick??N who the f*** is that HELP person who keeps askin bout my rach????yeh il send u sum info down but ul have to email me to tel me your details n that! is my email addy 
28/7/2002 21:45 GMT  jenna
Its ok.Who are you HELP n why u askin questions about my other half???Why you wana no this? 
28/7/2002 21:45 GMT  jenna
Its Who are you HELP n why u askin questions about my other half???Why you wana no this? 
28/7/2002 17:48 GMT  nasher
jenna, to late to apply now. I need a time out, need to concetrate on my football and get some money in! May be you can send me some information! Help. Rachel plays for East Durham & HCC college which is in Peterlee. 
28/7/2002 17:43 GMT  help
cheerz she plays 4 durham college? 
27/7/2002 20:51 GMT  jenna
No Rachel Young doesnt play for my college,she plays for durham.Why?????Who is HELP by the by the way???? 
27/7/2002 19:31 GMT  Help is here!!
An HND stands for higher national diploma,it is a University recognised qualification and is one step lower than a degree course. 
27/7/2002 19:13 GMT  help
wots an hnd by the way?? does rachel young play 4 ur college? 
26/7/2002 18:32 GMT  jenna
ahh glad u remembered me so u dnt think im a stranger!Wel why dnt u do a course at dearne valley college n go to that accademy,thats what i am at now n then u can get the HND course over n done wi! Thats what coll im at n the HND is supposed to b well good! 
25/7/2002 10:36 GMT  nasher
hey jenna, yeah i remember you. i was going to sign for rovers if i went to Donny College to do a HND course, but i am taking a year out (not failed) so i am staying at my current club (for how long i dont know)! it was true! 
23/7/2002 21:17 GMT  keith douglas
hey caz,yeah im going back for a third year,just came back from malia,it was class,im depressed to be back,pre-season is solid with durham,so i think im going to benidorm to work before college starts again but i need some money!!!!!!! 
23/7/2002 17:14 GMT  Jenna
Hey Nasher.U dnt no me personally but u might have seen me up Durham Acad at sum point wen i was up wi 'RAT'.I play for Doncaster Rovers and i heard that you was going to sign for us???Is it true??And aparantly your course has failed in Doncaster,y was that?Write back.Jenna xx 
23/7/2002 10:12 GMT  nasher
anon who are you? And well done Chester-le-street. If i was not working or playing football on wednesday i might come up. 
22/7/2002 21:44 GMT  Anon
Gill is playing in a celebrity match at the sage tournament at houghall on wed!!Chester-le-street won that comp nash!c ya 
22/7/2002 15:57 GMT  caz
keith wat r u like! well i am glad that u are alright and havin a good summer! i am just looking 4 a job at da mo for the yr then off to uni! r u staying 4 a 3rd yr?  
22/7/2002 14:08 GMT  nasher
hey keith, how are you? I hope that you are, and that you like the web site. I am sure sophie will be on the website so she'll be on! I would of never guessed your name in a million of years! 
21/7/2002 19:59 GMT  keith douglas
come on caz you must know i like soph by now,hope your ok,and no offence taken by u calling me a geek. 
21/7/2002 16:28 GMT  caz
well i am sorry for taking an interest obviously that this person does like sof sorry if i offended anyone i wasnt being nasty! GIVE OUT SUM MORE CLUES!  
20/7/2002 11:09 GMT  nasher
cheers debbie and keith i'll add your site a.s.a.p 
19/7/2002 08:58 GMT  Debbie
Hi,Ashford Twon Ladies here. great site, thanks for visiting our site, www.intheteam/atlfc. I have added you to our links. all the best for the future! 
18/7/2002 16:49 GMT  COME ON AMBLE UNITED!!!!!!!
Hey Nash!! how u doing? great website by the way,ive just come back off holiday and its just my mates having a laugh,i knew nothing about it!! its Keith here by the way. 
18/7/2002 13:18 GMT  All the girls!!
you've got alot to say for yourself have'nt you caz? telling people what they should do! leave this guy alone he obviously has strong feelings for sophie,so leave him alone,and get on with your own life and stop having an opinion ALL THE TIME on other peoples!! 
18/7/2002 12:59 GMT  nasher
nope i cant think, just give me a clue! come on -ei-h/-ou---s 
18/7/2002 11:58 GMT  cazalina
hey whos this geek that doesnt admit their name just give it out man! he he i aint that red in real life i had the giggles when ma photo was taken! well i am outty now cya! (",) 
17/7/2002 22:25 GMT  - ei- h /- ou- - - s
COME ON NASH?????????????? 
17/7/2002 19:18 GMT  nasher
-e---/--u---- give me a clue! where do i know you from? sorry to so think! 
17/7/2002 18:24 GMT  Melanie (sister of Cazzzzzzzzzzzz)
heyyyyyy i was just havin a wander round the old website n i noticed that my sister has red cheeks! this is a very good website me likes it very much...adidos amigas peace... 
17/7/2002 12:53 GMT  - e - - -/- - u - - - -
You have to guess Nash??? you know me quite well,think long and hard????? 
17/7/2002 12:53 GMT  - e - - -/- - u - - - -
You have to guess Nash??? you know me quite well,think long and hard????? 
17/7/2002 11:30 GMT  nasher
hey -----/------- thanks for the message. who are you? 
16/7/2002 21:27 GMT  - - - - - /- - - - - - -
Hi there girls great website by the way, just to let you know that I'm in love with Sophie Hopper and I think I always will be. 
13/7/2002 11:53 GMT  WVLFC
thanks for visiting the site, put you down as a link as you asked, keep visiting us at all the best, tho it sounds like u dont need it! from all at WVLFC. 
12/7/2002 10:18 GMT  nasher
easy renna, well done for the win, keep it up see you guys soon 
11/7/2002 14:18 GMT  renna
take it easy on them??yeah gud one nash, we kicked ass!!!2-1!! come on the academy!!! 
11/7/2002 10:43 GMT  nasher
i dont like the sound of that renna! jemma what are these new dresses you have been designing??????????? good luck against Memphis Mercery two of me team members plays for them!!! so take it easy on them but kick some americam butt!!! 
10/7/2002 17:13 GMT  renna
nash!! u forgot Vicky McKenna!! she won't be too impressed about that!! 
10/7/2002 10:56 GMT  nasher
hey guys, well i hope that you are all well! Cold England is normal thanks for asking! nothing much has been happening over here. Well apart from i had my first training session last night along with Leanne Hall, she is a good goalkeeper! i saw Denise as she came to training as well for leeds. it felt weired as there were 4 ex academy players and one new academy player who has been training at leeds. keep us up dated and where is my postcard???????????? 
10/7/2002 10:51 GMT  nasher
dear anon the players who are out there are as followed. Keepers Holly SCOTT Margaret BARBER Defenders Vicky CHARNELY Natalie PARKER Hayley TEMPLEMAN Caz CROPP Danni Petrovic Midfield Jemma CONNOR Jackie BARKER Laura STOCKDALE Sophie HOPPER Rowena ALSENEA Donna BROWN Vicky WHITELAW Nicky IRESON Sam HILL Clare SYKES Claire RICHARDSON Forward Nicky McLEOD Amy O'BRIEN Gemma GRAINGER Laura DARMODY the reason why a certain selection went over was because Gill (our coach) only wanted to take over a strong squad of 23. and there is over 45 players in the academy squad. i hope that answers your question  
10/7/2002 04:16 GMT  jemma, nick, meghan our roomie
Hey everyone hows cold england, haha. just kiddin i would give anythink for it to be cold here... Meghan says hi to everyone. We have just got bk from alabama, and we are with our new family and they are really nice and we had nice chicken for dinner. we are shopping 2moz, we went to the nike factory 2day and nick got some trainers for a bargain. c ya later. love us..... 
10/7/2002 01:01 GMT  renna
hey everybody.we're still in sunny america and havin a fab time.jst got back from alabama this morning-gill got us up at 4:15am!! it was hard coz of the climate and evrything n we played sum class football at times but unfortunately we lost 2 and drew 1..(them american girls are well fast!!)well cu all at moss renna.x 
8/7/2002 20:57 GMT  anon
thanx 4 ur reply? also who are the girls who have gone? y wos it just a certain selection? 
8/7/2002 18:44 GMT  nasher
dear anon. i do not know who they are playing in the states, as soon as i know i would put it on the web site. or if any of the girls who are out there please let us know who are at home in england. the are coming back very early hours on saturday morning. 13th. 
8/7/2002 15:27 GMT  anon
hello.who are the girls playong in america? when do they get back? reply asap thanks. 
7/7/2002 21:07 GMT  Holly
hey Nash Holly here in sunnt ole America! it's been ok so far and the girls r enjoying it, we r at Alabama, and it's full of cockroaches and ants and it isn't very pleasant. we were in a very bad thunderstorm on Wednesde nyte, it was bad man, well we've played 2games so far loosing 4-2 and drawing 4-4, i'll send an email nash! it's very hot and humid and Jem Connor is fallin asleep. well i g2g for a game now so catch Y'ALL l8r. Love Hol and Jem! xx 
5/7/2002 08:14 GMT  Nasher
well what can i say its my last day at the academy and i am in the lovely dry (more like wet)Peterlee like normal. just to let you know i will be up to visit in my car (caz i am going to pass first)!!! Keep in touch girls. you'll be all missed! 
1/7/2002 13:48 GMT  Nasher
Thanks alot Twadds. I'll be up for the first fitness club (thats if i can get time off work)! Caz i am sure i can say from all of the academy leavers that we will keep in touch! Remember girls, please please keep in touch! Nothing but..... 
28/6/2002 16:44 GMT  cazalina
28/6/2002 14:25 GMT  Twadds
Nasher, Have a great summer & good luck for the future! Take care.....JT 
26/6/2002 07:57 GMT  Nasher
Thanks Kelly for the message. our team put alot of effort in training to get were we are today, and we have alot of people to thank for our success. We just got to keep building on our performance to keep up our reputation. 
25/6/2002 19:46 GMT  kelly from cirencester football academy
hi girls, just wana say concrates on ur sucessful season!! well done!! u r a really good team! after beatin us 13-1 (sumthin like that)u derserve it!! all i can say that u were the better team on the day wen u beat us! WELL DONE!! once again 
21/6/2002 10:15 GMT  anon
not a bad night last night girls, some right laughs!!! Only wish i could remember them!! its be a great 2 years  
18/6/2002 17:11 GMT  Nasher
hey donna, thanks for leaving a message! hope everything is going well down at the Arsenal Academy. hey if they HAD a web site we could link up!! email me when you can mate 
18/6/2002 15:41 GMT  Donna Harris
good luck to all the girl's who are going to america. 
18/6/2002 11:21 GMT  nasher
cheers connor, well i am waiting for some photos from you guys, people said they would give me some, but i havent had anything back!!! Leave it to me, i'll ask the coaches for some! 
18/6/2002 08:48 GMT  connor
good web site nash, it could do with a few more pics tho..  
17/6/2002 12:52 GMT  Laura
Good site nash link up please thanks!!! 
17/6/2002 08:20 GMT  nasher
face, i cant really say much about the liverpool game as i was not in net. But they might of got the win then, but we are still the best academy in the country. After the win against IPDC then that just proves how good we are and that the players from this academy should be in the England set up not the ones from the IPDC. 
16/6/2002 17:10 GMT  Face
wel done on the 5 a side u must have improved a lot comparred 2 the beating u wer given by liverpool 
16/6/2002 15:39 GMT  nasher
renna, can i have a look at your pics then, i can add them to the site. Sophie i do and try my best with my skills  
13/6/2002 13:23 GMT  renna
good work nash!! wot would we do without u??! haha...keep it up..ive got sum gud pics if u need any!! (",) 
13/6/2002 13:18 GMT  Sophy Hopper
Wow Nash, this is well professional, I'm dead impressed!!. You kept those computer skills on the hush,eh!! Yeah I agree with Hol we need some more photo's coz that's the best bit!...So get it sorted!!byeeeeeee!  
13/6/2002 13:18 GMT  cazalina
hey nash cool website. You are guna hav to find sum1 nxt yr to keep up the good work!!!!!!!! where r the fotos!?! keep up the good work  
13/6/2002 12:14 GMT  Hol
oi,oi Nash ope this website will have fotos of us on it!!! im the first person here?  
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