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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
13/7/2002 18:02 GMT  Eric Rodney Sykes
Good luck for the season boyz, I will be thinking of you from my retirement home wilst looking at my Sportsman of the year trophies on the mantlepiece 
12/7/2002 17:30 GMT  Lee Edgington ( Bridgnorth Town FC )
Good website, goodluck for the season 
10/7/2002 12:53 GMT  Nick J.
Good luck for the season fellas. Our website has just been launched.  
7/7/2002 19:30 GMT  James Naylor
Sorry Dave, obviously an oversight on my part. I try but perfection ALL THE TIME is not easy you know. Correction has now been made. 
6/7/2002 15:37 GMT  dave hopkin
not very happy ive played every last season and you have taken a game off me - although it might have seemed like i was not playin in quite a few matches speak to you soon dave hopkin 
28/5/2002 15:28 GMT  Pro-Nort
great site james keep it up, good look for next season.Just get that kit orderd! 
12/1/2002 17:30 GMT  Matt Shaw
Congratulations Mr Naylor, a secretary you would not want to suck you c**k in the office, on a terrific website(it deserves far more than 101 hits in three months). It is good that the site confronts all the important issues of the day such as Matt Shaws versatility, he is not ready to move to defence just yet whilst old man Gaz is still alive 
15/11/2001 21:38 GMT  James Naylor
Sorry Dave it must just be that you look a lot older than your age. 
15/11/2001 21:02 GMT  Dave lee
by the way tony is my older brother 22 years old 
4/11/2001 20:33 GMT  David Lee
We Want A Ref!! We want A Ref!! We Want A Ref!! 
11/10/2001 11:17 GMT  Chief Scout @ Manchester United
I've been secretly watching the team and would like to express Man Utd's interest in signing that versitile player you call Eric Sykes. His natural ability and lightning pace is just what were after her at Utd. ps. Is it true about the size of that lad Bentley's C**K ?  
8/10/2001 21:15 GMT  Jason Knight
A very enjoyable to read site. James Naylor - Webmaster extraordinare 
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