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4/1/2002 08:58 GMT  Feeno
Must agree fat lad on bench did help cause - but thought that it was firmins midfield creaivity and tireless (lack of) work that really made the result happen?? selection dilemma fat lad / old boy / unfit lad for ony two roles in the middle of the park - a new visitor vote perhaps???? 
2/1/2002 23:50 GMT  Firmin
For your information Feeno Matt Bird wrote my profile so shut up whinging. I think Dez eating his weetabix had a little more to do with the scoreline rather than the return of little old you. Or perhaps it was 'cos fat lad was on the bench!!!! 
19/12/2001 19:57 GMT  Dez
Nice match report Si, especially liked the "Paul McGovern Goal Show". If you're reading this White Lee then you'll know its your turn next to feel the wrath of the big Dezmond. 
18/12/2001 22:46 GMT  Feeno
Strange how my return brings a 12-1 victory... what is all that about firmin 'running all day and not breaking sweat...' can tell hes written this himself. 
14/12/2001 00:16 GMT  Simon F
Patience gaffer, I'm a busy man. The report has been written, and your thoughts noted. 
13/12/2001 08:30 GMT  Andy P
Put me and Chris in the team from the start for a first, Ian. Any more advice needed, just give me a shout. Love The Arrogant One. 
12/12/2001 13:50 GMT  Gaffer
2 Lines - after more inspired substitutions save the day, what do I have to do here ? 
5/12/2001 18:26 GMT  geordie thornhill scarboro manager
nice site lads,congratulations on topping div 2.we were a bit narked after our 3-3 draw coz we felt ref spoilt our chances reducing us to 10 men after only 20 mins for nowt.but look forward to playing ya at thornhill and welcoming ya back to the scarboro for some grub and a few pints after the game.good luck for rest of season 
4/12/2001 13:11 GMT  Simon Brady
Just a hello to some of the lads that used to play down at Birstall St Pats! Looks like you too have improved! Hope you get promoted and beat our crap first team! Looks live Sheard has found the scoring touch too! Si 
30/11/2001 13:54 GMT  Andy P
Si, spot on, this site. Must have taken ages to put together. Too much time on their hands some people. 
30/11/2001 08:59 GMT  Michy
As a big female fan of Wellhouse FC I want to see more team pics in Profiles please, especially that DISH Andy Parkin. 
27/11/2001 22:53 GMT  Ian Wilkins
You question genius ! How dare you ? Must be all that inexhaustable energy you appear to have! Lets hope its available next Sunday. Love Gaffer 
26/11/2001 12:41 GMT  John Martin
Top Site, by far the best I've visited. keep up the good work. We also had a man sent off against British Oak yesterday but managed to beat them in a shoot out - yours truly saving the day. Must be the in thing against the Oak. Good luck for the rest of the season except when you play us. (owden Clough Manager) 
26/11/2001 12:10 GMT  gomersal f.c.
we demand a replay from yesterdays game, it was far too windy and cold!!!!!!! 
19/11/2001 16:17 GMT  James Tracey
Give your Pens to Firthy, ask him about his 25 yard curler for the shoulder a few seasons ago! The boy can finish! Hows Fegg these days!? 
18/11/2001 18:53 GMT  Teddy G
Si, brilliant site however mystery continues to surround the selection process as the clubs leading goalscorer fails to make the starting line up again.  
17/11/2001 17:15 GMT  Darren Hawkins. (Referee)
Found your site from the link at HWGSA website. Very informative and well presented. Well done and keep up the good work. All the best for the rest of the season! Also like to mention the comments made in your players profile, I admire your honesty!! Tickled me. Again, well done. 
13/11/2001 10:17 GMT  David Fuller
Congratulations on your Web Site. Excellent. I have added a link to the site on the Heavy Woollen Gate Sunday Alliance site. 
14/10/2001 21:48 GMT  Ian Wilkins
Very good Si... - I'll email you details of the site I created. 
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