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A word from the boss

My veiw of events! 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking time to visit our site.
Today '' tomorrow the world!!! 

The new season begins!

! ! ! Happy New Year to you and your families ! ! !

2-2 Against SUN Postal. Very much a match of two halves, us in the first half 2-0 up, we should have won. They were the better team second half and a draw was probably a fair result. The matches will come thick and fast over the next three weeks so lets get the wins we need to stay up.
David hope the arm is ok, and well done Neil for your goal.

2-2 Away to Old Finchleians. We arrived with only 10 players. And played the first 15 minutes well, then Dan Withey turned up to watch, he still has problems with his foot, but decided to go on and help us out, Well done Dan. At half time I felt we were the better team 0-0 was a little unfair on us. The second half started well with the talest guy on the pitch sneaking round the back of their defence from a long throw in and slotting home from close range well done MikeMarkBob. We then let them back in, before Grovesy put us ahead again with a great goal, only for them to equalise. We held on well and all the boys showed the true grit and determination required to progress up the league. No training next week so see you on the 4th. Have a good Easter and roll on the Sun Postal. Again well done to you all, you battled for every ball, for all of the match

County Cup quarter final v Townsmead
1-6 does not tell the true story. We had quite a few chances to score, it was just one of those days.
However they were a very good football team and they gave us a real lesson on possession and breaking fast in the first half.
The second half we were much better and the commitment you showed right up to the final whistle was a great credit to you all. Donít worry about their last two goals the ref played 10 minutes of extra time and the decision to take David out of defence to add another forward was mine. A case of lets throw caution to the wind.
Also well done to Dan a great game and a great goal, it was never a case of dangerous play.

4 - 2 home to Hemel Aces in the third round of the County Cup. What a performance, You all did as Kevin asked and got stuck in from the first whistle. 3 goals for Kevin and 1 from Nick proved to be enough in a match we thoroughly deserved to win. It was great to see you all working so hard for each other it just shows what you are capable of. During the xmas break remember this match with pride and come out fighting in the new year.

1 - 5 home to Garston Boys. As I said on Sunday one to forget. But if we are to reach our potential this season we must be up for the match from the moment the whistle goes. The opposition will be too good to give away a 2 or 3 goal head start. It was good to see Kevin back again, the bang on the head the other week had more effect than I thought; his hair changed colour and he has started to collect referees business cards (a word of warning if you take this up as a hobby it will become very expensive. Also It was great to have Jimmy creating the the space up front. Next match home to Hemel Aces followed by a home match in the County Cup against.....Hemel Aces so lets learn all we need to know this weekend.

2 - 4 away to Comets. Well as you know I have not been around to add my comments to the site. So a few things, firstly well done to all the boys who have taken the effort to log on and add comment in the guestbook, as I have been saying for the last 8 months and 1 week (thanks Kev for the stats) this is the best site around and now that you have found it, keep adding the humour and constructive words for your team mates also for Kevin and James who put a lot of effort in to keeping it as one of the best out there.

As for this weeks match. As you probably heard I was a little vocal!!! The better team won on the day due to a number of reasons. 1. All the forwards are out with injury (the rest of you all gave a good account of yourselves, but we had too many changes in the team to play fluid football) well done Mark and Nick this was the first real run out this season and you lasted the pace); 2. We did not have the same passion for large parts of the match as the opposition; 3. I think they are the dirtiest team we have played, the amount of off the ball, and late tackles was dreadful (the cuts and bruises you all received will show what I mean); and lastly the ref was a total disgrace, he was not only playing on to advantage of play (which I admire) but not talking to the offenders who then thought well it must be okay. He was also persuaded to change his mind from goal kicks to corners on the say so of the opposition.

Lets for get about it and turn in a Markyate performance against Garston next week. See you at training. David

One last thing a big thanks to Kevin for turning up to chear the side on. He said it was the knock on the head last week. (could it have been the three goal going to the head that caused it?)

7 - 1 home to Comets. A good start to the league season. You can not ask for more than a win. The first half was not pretty and we were fotunate to come off 1 - 1, but the fitness and determination took us through in the second half. Well done to you all.

19 - 0 away to Bovingdon. A bit of a lottery this one, the pitch was appaling, the ref was unsympathetic when the oppostion asked to forfiet the game at half time. However we scored 19 goals that cannot be bad: Ben Gillard 4, Kevin 6, Neil 3, James 3, Ben Groves, Dan and JP with 1 each. The only disappointment to me was the way we all wanted to score and blow the conciquenses of what might happen at the back. If we had stuck to the game plan it could have been a lot more. On to next week and its Comets at home let's start the league season with a win. WELL DONE to you all in grotty weather.

4 - 3 away to Evergreen. A match of two halves, or should that be one half and two quarters? The first half we showed that we were the better side and controlled all areas of the pitch. Neils goal was a great run and well deserved. Then halftime came, and for 15 mins we fell a sleep. I could not believe what I was seeing 3-1 down with 20 mins to go. Then the old true grit and passion came back, and we played some of the best football I have seen this season. A penalty from Neil and two splended goals by super-sub Grovesy gave us a deserved win. Next week we are away to Bovingdon in the challenge cup so a win would be nice. As I said on Sunday we will be putting the map on the site so look out for it.

1 - 4 away to Harvesters. A much better performance, The first half you showed what potential you all have, 3-0 up and it could have been more if the ref had remembered his glasses, the number of fouls he let go was amazing.

In the second half the opposition defended well to keep the score line down, and we did not have to much to defend apart from the man mountain they used as a centre forward.

Well done to you all lets keep it rolling into next weeks match against Evergren. A match that is important to win to keep up the chances of top flight football.

See you on Thursday.

1 - 2 away to Garston Boys. I cannot add any more than James has already said on his page! If we have total commitment then things will turn round. The next three matches should be wins, so lets go for it and show what we are really made of.

0 - 1 away to Borehamwood. Not a great match to watch Neither side really deserved to win, But they scored the goal and that is what counts. You all looked a little tired. So lets forget about it and move onto Garston Boys and prove we are still the best around.

</<H6 align=center>3 - 1 away to Baldock Town in our first ever entry in the County Cup. As I said at half time I was delighted in the way we played football, all the things Kevin and myself asked for happened. You talked more, you challenged every ball, even the high ball was headed away by whoever was under it dispite the opposition having two boys over 6'. The second half was not quite as good I think you were all a little tired after sport at school and Wednesdays match. But you controlled all areas of the pitch and they never really looked like scoring again. Well done to you all.

5 - 3 against a determined Bushey Rangers. It took a lot of hard work to turn this match round. For the first 20 mins they were the better team but did not take their chances, WE DID! and deserved the final victory after alot of both verbal and physical tactics from the opposition. Well done to you all.

A great start 15-0 Against Chorleywood. The opposition were not up to our standard but you can only play those you are given.
You stuck to it and pilled on the goals well done to you all especially the new lads who seem to be slotting in well. Neil bagging 5 and the man of the match was a great start.
DO NOT get carried away Bushey Rangers will be a different kettle of fish and you will have to play at your very best to secure the win we so vitally need.
Keep it up.

A good result on Thursay against the jets, lets hope we can hold our own against the under 16s

I cannot wait for Sunday and the start of what I think will be a great season. welcome to the two new lads Ben and Neal, I am sure they will only add to the quality we already have.
And when Ben (Groves)is fit again, we will be quite a team to beat!.


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