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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
25/8/2002 20:23 GMT  cleo
benvenga is a jerk but sarah daily loves him !! daniel z is a gorgeous babe magnet 
1/8/2002 10:25 GMT  Stuart McKie
Where do ur team come from, we have our own team, check out our page 
25/7/2002 21:31 GMT  Carse Thistle 16s
change our link add to 
16/6/2002 12:25 GMT  not funny
9/6/2002 19:30 GMT  simon
good site some funny stuff  
10/5/2002 20:01 GMT  the grim reeper
Y r There no pics on this site???? Get it sorted!!! 
7/5/2002 19:55 GMT  Kev
Shall we delete this site  
6/5/2002 10:34 GMT  dan
this site leads u to the best beat em up game ever. 
30/4/2002 18:28 GMT  gillard
alright greeny i aint been on ere or ages, i thought the site was still quality. especially ur own page. pics are good but try and get a couple more cos they are well funny 
25/4/2002 16:41 GMT  Olzy
Biggup Westy and Greeny cause your hard! Even tho you 2 hate me cause You think i sed the thing in my guestbook even tho i dont have AOL.. Neways shouts to Clement Danes Crew..also visit cause its the best site!  
20/4/2002 19:27 GMT  greeney
well played friday, see u tomoz boys 
19/4/2002 21:28 GMT  lei&bex
big up' daniel u rooooooooood boy! nuff' respect team. dan u flexin' a suit tomorra?! wer gonna beat u n rileys. going GOING going xxxxxxxx 
19/4/2002 19:47 GMT  dan
great win today!!!! 
19/4/2002 19:47 GMT  dan
great win today!!!! 
17/4/2002 11:38 GMT  Horsforth Rangers
James, the restriction is the size of the image, it needs to be either a jpeg of gif file and under 20kb. If you have any photoshop/image program you can reduce the size of the image. all the best 
17/4/2002 09:54 GMT  Nigel
Good luck tonight lads !! 
16/4/2002 20:07 GMT  Westy
Alrite lads. Greenie and dave. I have an idea. To choose the players player of the year if there is one how about we make all the players vote on here. It will make them come on here and see how good this site is. Any thoughts 
15/4/2002 18:26 GMT  James
Hi All, Good joke dave. Cheers to Raplhy, David and Dad coming on here. I have a swollen ankle and cut up foot after getting hacked down in th early stages of the last game, my ankle is pretty sore and hurts to walk on. Hopefull the brusing will come out and swelling wil go down, if it doesnt I dont rate my chances to play Weds. I will see how things go tomorrow and let Gaffer know. Heres a joke to keep the smile on you face after a great win on Sunday- Why do blondes wear big hoop earrings when they go on a date? So they have some place to put their feet. he he!!  
15/4/2002 13:29 GMT  Ralph
Great team effort on Sunday, the rot has stopped, now for another win on Wednesday, lets kick some butt 
15/4/2002 12:31 GMT  David
Well done on Sunday boys thats 4 matches on the role without a loss. Keep it going on Wednesday. I will try and catch up with my page later in the week, things are very busy for me at the moment. Good luck against the Aces. David. p.s. James a joke for you. Q. Where do wasps come from? A. Stingapore! 
15/4/2002 10:19 GMT  Nigel
Nice win lads , well done !!!!! 
14/4/2002 12:31 GMT  Greeney
Yeah great win!! Tem pics will be updated by weds!! Played boys, keep the jokes coming. That was our second win in last 12!! Hows it feel? 
13/4/2002 19:49 GMT  Greeney
Hi All. Cheers to everyone that has been on site- Osama, Olzy, Lei, Westy and Ponsey (Nicola). Its good to see the Clement Danes massive on here. Lei, I will do photos in a bit. Osama great joke. Hope we win tomoz, we should do. See you all there at 9.30. laterz Greeney 
13/4/2002 19:45 GMT  nic
ducky and kev hi babez luv 2 ya bof! and 2 chris and any1 who went 2 cassiobury wiv me! i sud b there 4 the match between u and jonny!love 2 u all and i pray u all win! bit cheesy james soz!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx-2 all of u!  
13/4/2002 18:41 GMT  Olzy
Alright Greeny and Westy.. Good Luck for the rest of your games... looks like you need it...Westy how can you fancy a year 8? Sabrina? anyways visit my website:  
13/4/2002 10:40 GMT  Westy
good result last nite lads. good luck 4 da rest of the season as well. laterz 
12/4/2002 10:01 GMT  Osama Bin Laden
David Beckham runs in early from training one afternoon and dashes to the bedroom to find Posh spread out on the bed naked, puffing and panting. Becks asks her suspiciously "What are you doing?" Posh stutters a reply "I'm -er,er.... I'm having a heart attack" "Oh no" he cries in despair. "I'll call an ambulance". He Limps downstairs, picks up the phone and begins dialling 999. However, he is stopped in his tracks by a tearful Brooklyn. "What's the matter, son?" asks Becks. "Uncle Giggsy is in the wardrobe with no clothes on, daddy" sniffles Brooklyn. Infuriated by this, Beckham runs upstairs and kicks down the wardrobe door. Sure enough, the carpet-chested Welshman is stood there, starkers. "You w****r Giggsy" screams Becks. "My wife is right over there having a bloody heart attack, and you're running around naked scaring Brooklyn."  
11/4/2002 20:03 GMT  anonymous
dan smells even though hes gud at football his real name is dan van nistlerooy  
11/4/2002 19:50 GMT  lei
daniel behave oka? james hey send the pictures! lei gone......... 
11/4/2002 17:07 GMT  James
Kev did initially tell me his ankle was broken. Best wishes to Housey not to Kev. Yes dad we can still get into top half of table. we will beat Garston tomorrow. C'mon boys 
11/4/2002 15:33 GMT  Westy
Hiya lads. I've ripped my ankle ligaments and can't play for about 6weeks so i think thats my season over. i think i'm leaving as well but not sure yet 
11/4/2002 08:26 GMT  David
As far as I know you are all required for Friday. James has Kevin really broke his ankle? David has a fracture of the arm and is in Plaster. 
10/4/2002 17:18 GMT  JG
Kev has broken ankle in 3 places and can never play again, he sends he best wishes to the team and says good luck in staying up. Cheers the sun supporter, should be good game when we play you next. laterz greeny 
10/4/2002 16:52 GMT  Nigel
If there are 10 games to go(with 10 teams in the league there should be)you can still get in the top half of the league!Am I missing something? 
10/4/2002 05:16 GMT  Sun Postal Supporter
Good looking site lads, tight game on Sunday,maybe you should have won it in first half when we were struggling big time. 
9/4/2002 16:54 GMT  Rachel
hi james this is a good site! keep it up luv Rach xox 
9/4/2002 16:22 GMT  James
dave, am i needed for friday as well? i aint too keen to be sub again but spose i dont mind 2 much. greeney 
8/4/2002 17:53 GMT  Westy
Alright lads. Dave do you know if kev stoker needs me on friday. Thanks. 
8/4/2002 15:40 GMT  dan
i just had a look at the league table and it aint hactually that bad. 
8/4/2002 08:24 GMT  Nigel
A draw against one of the better teams was OK.Lets win the rest of the games !!! 
7/4/2002 19:55 GMT  lei
7/4/2002 18:30 GMT  lei
hey dan! did i scare u der sorry i was jus messin'! u missin bex? lei gone...... 
7/4/2002 17:58 GMT  james
Ok, i have changed the stats and put it on the report. Best wishes to Housey, I hope it isnt broken.dan is currently doing a n interview for the Spolight on.. page, would it be OK if I send one to you as well dave, I dont think i have already sent it to you. If you are 2 busy with work, thats no problemo. Looking forward to garston, i know we can beat them and then take one game at a time and stay up.  
7/4/2002 12:15 GMT  david
James I think it was Neils goal today. I will let you all know how David got on at the hospital. 
6/4/2002 17:50 GMT  8 Greeny 8
Hi All, I hope you are all prepared for tomoz. If you aint up for a scrap dont turn up. see you all there. C'mon Boys!! Greeny 
6/4/2002 17:26 GMT  farky
any chance of linkin carse to yer site? its cheers 
6/4/2002 17:20 GMT  Westy
Good luck on sunday boys. I was one of the people who didn't get picked. Shame. Ill prob come and watch to cheer every1 on except for jp cos hes a frog. See you later 
6/4/2002 07:49 GMT  james
olzy send me a link to your website i will add it to the homepage. see you all sunday for our match against the scum.  
5/4/2002 08:55 GMT  Olzy
iam a mate of greeneys and westys, great site good luck in ur battle against relegation. Put Westy and Greeny in the team bacause they are amazing for the school team, greeney in centre and westy wide left. Safe. Oh Yeh Bushey Rangers are the best and we train next to you on thursdays!!  
5/4/2002 08:49 GMT  james
oh great we all love to play for cassio on a friday night 
5/4/2002 08:34 GMT  David
I had a quick look at the fixtures last night. We are scheduled to be playing Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays some weeks so we will fit at the end of the season if nothing else. Kevin will give out the list on Sunday. 
3/4/2002 18:39 GMT  dan
What do a bungee jump and a Hooker have in common? They're both cheap, fast, and if the rubber breaks, you're dead. lets get a win on sunday.  
3/4/2002 18:17 GMT  webmaster
I have updated all the site, looks OK. I have an email with Simpsons characters doing naught things on lol. Its rude but still reasonably funny, i cant put them on the web incase young people see but i will happily send u them if u ask. see u at training greeneyboy  
1/4/2002 18:51 GMT  westy
yeah same here dave. please let me play. although i dont come to training due to cricket i play football every friday night for my dads team and have kept myself fit. remember last season when we beat them it was me and grovesy up front. greenie jr and jp in mid and the normal back 5. why cant we play the near enough same team. the new team obviously isnt working so why dont we go back to what all the players are used to and played well with last season. please tell me if im wrong and if you disagree anyone. 
30/3/2002 11:29 GMT  GREENYBOY
Hi Greeny here. Im in Dubai at moment, all is well here and i hope you are all having a great easter. I will fully update the site when i get back and update the stats for this season because dave has emailed them to me, it will be good to see who has played most. least and who is doing well in Man of match and scoring charts. see u all thursday where we can properley prepare for scum. Dave- please please let me play in centre mid i will talk to u at training, i wanna see jonny jelly break my legs ha ha what a laugh 
29/3/2002 15:57 GMT  Westy
Sorry didn't have their e-mails or phone numbers. it was a good result considering we only had 10 and a half players. Now we can go and thrash the scum and get out of relegation. I think we should be up for a physical match and word has it that theres a fight after. c u at training lads. 
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