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Village Icons

As well as being home to the famous Orton Rangers, the quaint English village of Water Orton possesses some intriguing and eccentric characters. This page pays homage to them.

Number One - Mr Cash
  A cool, laid-back character, Mr Cash knows everyone and everything. Doesn't say a lot; just a knowing nod on entry to the pub, a throw of his jacket over the seats, a pint of the usual and he's at home.

Number Two - Mumble Jumble
  A bizarre, estranged figure who has been in the village as long as anyone can remember. With his wavy white hair, beard and parker coat he has the appearance of a nutty professor. Never comes in the pub just walks around the village for hours muttering to himself. Everyone under the age of 35 will tell stories of following this peculiar chap and hiding in the bushes trying to listen to what he says.

Number Three - Scouse Ray
  Another regular in the public house, Ray has been a resident for many years. Immense knowledge of football, known for ducking and diving and alleged dodgy deals.

Number Four - Ray Cope (aka Voodoo Ray, Voice of Sport)
  Always present on big Villa and England matches, Raymond keeps the bar entertained with his insight to the beautiful game. A regular at the Villa training ground, the way he talks you would think he knows the players personally. 'Voodoo' has been off work for a while with back trouble.

Number Five - Murray Pick
  Bachelor Murray is a pub regular. Always leathered, the mole on his back expands in the summer. His odour has to be experienced to be believed. Memorably rolled around in the gutter when Gregg and Simon plied him with mild and whisky in an attempt to beat the drinking record set by the famous 'Big John'. His odour-ridden bed-sit had often been gate-crashed by team members on the way home from a boozy-do.

Number Six - Mick Clements (aka Clemo, Mick the Sprout)
  Former village greengrocer, Mick has been on the same bar-stool for years and his Sunday evening sing-songs are legendary. Clemo is often inebriated and always incoherent. Always willing to talk/shout about football, Michael was the creator of the drunken man's language of 'Aszha-Baszha'.

Number Seven - Five-To Phil
  A creature of ritual, Five-To will walk through the door of the pub at exactly five minutes to eleven every night - you can set your watch by it. His order as always will be one and a half pints of lager and a packet of nuts. On weekends, his routine changes as he treats himself by buying two and a half pints (and the obligatory nuts, of course).

Number Eight - Norm  Possibily the nicest bloke in the village, nice-guy Norm sports an impressive moustache that performs at a variety of different angles. A pub-sports champion who avidly takes part in darts and cards and hopes to make the dominoes team in the near future. Norm famously turned down the offer of an Amsterdam outing from the lads stating his preference for a caravan trip to Worcester, where he was to enjoy a "bit of fishing".

Number Nine - Mehmet from the chippy  Owner and manager of the local fish bar, Turkish Mehmet has been a fixture of the village for over ten years now.  A very wealthy and extremely nice man, Mehmet is incredibly generous at the bar and can often be seen man-marked by Gilbo when waiting to be served.  Offers regular support to the club and his kind offer of sponsorship was put towards the team kits in which the side won back-to-back championships.  Top bloke.
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