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GET IN !!! WHAT A RESULT !!!!!.  Cup winners again and what a way to win it with a goal five minutes from time against our rivals (meltham).  This was probably the game with the most tension ever !!!!  This was broke when johnny slotted home beautifully to give us the lead.  They scraped a jammy goal back to level it at one all.  The first half was not the best but with a booster from chris at half time we went out determined to regain our trophy.  CHances were hard to come by and I'am guilty of missing one.  At the back in our new formation we showed real grit and battling qualities to prevent them from scoring again.  Then as time was running out the top striker in the league Adam Bell picks up the ball and lofts it over a stranded keeper to restore our lead and send the crowd extatic with joy.  Every player in the squad did their part as well as the bhoys on the bench.  2-1 2-1 2-1 2-1 2-1 2-1 !! can you hear the meltham sing !!!!!! I can't hear a fcuking thing.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and gave there support as always it was very much appreciated.  Also like to thank meltham once again for a great match and the honour they showed when accepting defeat.  A big thanks to Chris Helliwell who instigated a great win, now lets go fro the league and complete the double again.

As if that wasn't enough then we had to celebrate.  Ic saw us take a few sips from our illustrious cup brining back memories of the cocktail jugs of tenerfie.  Then as we progressed down town lead by the singing of quinn, we met in Yatses where after a few drinks and some with cigars we were moved on with Dermot now taking over as our lead singer.  Warehouse who were entertaining one man and his dog at the time decided they didn't need the business and forced ID, so it only left visage as an option.  All I remember in there is being smashed and a girl from moscow performing shakira on stage (nice one)  I leave you with a few thoughts and the awards:

Player of the week: Adam Bell

Doris of the week: Moscow girl from vis

Doo of the week: Clarkey

Pic of the week: Winning the cup of course

p.s. I believe I left a message saying newiss would end up on the floor, I feel with him being carried off my point was proven and also my point about raising the cup above my head was also made a fact.


Well what a display today, unlucky in the end after a spirited comeback but its only a friendly.  Our second half performance wasn't brilliant but the battling shown gave us a deserved four all until that moment of madness from Quinn !!!!!!!  Everything now must be top notch for tuesday with any knocks treated correctly, myself included.  Further point 'treat your feet' as a key phrase can't go in with any blisters because you know sygenta is going to be literally cracking flags.  I wish us all the best and hopefully we can topple them. C'MON BHOYS !!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. a note to the french typist (guestbook), a very forward question if my translation is correct but if you leave your name with your next message I may send you a reply .......... 

Just thought I would feature a little extra supplement to comment on the love found by ic bhoy Matty !! soz mate don't know her name and knowing you it will be just the visage night as bricks are not yet in your vocabulary yet.  Few lads ventured out Giles a surprise inclusion, no doubt disccusing interesting topics with any girl who will listen !!!!  Didin't pop out myself as apparantly they cannot allow pandas into pubs so a trip to IC to watch another glory performance by Ireland was all I did.  Next week should be a biggi, obviously tuesday we have the cup final (please let me be fit) and the usual wednesday sesh a possibiltiy with an added thursday sesh to celebrate K's birthday.......... top runner !!!

Guess whats back:

Doris of the week: Shell (from the estate)

Player of the week: Phill Mann (superb defending, apparantly)

Doo of the week: Chris Keady (for those outrageous orange streaks)

Pic of the week: Cashel printing forty, 40, FORTY ! pages off in the library for the crack.

All the best for tuesday to all Ic bhoys concerned and lets finish the job of this time as we all know we can

Yes it is me, Damo returning to give my view on events inside and outside of college.  Must start with the beloved cup final.  Thats pretty much all I personally can say having been sent away to the fairies after only five minutes, sorry to anyone watching but I can't remember anything and from all accounts what i was trying to say was recognised by none of the 36 translators appearing on the sideline.  Although a martian has quoted that some of the language is used in his country!!!  I did manage to see extra time where we went ahead and then unfortunately with only 4 minutes remaining we were struck a killer blow with their equaliser.  From what i've heard the result was fair to both sides and on the face of it we could considor ourselves unlucky to being held.

So the next final awaits with reports suggesting as early as thursday, SURELY NOT !!! would that be too close YES with myself and others suffering after a gruelling battle.  I would like to say a big thank you to all the supporters on both sides as you apparently fantastic and the numbers was awesome to see.  Personally like to thank my auntie for coming and Neil Thornton for the sound advice given to me when I came round.  Also a mention to sarah, zara and lucy for showing their caring side and wishing me well after my collision.  The next final will be won by US no question !!!!!!

Only just started college again so nothing really to discuss, once there is I will update again and the next supplement may see the return of my reward scheme!!!!!! in a bit.

p.s. thank you adam bell - sources have told me you found it humorous when I took that little knock, for the onlooker maybe !!! but please show a little heart !!

p.s.s. to the meltham player (newiss) who thought it would be funny to stand on me while I layed down, all I can say is good luck in the reply because this time it might not be me who is lying down....

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