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  Adam 'AaaDee'  Bell
Age: 18
Role: Player

Position: Forward

Statistics: 49 goals, 1 Penalty, 6 yellow cards in 43 games

Clubs: St. Josephs, Kirkheaton, All Saints, Irish Centre

Irish Centre Career: Scored 49 goals in 2 season for the Irish Centre, had a quiet first season but had an great second season, and scored 30 goals, could have been about 40 + but was unfortunate to be suspended for 4 games this season. Improved again after suspension, and scored the Cup Final Winner and the all important goal that won the league for the Irish Centre.

  Donal 'Melon Head'  Buggy
Age: 18
Role: Player

Position: Centre Back/Wing Back

Clubs: Paddock, YMCA, West End, Rastrick, All Saints, Irish Centre

Statistics: Played 25

Donal is along with a few other was a player who mainly substitued, his love for the club, attitude and desire to play for the Irish Centre was well appreciated by all, because he never complained about not being brought on, made 25 appearences, and solid ones when he played, used as a man marker and an important player of the IC squad.

  Patrick ''Paddy''  Carmody
Role: Player
  Michael 'Giggsy'  Clarke
Age: 18
Role: Player

Position: Midfielder/Wing Back/Forward

Clubs: YMCA, All Saints, Irish Centre

Statistics: 44 games 25 goals 1 yellow card

This player is one of the most skillful in the league and was a great aquisition up front with Bell this season. He was passed around from right wing back, centre midfield, and forward, and he scored from every position, rang rings round defenders and his lightening pace was frightening, every game he played you could see the confidence growing, and his finishing was awesome. Delivers for his team when things were looking bad for the Irish Centre. Great season, favourites for an award this season.

  Thomas 'Gubbini'  Gubbini
Age: 18

Position: Midfield

Clubs: St.Josephs, Emley, Irish Centre

Statistics: 12 games 1 goal

Signed just before the transfer deadline Tom became the smallest player in the Under 18 Bupa League, but his strength on the ball was awesome, his skill matched those of an Italia 90 legend and his determination and his 110% effort always produced the performance that was needed for IC. Scored one of the goals of the season against Faribank. Always wanted to play, and when he did play he PLAYED.

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