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The story centres around a man called Stuart Douglas who became club secretary of the Hamilton Academical supporters amateur football team in 1994, who upon been formed in 1990 joined the Scottish amateur footballs associations Scottish supporters football league.

The Accies fans approached the official supporters club for help and support was freely given. The supporters club agreed to give the team the money to pay the league fees incurred. The team then approached the senior team to enlist their support. This too was given and a full set of Accies strips were received on the understanding that the kit was to be used by Accies supporters and only Accies supporters. The club later expanded on their genourosity in allowing the team not only to use the training pitch adjacet to Douglas Park, but also to use the visitors dressing room and facilities. So far everything was going great.

But there was to be a problem, the team were not getting the results expected, in fact in the early days the team were an amateur version of Albion Rovers i.e. piss poor

The team started to bring in new players who were not Hamilton fans. At first one or two, but as genuine fans were dropped and became dissillussioned many left leaving the way clear for a mass influx of non supporteters into the team, probably at this stage the ratio being 50/50, maybe more.

Enter a new man on the scene, a loyal Accies fan and supporters club committe member. Great thought Stuart, a real fan in charge again(bearing in mind the previous man in charge was none other than the social club barman.) Things would be different now thought Stuart and it was then he expessed an interest in becoming more involved with the team.

After attending the first meeting he was voted in as secretar. Gradually he began to realise just how badly the team was being run. The new man, far from being the saviour of the team, was in fact much worse than the previous manager. Not only was he playing players he knew not to be fans, he was in fact encouraging them to come to the club, pay a membership fee, sign a form and become Accies supporters on paper on the basis that as long as a player had joined the supporters club he wa theon an Accies supporter.Hardly the definition you would expect from an Accies fan and committee member. He was in fact hoodwinking the supporters club into believing that this was a genuine Accies supporters team when it most definately was not. In fact that season there was regularly between four to eight registered Accies fans standing watching a team that had very little to do with their club.

When Stuart questioned about the team selection policies, the manager reasoned that as all Accies fans were crap whereas all non fans were good football players, he was justified in selecting non fans. Ludicrous really when you find out that his good team took 1 point from that seasons first nine games. The team, his team, were also bottom of the fair play league.

After a full season with Stuart banging his head off a brick wall trying to get the team to change its policies Stuart took matters into his own hands. He took what Accies fans were still in the team and began the formation of Cadzow Hamilton.

Starting their first season in the Strathclyde amateur league before being accepted into the supporters league following season where they would no doubt come up against their former team Hamilton.

Result : Cadzow Hamilton 5 Hamilton 2

Founder members still remaining in the team today are Stuart Douglas, Allan Ross, Jim Devine, Stephen Donnachie. Jim McKay and Chris Cavanagh.
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