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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
15/8/2001 22:18 GMT  THE TOPBOY (EMCG)
7/8/2001 22:37 GMT  A big Tim!!
Big Ewan is the best strike partner I have never played with! He has Bags of pace and a keen eye for goal!He has knocked backed many top flight teams to stay at Cadzow Accies and me and the Cadzow fans would like to thank him for his services over the past years and wish him the best for the future!!! all the best! big S....!!! 
Dear Mr Jim MacKay, i regret to inform you that we will not be using a model of your face for our new range of scary masks. We feel that your face is just too scary to use. 
We are currently investigating Mr Brendan O'Neill for being in violation of the carpet code. Apparently Mr O'Neill has been offering women customers a very poor shag. Several women have complained to us about the poor level of service given to them by Mr O'Neill with most saying it had been the worst shag they had ever received. If any women are offered his services they should avoid him and contact us of his whereabouts.  
Dear Mr Cavanagh, we have heard that you have the smallest tackle in Hamilton and we would like to patent it for our company. 
Dear Mr Lovatt, that's your extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large hat ready for collection. 
29/7/2001 17:38 GMT  Brian from Big Brother
Stevie Jay is my boyfriend(he's gay, he's Stevie Jay) 
25/7/2001 10:39 GMT  Norrie
Hey guys any chance of a game?  
24/7/2001 21:00 GMT  Gary Glitter
Bullshot Stuarty and u know it. 
24/7/2001 20:44 GMT  The most skillful player Cadzow's ever had
Dear Cadzow's , you might be in luck. Your pacey left winger from yesteryear might be available on a bosman for next season. My agent's name is Number 11 and you can contact him at  
24/7/2001 03:08 GMT  stuarty
one celtic fan one well fan,everybody else red and white. who are u ? 
21/7/2001 22:04 GMT  Gary Glitter
seen yer message on its academical, im intereted in playing but only if you are all accies supporters, i dont associate with rangers and celtic fans 
1/7/2001 12:21 GMT  giant killer
i am back can u feel the bang?  
12/6/2001 00:45 GMT  Jason Rees
Hey guys, why not visit and have a good laugh. And please leave something on the guestbook (mention my name please!!) 
10/6/2001 10:11 GMT  stuarty
Good luck in the first.Weve had some good games over the years, i remember the 6-5 game,a bit of a classic for us . Its usually the other way round these days. I thought we were in with a chance of winning it this season, and for half a season looked good but sh@t happens . good luck... 
8/6/2001 19:32 GMT  Broadwood_Psycho
See you all later Cadzow. I enjoyed our battles over the years. You had the upper hand in the early years, I remember being 5 up at half time and losing 6-5. 3 seasons it took before we beat you and it took me to score before we did it. Now though it seems we have the upper hand with 2 wins and promotion. I'll miss our encounters greatly, but assure you that I'll take out my frustration on that other Hamilton team. Enjoy the second, you could win it. 
8/6/2001 18:14 GMT  Marty
3/6/2001 09:06 GMT  to vim
thanks for your comments , you seem to be very interested in our progress , your support is greatly appreciated. 
1/6/2001 08:26 GMT  vims view
at least you have got something out of this season....2nd place on 'intheteam' hits board.(you couln't even win that.) well done on beating 2nd bottom prestonpans, ya bunch of 2nd rate losers. 
7/5/2001 16:53 GMT  Interested spectator
I was watching your drubbing at the hands of Broadwood clyde on Sunday, but was actually impressed by the fighting spirit some of your lads showed. I am arranging an 8 a sides tournament in the summer, and would like to invite you to play?? Ifg you are interested call Davie 07791 783661.  
19/4/2001 14:01 GMT  Willie from Noosa/Australia
Hi from Noosa on the East Coast of Australia. Yet another amateur club kicking the sh*# out of each other each weekend.Noosa Lions have just started our website so feel free to take a look But look out for Ramon !!!! All the best Willie 
12/4/2001 00:18 GMT  Bob Guy
Dear lads, I think I know how to sort out your team, you haven't got a classy fat midfielder anymore (no offence Ewan). But you know I'm the only fat midfielder Accies have ever had. A signing on fee of four pies would be appropriate if you want me back. P.S. You could always throw in a fat bird as well, if Brendan hasn't been there already. P.P.S. All the best for the rest of the season. 
10/4/2001 17:15 GMT  Paul Ryder
The midfield four on sunday were a joke the centre two were a joke apart from the first 20 mins or so. The one on the right was just plain awful and the boy on the left was utter rubbish. Jim up front has really become a poor poor player and your defence was crap with the exception of the lad Brendan and Chris in goals is worth 2 of a start to the opposition. All in all your team is a shadow of its former self you used to be decent no you are just a joke... 
17/3/2001 18:28 GMT  Rossi
Dear No.1 Fan, Brendan does indeed have many fans but as of yet no 'official' fan club has been formed, mainly due to the fact that all his his fans run on the same mental capacity as he does! 
17/3/2001 12:09 GMT  No.1 Fan
Just like to say does Bredan O'Neil have a fan club? I think he's a superb footballer. If he hasn't yet started a fan club I would be willing and able to help him out etc. Let me know soon. 
6/3/2001 12:51 GMT  sibbo
tell ya ginger tosser in the front row we want a match. e mail me. 
4/3/2001 21:49 GMT  YOWSA
28/1/2001 14:11 GMT  chris
iam a 17 year old ex. Rangers boys club goalkeeper who is absolutely mad about the accies. where can i come for a trial or are you all a bunch of mates? 
8/1/2001 10:08 GMT  Bob Kane
Happy New Year. I was a Douglas Park regular for years but left Scotland when I clocked your strips. I keep an eye on your scores so I suppose you could say you've got a Middle East branch to your Supporters Club. Good luck for the rest of the season. 
1/1/2001 10:37 GMT  Dougie
Happy new year to all the boys of Cadzow Accies.  
25/12/2000 22:13 GMT  Old School
Merry Christmas from the top boys, see all under 5's soon. 
24/12/2000 12:13 GMT  NEW SCHOOL
24/12/2000 07:56 GMT  SK-Philipp
Merry Chistmas and a happy new year from Uerdingen, Germany to all Hamilton Academicals supporters. You have Robert Prytz and this is the biggest reason to be happy. Robert Prytz was only on season in Uerdingen but was one of the best players ever! Cheers Philipp Uerdingen Supporters Kempen 95 
18/12/2000 12:16 GMT  Rossi
There is now a club forum page which has been added. Maybe now you lot will stop putting guff in the guestbook!!!!!! 
13/12/2000 18:07 GMT  davy lovatt
stevie mckinnon give me a ring at hamilton PF asap cheers 
11/12/2000 21:03 GMT  stevie mackinnon (no 11)
how's it goin' rossi. glad to see your getting some decent results this season although that mermaid bar result would never have happened in my day.good luck for the rest of the season 
27/11/2000 17:50 GMT  Dave Currie
So how did you lot manage to lose 18 goals is Chris back and goals and did he get lobbed 18 times? i bet you all miss my great stricking abbility see you all at Christmas 
16/11/2000 03:36 GMT  Dave Cooper
As someone seems to enjoy leaving your URL on other guestbooks, here's ours! Visit the ICL 3 Lions's extremely average. Nice site guys. 
13/11/2000 11:32 GMT  a local historian
in reply to alan sampson esq.'s request for a feature on the former poet loriae Jim McKay: born in the slums of hamilton in the 1970's, James Albert Huckleberry McKay came from a humble background. The youngest son of two loving parents - his mum dutch-irish and his father three-quarter lesbian - he did not have much of a schooling. indeed, by the age of 12 he had only manage to write out a bookies line and ready provvy cheques. However, it was not in the written word that James was to find his fortune, but the spoken word. many in the past have been heard describing McKay's oral ejaculations as being "the like of a lyrical stream of velvet undertones, the effect of which on the ear being not dissimilar to that of just after you use Otex for the first time". Strong words, I'm sure you'll agree. Aside from these "velvet" linguistic skills, around the age of 14 James discovered that he was pretty useful when it came to throwing himself at an inch perfect cross. And so, a star was born on the football pitch. a long an illustrious career of sticking it in the pokey had begun. Indeed, a career which has recently seen the 100th James McKay goal. No surprises when i tell you that it was delivered by an inch perfect 62 yard throw in from Cadzow Accies resident long throw specialist Well Scum. to conclude to this amazing life story... well, who am i to conclude, THE PREDATOR LIVES ON! (fuk hibs) 
2/11/2000 00:03 GMT  Dougie
nice site guys,when are you going to pass on to the SSFL some of the information they require for the League web site?  
26/10/2000 13:15 GMT  anon
nice guys, nice to see you havnt lost your sad sense of humours!you should get a new photo that one does you no justice.And i know how goodlooking u all are!!! 
24/10/2000 12:43 GMT  well scum
Hunter missed yet another game at the weekend. not the attitude you want to see from one of your top fringe players. i just hope that the shopping trip with his mummy on sunday (his reason for missing the game) was productive. I hear she bought him a lovely lord anthony jacket for the chilly months ahead, and a "piglet dressed as tigger" winnie the pooh doll. apparantly he got a thick ear as well for bubbling when his maw wouldnt let him ride on the postman pat machine - "colin! wheesht, or i'll pull yer pants down right now and put you over my knee!" heard a stunned olympia shopping arcade public. i think i talk for everyone when i say "hunter, its about time you got a hold of your life. i want to see you WORK, son!" Anyway, on a lighter note... fuk hibs! 
24/10/2000 12:30 GMT  the scarlet pimp
oh why, oh why, oh why..... jim mackay?  
2/10/2000 02:27 GMT  Mathew Robert Cadzow
Hi... How's it goin'. i'd Make a comment on this site if i could get anywhere(i think it's a bit too slow). Oh well see ya'. I'm From Tasmania so what the hell are you all on about?????? 
14/9/2000 12:13 GMT  Ricky Ferguson
Nice to see I'm out in front in the poll. Weather here is glorious, hope the Accies have a better season than last. I didn't tell you but I think there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. I'am speaking to some businessmen here who are looking to plough millions into British football, keep you all posted. Going for a swim now, bye. 
4/9/2000 19:46 GMT  david Fairlie
beware the judderman 
30/8/2000 01:04 GMT  Rossi
By clicking on the statistics option you can now find out the amount of goals and cards acquired through the season in competitive matches. 
28/8/2000 08:37 GMT  Zizou
Re The Jazz. He should take stock of his own life and sort out his drink and drug addiction before commenting on others. Check in to The Priory son and clean up your act! 
26/8/2000 16:59 GMT  The Jazz
The St Johnstone game tomorrow is absolutely massive for all concerned. An encouraging victory over our Lanarkshire rivals Airdrie has given everyone connected with the club an un-believable lift. Three points tomorrow afternoon is imperative to start the league campaign positively. Anyway, will no doubt see you all this evening to sink a few bottles of light ale. Stuarty, Jack Daniels and Coke for you all night boss. Hunter, I won't to see you WORK son! You really need to take a long, hard look at yourself. This team needs players who are 110% committed to the cause and don't come up with excuses like, "I can't play this week, I'm on call". This cuts no ice with the team as a whole son. "On call" to you means answering a mobile phone and saying, "Don't worry about it Betty, I'll fix it on Monday after I've listened to Simon Mayo, Newsbeat, Jo Whiley, and the two men I want to ride all night, Mark and Lard". I think we all want to see a big improvement from Mr Hunter this season. How he can call himself "Zizou" is absolutely un-believable! Hopefully this is the kick up the Kaiber Pass he needs. This is the Jazz signing off. One final thing though; THIS GAME TOMORROW IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE! 
25/8/2000 23:27 GMT  London Dave Currie
hi folks EUAN SCORED. so u started the league yet? i am now playing for a Man utd haters team here in Cocney London i had to grow a gotey beard to join and talk alot of pish (a bit like Jim Mckay) oh well lads good luck and i will see you all soon 
23/8/2000 12:37 GMT  Ricky Ferguson
No goalie in the world would have saved it eh?, I think I might have. Watched your site for some time now in my new home of Alberta, Canada and had to answer to that claim on your front page, congrats on winning anyway and best of luck for the new. How about a poll for all Accies fans to decide who was the best goalie ever. 
8/8/2000 22:05 GMT  Helder Serpa
This is a very nice site and well laid out. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out I'm looking for any Hamilton Accies shirts from the early 90's until 1998. If anyone has any replica shirt they are willing to part with I am willing to compensate them for it. I would be looking for a L or XL. Many thanks and all the best! Helder Serpa Winnipeg, Canada 
23/7/2000 03:53 GMT  Martin O'Neills Jockstrap
Finally made it. Luvverly photies.Dont believe Rosser had anything to do with it.Yer all drinking too much o that Monkspunk. Later. 
3/7/2000 22:39 GMT  gordon smith
read the below measage and any one remember my email me at 
3/7/2000 22:35 GMT  Gordon Smith
hay rossy/sturtey/lovat ect, what a great website i pissed myself laughing when i found this i was like a blast from the past as i now mainly reside between canburra aus and auckland nz it brought back good memories of the days back when we the team was founded who have thought it one day the team would have its own website ey! as a suggersion you could ad a best toe poke goal i would like to submit my brilliand 5yd goal agains east fife in the pentland 95 good to see the old faces in the profiles i would be greatfull if any of the old crue who remember me email keep up the good work GORDON ps cant believe you still let big kavanagh in goal!!!!!!!!!!!! 
25/6/2000 08:07 GMT  Sampson
How about a feature on the greatest amateur goalscorer/poet of all time, Jim McKay? The Predator lives! 
24/6/2000 23:32 GMT  Scott Gardner
What is the world coming to - a web site for Cadzow Accies? (and actually quite a good one at that). My only complaint is that I accidentally clicked on the profiles page, and I now have photos all you ugly b******s on my hard drive now ! Oh well - see you at Deveronvale, or Cove, or some other stupid Highland place as usual this summer. Bring the wine ! 
24/6/2000 18:06 GMT  Donald Anderson
Just had contact from a Hibs fan who's part of Erin Hibs FC Internet Football League members. They've got some sort of tournament on July 1st. Details at . Perhaps the internet league is the place for that elusive second string of Buckie drinkers you've always wanted. 
20/6/2000 18:33 GMT  stuarty
this is not ,repeat not an accies website,this is a cadzow accies site,very big difference..... 
19/6/2000 16:46 GMT  Tatty
All right Rossi/Stuarty Nice one. Good to see another Accies site up and running and how many clubs in Division 3 have 3 websites? Stuart MacCall used to be a 'Well fan. You boys are obviously doing a good job; when did "Woo" become an Accie? 
17/6/2000 22:17 GMT  Donald Anderson
I was just thinking, I might be able to put you in touch with supporters at other clubs via SISCO if you want to arrange other friendlies. I know some people from East Stirlingshire who might be interested if they've got enough people for a team. I don't know who you would already know though. 
17/6/2000 21:55 GMT  Gary Dunion
Re: Friendly with the S Club I'll have to check the dates, but hoew does the third week in September sound? That's when the boys come back up to Uni - only 2 of us live in Scotland. Email or phone me - the numbers are on the S Club site. Cheers Gaz 
16/6/2000 23:50 GMT  Derek Findlay
Nice site guys, all the best. F**k the WELL ! 
16/6/2000 18:02 GMT  Donald Anderson
Love the team group photo on the home page guys. Good luck for the next season - win it off the park as well as on it! 
4/6/2000 15:00 GMT  Hun on the run
Awright Roscoe! Super Swally checking yer site out. No' bad - could have usd a laugh or two though! P.S. Gary Mac sez you're a pus-seeping, buckie-swilling dick (pot calling the kettle black ther, but never mind) Cheers, Ali. GERS! 
2/6/2000 22:59 GMT  Kev
Right the Saints site is pretty much up and running, so i'd just like to thank Rossi very much for his help and I'll probably give you a shout in the future when I get stuck again!!! Good luck next season boys except against a certain team from the Fair City Of Perth. 
1/6/2000 12:14 GMT  Maz
Och eye the noo yo lads, get some pics and funny stuff on your site to make it interesting to users that don,t come from the cold land laters  
29/5/2000 21:05 GMT  Kev
Just "surfed" in to check out the site and have to say i'm saddened by the lack of match reports from the two ties you played against the mighty St Johnstone Supporters AFC. I think both were played with very sporting attitudes and football was the winner!!! Or perhaps i'm mad?!? I also expected a poetry corner from that mad-dude you used to have playing for you!!! Anyway good site... i've picked up some tips and will give you a shout when I get a League site and a Saints site set up. Cheers, Kev! 
16/5/2000 22:18 GMT  Robin
Buckfast on muther f**ker 
15/5/2000 13:00 GMT  charlie
looking at my own teams site (The red star, Airdrie )and just had to commend you on your buckfast homepage. F**kin great! 
9/5/2000 22:13 GMT  Schumey Tifosi i know why u raved about this page so much... ive told all my friends about it too.  
8/5/2000 22:12 GMT  samy
i'll be watching every bus shelter!!! 
8/5/2000 20:47 GMT  dawn
this is the best web page i've ever seen. the person who designed this must be a genius. it is really interesting. 
2/5/2000 11:20 GMT  Colin Hunter
Max is slower than a week in the jail 
28/4/2000 09:35 GMT  Tony Kiernan
Finally had a look at your site. Pretty good. Text is a bit small though. 
27/4/2000 17:48 GMT  Allan Ross
Feel free to leave any general comments about the site or team.Soon we will have all the player profiles and photos doneas well as the logo. 
27/4/2000 01:11 GMT  Robert Newman
Why in the hell would anyone want to see a picture of Allan on the site. That would just scare the supporters away!!!!! 
26/4/2000 12:46 GMT  David Currie
Good page Rossi. By the way i will become a accies legend soon or is it leg end? aye what happened to the friendly we were meant to have? and when we gonna see a picture of you? 
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