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Ampthill under 11's made us all proud at Leighton Buzzard on Sunday 10th March 2002. Here is an assessment of all squad members by John.

'Chippy' Mintern-Played his heart out. Never took a backward step. Was disappointed not to play in the final match but didn't let it show.He supported the team and behaved in a very mature manner. A credit to his team.

Henry Staff- Was 11 two days before so he had the honour of captaining the side. Superb all round display with kicking out of hand and conversions of a very high standard. A real captains performance.

Colin Liddell-Tenacious is the word to describe Colin. He often had poor ball out of the back of the scrum but he put his body 'on the line' every time. His opponents never had time to settle as Colin put them under constant pressure. Played part of one game at Full Back just to show off.

Jack Adamson-Our answer to Austin Healey, Jack can play anywhere. Normally a winger this season but asked to play second row with one game at Fly Half. He just fits into any position asked (unlike when he is asked to play at the back at football!!). Jack has the ability to take a pass off his boots- a good skill to have with our passing abilities!

Joe Devine-This was a step up in level for Joe and he acquitted himself well. He played two of the group games and got on the pitch for a short while in another couple of games. When not on the pitch he gave his teammates his full support.

Danno- Called up late in the week as a replacement for the injured Smasher and ended up playing just about all the time. I was really impressed at his tackling. It takes real guts to stop a player twice your size and Danno did that all day. Oh and his Dad still owes me a pint (I never forget Ruari)

Goodgy- This boy will be the death of me. Has this habit of stopping and letting the opposition get close before speeding away. Solid at Full Back and our main kicker of conversions. It gives the other boys great comfort to know that 'Mr Reliable' is behind them. He never drops the ball.

Tom Park-The boy is a complete mystery to me. I sometimes look at him day dreaming, but on several occasions he made superb catches from opposition kicks and always gained ground. Another who played most of the day and showed the talent he has but often keeps under wraps. He did it when it counted though. Well done Thomas.

Elliot Titman- The 'Silent Assassin' Elliot just gets one with it and probably doesn't stand out to most people. I can tell you his work rate is second to none and he disrupts opposition ball time and time again. A thinker on the pitch, he rarely takes the wrong option.

Josh Macmillan-What can we say about Josh? In American Football he would be the guy who gets yardage. Just when we seem to be under pressure up pops Josh with the ball. How he got it nobody knows (in fact I probably don't want to know!). He puts the opposition under so much pressure and they always have to commit several men to stop him.

Monkeyman- Had a superb run three quarters of the length of the pitch. Rumour has it he saw Barry behind the Try-Line with his wallet out! Very effective at the back of the Line-Out with one catch resulting in a well deserved drive over the line for a Try. Deadly from 5 metres eh Chris!

Dan Bristow- Proved he can play without Smasher alongside him. Dan covers so much ground during the game reading danger so well. His cover tackling saved us on several occasions. Have you noticed though he rarely smiles, jus glares at the opposition!

Jordan-A little bout of pre match nerves but he got through it although finished off playing on one leg. Even on one leg Matt is too fast for most people. Took several conversions all successfully. Another one who tackles well above his weight.

Alex C-Best performance yet in Ampthill colours with one thumpimg tackle especially memorable. Has always been a great tackler but is now starting to show what he can do going forward. Worked his line very well to take us away from trouble.

Martin Day-Today he came of age. Was superb in the line out taking numerous two handed catches and driving on and tackled anything that moved. Increasing in confidence and starting to be a regular ball carrier for the team, breaking the gain line.

The coaches- Well done Steve and Simon who kept the boys up for it, providing wise counsel when needed. Hours later whilst driving through Ampthill I saw Simon running in the rain, training for next months London Marathon. Is he mad or what?

and finally-The 'Water Boys'. Thanks to Olly C and Smasher for coming along to support their mates despite both being injured

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