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30/4/2002 19:54 GMT  Mags
Thanks to Chris for organisation,even although he tried to put me with Steve.A great time was had by myself and Coz.Coz was so tired (or hung over that he didn't want to go to schoool on Monday, he thinks Martin was a lucky so and so).Dan Watson did a better job of pulling the birds than John and the other dads.a request for Mr titman to double his supply of Slo-Gin for next year, please!!!! 
30/4/2002 18:41 GMT  Joe Heast
Thank you Mr Park for organising the tour this year.I enjoyed the trip eventhough I was sick on the coach. I would also like to thank John Richard Steve and Simon. 
30/4/2002 07:43 GMT  Richard
I'd like to thank 2 people.Firstly Mr Park for organising the tour his time keeping skills and his embarrasment when we left the broken coach at newbury, cheers......... and to Mandy Googe for suppling the cheese and crackers to accompany the port on the way home (maybe stilton next year with the Guiness in Cork) 
25/4/2002 23:24 GMT  Simon
Am I ever going to be able to live down my inclusion in the Great Boat Race of 2000??? Just because Steve Regan downed 2 pints before I'd got the froth off mine doesn't mean he's a better man than I. Pass the Creme De Menth Ceri, I'll show these guys!.... 
19/4/2002 21:15 GMT  Clive
Just to wish you all a good tour-where's the peg? Corks! hic...... p.s. don't put Simon in the beer Marathon 
19/4/2002 08:52 GMT  Simon
Sorry,forgot,won't see you Sunday! See you Friday for the Tour!! 
15/4/2002 13:22 GMT  Simon
Thanks for your best wishes. 3hrs 38mins, not bad for a one-eyed fatman! (Rooster Cogburn - True Grit 1979, ask your dads!) A great day, fantastic crowds and I felt good until about 22 miles. Managed the first 20 miles in about 2hrs 30mins. Last 2 miles were a nightmare. Anyway, done now. Heard all the chaps did well yesterday, good to hear. See you all Sunday. 
15/4/2002 11:11 GMT  richard fantastic performance by Amps both 'A' and partically the 'B' squad, a pleasure to watch. Thanks also to the well matched opposition Saracens and Blackheath a great day!!!.... Did Simon really get beat by that young girlie ..... Paula, I think her name was ??? WELL DONE SIMON. SUPPOSE YOU WANT YOUR MONEY NOW !! 
14/4/2002 21:16 GMT  Stephen
Many congratulations to Simon who completed the London Marathon in 3 hours 38 minutes. Excellent, well done Simon. And well done to all Ampthill players - a very enjoyable morning and lots of good performances.  
13/4/2002 14:27 GMT  'The Adamson's'
We wish Simon all the best tomorrow in the London Marathon 
12/3/2002 22:01 GMT  John
I'm always quiet on the touchline! 
11/3/2002 21:06 GMT  coz
well done to everyone who played at sbeds festival, we nearly beat bedford, we will next time!everyone played well and john remained quite quiet on the touchline.  
3/3/2002 14:10 GMT  John
A good spirit at ON's today. Well done everyone. There is no shame in losing to a side like them. They play good rugby. Let's learn from them. 
1/3/2002 10:43 GMT  cliff
JC - Hope you like the updated Under11's page on - It links to your intheteam homepage now. 
24/2/2002 09:33 GMT  ollie c
I would just like to say well done to everyone who went to Richmond and we were unlucky to lose. 
23/2/2002 22:44 GMT  Adam
Thanks for a very enjoyable day out-well played by all thanks to John and Steve (and Richard ) for all their hard work. 
3/2/2002 22:47 GMT  Simon
You didn't mention Under 11 Dads! So anyway John, tell us more about that abject failure of Leeds to maintain a challenge for the premiership!  
3/2/2002 19:35 GMT  John Cresswell
Can I just say, as a Leeds fan, this message board must not be used for football chitchat. In fact any Under 11 who mentions Leeds and their abject failure to maintain a challenge for the Premiership will be transferred to Dunstable. 
3/2/2002 16:27 GMT  ravioli
OK Clive, you're right. You are the best team in Bedfordshire. 
2/2/2002 18:58 GMT  Clive Stallwood
Luton 2 Plymouth 0 COME ON YOU HATTERS! 
31/1/2002 09:45 GMT  richard
The only web site for Amps u11's 
20/1/2002 19:14 GMT  Jack
of course we do!!!! 
20/1/2002 18:58 GMT  ravioli
What website? 
4/1/2002 12:56 GMT  Stephen
Anyone been for a run out over the Christmas hols? This cold weather really freezes those extremities - time to wrap up warm or better still, get fully involved in an extended warm up! Best wishes to all in 2002 - here's hoping we continue to be successful as we were in 2001. 
30/11/2001 21:59 GMT  A Heast
Little Joe cannot make training this Sunday,2nd Dec,will see you on Thursday 6th Dec. 
6/11/2001 22:36 GMT  A Heast
Frequently read,unfortunately we cannot 'log in'.How do we obtain a password. Weel done for Sunday. 
6/11/2001 19:51 GMT  Ruairi & Daniel O' Connor
John, here's my e-mail address as asked for. Thanks again for that pint you most kindly bought me last week. Amore enjoyable pint I have never had. 
5/11/2001 18:51 GMT  Paul Adamson
Enjoyable day at London Welsh some good opposition throughout the day. Tough game against Sutton & Epsom tested our defensive qualities. Well done to all involved a great team effort.  
5/11/2001 11:40 GMT  John
Well done to the squad which won the London Welsh Festival yesterday. A real squad performance. I will update the home page tonight with details. 
29/10/2001 12:12 GMT  Richard
Well done to all the Tigers squad who showed determination, commitment and proudly wore the Ampthill shirt at Rugby on Sunday. Well done to all the debutants. Good performance all round.Rugby and Daventry made it very hard for us.Practice on positional play (where to stand during the set plays ) may be be beneficial over the next few weeks though. over all both myself and Steve were very pleased with the Team Spirit  
15/10/2001 11:48 GMT  Stephen
To anybody out there - if you have read the homepage then you will know that John has stolen my thunder! I was going to congratulate both the Lions and Tigers squads for the quality and commitment to their rugby. Well done, Lions, you looked formidable going forward. What a tremendous effort from the Tigers - all of you put in 110%. John neatly summarised your individual efforts in the same way I had intended. Such robust defending deserves tries. We know what to concentrate on next week. 
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