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The Bike

The above photo is not a picture of the one horsemen of the Apocolypes.
It is ,unfortunately,a member of Team Banana .
He is a failed naked civil servant,rock drummer and fast food maker.
The bike ,is one of the splendid racing 2 stroke tackle from Noale,Italialand, namely the Aprilia 250 RS.
It is of 1995 vintage, being one of the first to be sold in this country.
Frank Wrathall,at FWDevelopments,sorted the engine internals.
Small Paul Scannell engineered the chassis with his incredibly tiny hands(very handy for all those nooks and crannies).
The frame has been polished(with various gravel traps).
Kevlar Goodrich brake hoses are used.
PFM discs are for halting the proceedings.
Arrow exhausts are for gassing the following 4 strokes.
AP ajustable front brake, for those stoppie moments.
PVM front wheel, pinched from Olivier Jacque's 1993 Suzuki.
Marchesini rear wheel, nicked from John Kocinski's 1992 Suzuki.
Clive Horton,at Racing Lines, fettled the forks and made a splendid ally fairing bracket,spacers and other assorted engineering magicalness.
Dural footrest hangers are from Hag at Extreme Performance.
Handle bars and foot rest bits and bobs from the 'Arris brothers, know wot I mean?
Various Carbon bits are from a mate on day release.
Spares are from the fine gents at Bracken, who have a serious amount of bits,'cos they ran Chris Bishop,among others,in the inaugrial Aprilia 250 Challenge!
Jon Watson-Miller,one of the owners of Bracken,is a real racing nut of all biking disciplines,having contested the Paris-Dakar rally in the past,on a BMW and having entered the famous flying Pink-Pig,ridden by the legendary Torquil Ross-Martin, in all sorts of racing hog fests.Check out their website.
Co-owner, Paul Ricketts,is a top spannerman.
Tyres from Sones of Croydon,retailers of everything slick,wet or intermediate.
Stickers are from the Simple Sign Man, who's number I won't give 'cos he doesn't give me a discount!
Hair gel from Gervaise,at Haute Coiffure,nice.
Underpants,with reinforced gusset, from M&S.
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