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11/8/2002 11:38 GMT  nifty50
Just passin thro Colonel, see you around sometime. nifty50, a marshal who farts with attitude 
7/8/2002 18:22 GMT  Perilous
I meant the Brands Gp report, but I notice you've done it now, so I'll just go read it. 
6/8/2002 17:21 GMT  Colonel
I could be! Can't remember what happened in my races at Brands,now! Any ideas? 
5/8/2002 18:01 GMT  Periwhelk
Oi Rooster. You gonna finish your Brands report or what. You can't still be in the toilet! 
27/6/2002 15:05 GMT  Daz Lewis
Nice site. Just been looking around for information on how to dispose of every penny I ever own, otherwise known as going racing. 
28/5/2002 20:38 GMT  Colonel Sanders
Simone.Your message is kind of understood and being acted upon,thank you. Fiancee. I only have eyes for you.....and my Aprilias.....and a few cans of Fosters....and Meg Ryan,and..... 
28/5/2002 00:05 GMT  Your fiancee
I was rather devasted to read the opening few lines of your Brands Hatch report in which you reported that you partook of snogging!!!!! Does this mean you don't love me anymore? Karen 
23/5/2002 22:53 GMT  simone (italy)
Ciao, sono Simone dall'Italia (Roma)corro in pista nel campionato italiano 250 sp con l'aprilia. Collaborano per me anche gli amici della Fw Developments (Frank). Sono contento di vedere tanto interesse per le 250 , un saluto a tutti. 
13/5/2002 23:10 GMT  Mollusc
Oi Congo chicken. Stop searching for Karen on the Forum & get that report done. Whelk. (Still Sulking.) 
12/5/2002 12:11 GMT  Ace Dann
Nice fruitbowl colonel! I've been wondering what that yellow thing was out there! Mine's orange!  
27/4/2002 18:21 GMT  Colonel
I told you,I'm trying,Mollusc one! Give me a couple of weeks and I'll be there! Just get yer cracked shell fixed,alright! 
26/4/2002 21:32 GMT  Perilous the Whelk
Yeah but I'm trying to read it between toilet breaks, so get on with it. 
24/4/2002 22:38 GMT  The Colonel
Don't anyone ask where the Lydden race report is! I'm trying to write it,between toilet breaks! I thank you! 
24/3/2002 22:15 GMT  Perilous the Whelk
Nice Snetterton report Rooster But can you stop calling Lenny gorgeous. She's bloody unbearable now! 
22/3/2002 20:26 GMT  Myself
Stephen Goodyear!Can you leave your e-mail address here,or e-mail me at I can't detect your e address from this guestbook! 
22/3/2002 12:12 GMT  Stephen Goodyear
I wish to send info. on oil sponsorship. E-mail me back for info.... 
10/3/2002 09:21 GMT  lyndon
hi Colonel!! Nice to see you are still out there, good luck this year, probably see you at a couple of rounds as a spectator! ;0) 
12/1/2002 21:59 GMT  Richard Diamond
Hi Colonel, well presented site, with an absolutely hilariously humoured write up,I cant wait for this years diary.Good Luck! Richard. 
29/12/2001 17:49 GMT  Fatboy Finski
He who farts loudest & longest wins!! Opps gotter go I think I just shat myself!!!!!! Nice shiite though!! 
29/12/2001 01:25 GMT  Aged Cucumbers United
Do you really expect us to give you a licence,next year,after the respect you have shown us? Slip us a fiver and we will see what we can do. Don't quote me on that. 
9/12/2001 20:50 GMT  Carl Fogarty
Since you once called me an attitudinous ugly little git once,I am not offering you a place in Team Foggy Racing,you fat old has-been. 
31/10/2001 23:59 GMT  Try Harder Corser
G'day,fat Pom. You know those "special bits" we talked about earlier? You can pick them up,from my beach hut in Monaco,next week.Ciao! 
23/8/2001 23:53 GMT  Saga Insurance for the over 50's
Colonel.The titanium zimmer frame you ordered is now awaiting collection. 
20/8/2001 22:35 GMT  Michael Doohan
G'day,tosser. Why don't you give your so called racing a rest? You make all my achievements look like a load of dingo pooh. 
12/8/2001 22:28 GMT  Perilous Old'en
Getting quicker then pops. 
30/7/2001 07:07 GMT  Fat Fast Forty
Great site. Find me an Aprillia please. Nice and cheap. 
18/7/2001 22:10 GMT  Perilous Polden
Mallory. Oi fossil racing. That's more like it. 
13/7/2001 20:54 GMT  Perilous
Oi Yellow peril where's the Mallory report then!! 
27/6/2001 20:25 GMT  Kenny Roberts
If you're not too busy,Colonel, could you possibly come to Spain,all expenses paid of course,and track test our new V16 Grand Prix bike,with the option of a works contract for the 2002 season? You sad old git!!! 
3/5/2001 01:08 GMT  Paul Mayes
cooeee, see you at Brands GP mate, just got in by the skin of me teeth (4th reserve). I'll see if I can remember to turn the fuel on this time!!! (Thats if it'l start anyway) 
24/4/2001 23:26 GMT  H.R.H.The Prince of Wales
One is delighted to see such an upstanding pillar of our blessed isle,engaged in such a splendid activety as clubman motorcycle racing. Well done and keep it up,Squire. 
12/4/2001 22:45 GMT  Phil Polden
I was right,you are on drugs or something. Nice one. 
14/1/2001 12:58 GMT  Richard Sanders
Here's your second message! 
22/10/2000 10:52 GMT  Richard Sanders
Hi Bro! Is this your first message? 
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