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Presentation Night 2002

Friday the 24th of May 2002 saw the biggest night of the football calendar occur at Meltham bowling club. It was the night the players of Meltham under 18s football club were honoured for there services, this was Presentation night. Here are a few photos of the event for the benefit of those wnot priveleged enough to have made the guestlist.

*Ben, Tom, Daz and Danny Haigh relax before the presentations begin.

Lesley, Mark (bens parents), and Julie can see Chunk making a dash to the food

Before Chunk gets to it

and after he gets there

Blag looks fit in his famous fleece



The worlds hairiest man has made an appearance!

and he helps out Varl by doing a bit of winnit spotting

Its the Wood Bros Dros

Newi's little Bro gets a rip in on Chunk

Jonny B moves in on Murfs mum after he pies Newi's mum

Lil' Murf keeps it real with Meltham boyz Matty and Newiss

Captain Sh1t lives up to his name and sneaks one out

Chunks digging into another plateful, with Newiss' help

Sam n the wife are very at home, is her hand up his @rse or wot?

Matty presents Chunk with another Sandwich, before the real awards begin

Blag is first up to collect Clubman of the year, could he be any happier??

This is Deans attempt at Al collecting hhis award, oh dear! Probably lucky he didnt get it seen as it was 'Most Improved Player', ripped or wot?

'Evil' Dean collects his 'top scorer' award.

Turkish plays to the camera collecting 'Players Player' award

Ben looks GAF collecting 'Player of the Year'.

Blag presents Jon his watch bought by the team, but only after giving the funniest speech ever written. Wot was up his @rse??

Newi cant control himself during Blags speech

and Al cant resist the Blague after his amazing speech

As everyone begins to leave Varl asks Jon how come he didnt win anything?

Well thats all the photos for now, thanx to everyone who attended the awards, a good night was had by all, until me and Dean couldnt go into Vis cause some dumbass had trainers on. Oh well cant win em all eh Varl?

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