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5/7/2002 10:51 GMT  Shane Kelly
i love boys , boys, boys, boys boys........i love ben , ben,ben, even that gay i gon on sunbeds and where bright coloured t-shirts to make the tan stand out 
5/7/2002 10:46 GMT  PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT by Shane Kelly
'CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF I DID NOT FCUK NAT KING AT CHUNKS PARTY!' RE: Al Yes Alistair once again you are superior and all knowing as I have seriously FCUKED it up with rooney now. Yes thats right when it comes to women I know how to really fcuk things up! Ive decided to become a pooof as it seems the easiest option! After all it worked for HANVEY!!! 
5/7/2002 09:54 GMT  Al
Okay then cool and the gang u lot win, im not gonna write anything back anymor, iv realised i was getting just as bad as u guys, my mistake but it wont happen again. Laters 
4/7/2002 17:45 GMT  Admirer Of All
this site really sucks you know and before u even say "Why are you on it then" its simple, because at least I bring some charisma to the dance lads!!!!!!!! 
4/7/2002 16:12 GMT  r.e Grim Reaper
u wierdo!!! get a life 
4/7/2002 13:16 GMT  Grim Reaper
It is nearly your time Alastair. Your death will be slow and painful! 
4/7/2002 10:36 GMT  Y
Al i read yours to compare it, it brings me great amusement when i realise you are trying to be funny when you are really a dull little man.......2-1...2-1....2-1, reconise the score line? it cost you the league!!!!!!!!!!Thats game set and match. 
3/7/2002 18:56 GMT  Admirer Of All Re Al
I dont kiss nobodys @ss cos like I said I was away 4 afew weeks but now Im back.I'd never play with the IC only against them.Oh and your still losers hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
3/7/2002 15:17 GMT  Al
if ICs BB is better than ours how come u bother reading ours? and u obviously do or u couldnt say that. iis that 1-0, i think so thankyou and goodnight ladies and gentlemen. 1-0 1-0 1-0 
3/7/2002 14:44 GMT  Y
the man with the moldy head must go 
3/7/2002 14:15 GMT  Y
well it i55ed you off al. Your just upset that I.C's b.b is better than yours! 
3/7/2002 10:54 GMT  hanvey
it makes the world go round , la la la la la  
3/7/2002 10:01 GMT  Al
Ben is off to Faliraki shaneo-fats. By the way wot exactly did u n nat get up to, hope u made thebest of it cos think you've lost your chance wi Rooney now, aww. Admirer if u r so good how come u didnt sign up for your beloved IC and play against us in the final? anyway to whoever got gay with the vote i will not use it now, ill just make it up, so youve acheived a lot havent you?! Laters  
3/7/2002 09:00 GMT  Why wheres he going?
Wheres Ben Goin on holiday? I too would love to play in that tournament to win a trip to IBIZA but while you lot are all playing to win a trip to IBIZA, I will actually be there! Peace Out Shane Ps. Sorry Claire 
2/7/2002 23:32 GMT  Admirer Of All
well well another bunch of nancy boys who cant play footy.didnt win a dam thing in 11 years,oh my god u r sad.I could win more stuff playin on me own with one arm and one leg tied up. ADMIRER 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
2/7/2002 17:07 GMT  Al
BB day 21 is online. Who is eeeeeeerrrrr bloke? pretty cool aren't you? To whoever put on about the five-a-side i think Ben will be on holiday wont he? he leaves on the 10th, also wont Washy be back at trainin for town? Laters 
1/7/2002 17:26 GMT  Chunk
i'll play! please 
1/7/2002 13:27 GMT  NEWISS
30/6/2002 20:16 GMT administrator
The language on this site is still unacceptable. Further to the comments made by one, Al,this site will be removed within seven days.I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but you were warned of the consequences.Thanks. 
30/6/2002 11:19 GMT  dude
in the vote is it rich n his sister or rich n charl b??? 
28/6/2002 13:10 GMT  Sexy Babes,Oh Yes!Were gettin laid on Saturday
Cant wait for chunks party on Saturday, exams finished n us ladies are up for losing bodily fluids a plenty on saturday.... Is it true chunks parents spent a grandon this party, also where does he live???? Were all gonna be there however n some lucky lads are in for a treat good job his house is a mansion so we can make use of all the spare rooms............. 
28/6/2002 11:48 GMT  Al
Y and admirer of all u r very bored people, and to the administrator, learn how to spell ure threats dumbass, inadequate please. 
28/6/2002 11:37 GMT  Chambers
3rd actually but who gives a sh!t! erm.....not us! Not your fault you can't count though so i understand why you think 7 comes after 2! 
27/6/2002 18:31 GMT administrator
The language on this website is inadaquate. Please stop the problem or the site will be removed.Thanks. 
27/6/2002 15:55 GMT  Al
Oh well, cant win em all eh? Tho how u gonna sort me out if i dont even know who u are? Ive just updated BB for the many millions of fans, know how u were missing it, and dont worry Rich you've survived the vote. Laters 
27/6/2002 09:33 GMT  Re: Al
unfortunatly i cant tell you my name sorry :( 
26/6/2002 09:27 GMT  Al
The only messages i write on here are headed by name, and even some of them aren't me. At the minute our BB has had to have a rest IC, mainly cos i write it and have been a little pre-occupied with trying to do any work for my exams seen as my leg is fcuked. Now thats over tho, n my legison the mend so BBis gonna be coming back big style. Finally to whoever is offering me their services just leave a name n we will see wot we can work out, thannks for the concern!! Laters 
25/6/2002 15:06 GMT  Re :Al
only just heard bout your accident but hope your ok and get well soon. if you want a change from a w@nk i would be happy to oblige! 
25/6/2002 11:02 GMT  Y
yeah al you really are good. R u just as bad for replying to these msgs?Dean is the biggest tosser, A of A, but the funny thing is he thinks he is Michael Owen. Loser!. 
24/6/2002 13:03 GMT  Admirer of All
Yeah whatever, i actually got 1 E and 2 U's becos i am realy clevar. I sit at home on miy computer and right sad litle meseges to everi1 becuse i hav no live and lov boys like Allie. 
24/6/2002 12:50 GMT  Al
im a retard? is it just me or did u go to new college admirer? have fun in life with ure 2 Es, u should go far. Whoever u are i doubt uve ever met me or really spoken to me so im not really concerned with ure opinions of me. And whoever the allie guy is ure well cool, leatching onto a bloke evry1 thinks is a sad tw@t anyway. Anyway to everyone else im gonna update BB soon, im bored at home, and there is only so much w@nking one guy can do, eh Minor?? Laters 
23/6/2002 17:20 GMT  Al
just lettin the admirer know that im still in pot thanx 4 the concern, broken knee cap in three places n a broken foot. should be outta pot in 3 weeks but wont be fixed for months still, hope that eases ure mind from worrying. laters 
22/6/2002 23:42 GMT  Yeh
Hes got his pot up your mum!! 
22/6/2002 23:24 GMT  Admirer Of All
hey its back.what happened i been away 4 abit cos of my exams?So has cripple, I mean Al recovered fom his severe acident yet?  
21/6/2002 20:22 GMT  sven!!
who's forkin idea was it to send a good luck charm out to japan?? in the guise of trikki rikki hanvey? 
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