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Kavos, Corfu - July 2002
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Peppering The Onions

Sorry I haven't posted anything the last couple of weeks, work demands have been a bit hectic so the site has suffered a bit. Again sorry! Right onto the last couple of weeks and It's been a bit of a difficult time in the squad, what with rebellions, points dropped, and players quitting. Firstly results have been mixed, a draw with Up 'n' Atom was a good result I felt, and a fair one. OK, I gave away a goal in the last minute, but they could have had a few more, as could we, and Andy made a good save in the last minute to save us from defeat, so a point was a good point. Last week was altogether different, but again Andy saved the day with an amazing goal in the last minute. We were a shambles last week, and we did everything we shouldn't have done, like chasing the game and trying to play through Radox. We played into their hands, they sat back, kept it tight and hit us on the break, and as they went 3-0 up it clearly worked. Still, we played poorly but got back to 3-3 and salvaged a point so I guess we have to be positive, we haven't lost since the first week!
 More dissapointing was the decision by Brucie to quit after last weeks game. In my opinion Brucie has been our best player this season and I think we will miss him sorely. But I understand why he's quit, if you're paying then you want to enjoy it, and Brucie isn't enjoying it. Simple. It's clear there are varying levels of skill in the team, and Brucie gets frustrated when people make mistakes or don't try, and rather than fall out with poeple it's easier to walk away, although I'd rather he was still playing. I suspect though, that he may be back in the future! Another dissapointing thing from last week was Baz's decision not to play half an hour before Kick Off, especially as Sherman would have loved to have played. I don't really think it's on to leave it so late, and as we had no subs, neither did some of the other lads. Anyway onto Monday night and we have changes in the squad, Sherman and Nige are back in, and I for one hope they take the chance and do the business. A win will keep us on course for 2nd place, so bring on Perrys, we can't be worse than last week.

See You.

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