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27/8/2002 10:10 GMT  H
Very Good Dave. I bet you have a very small dick and feel the need to slag of others far superior to your maggot like self. Chin Up Weener Boy! 
21/8/2002 11:22 GMT  Dave Smith
You lot look like a right bunch of knob heads. The lad who could start a fight in an empty room doesn't look like he can fight his way out of a paper bag. Geeks 
30/7/2002 19:07 GMT  chesney hawkes
you're all w**kers 
20/6/2002 18:09 GMT  abraham lincoln
tis better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. 
18/6/2002 17:24 GMT  Dodge
We didn't do too bad. we held them for 25 minutes @ 1 - 0, then they scored 3 goals within quick succession. It was a shame cause we all played realy well. Could do with you back like!!!! 
18/6/2002 14:55 GMT  john bruce
what was the score on monday. did you maintain the tradition of the current world cup and pull off a shock victory. (arrivaderchi italia) 
17/6/2002 15:58 GMT  less less shock news and he does not care!!!!!
Having witnessed the wild attack on Nigel Saddington, it seems to me that the stupid bint call GOBSH*TE was the main cause of the attack. That silly little b***h needs f*****g killing, and quickly. Nige, Get rid!!!!! On the wild antics of the so called powerhouse, one word sums him up "IDIOT". (Need to control that temper dodge) I want to hurl more abuse but i will leave that for some other form of genius who wants to join in!!!! Load and Shoot. Turt has been barred from the swan AGAIN!!!!  
17/6/2002 14:56 GMT  less shock news
saddington is a plebian 
14/6/2002 12:35 GMT  Shock news
Saddington in hospital after shock attack outside a local pub in mirfield nigel saddington has pulled out of all future games for the hawkes due to serious head injury the injury will now surley wreck the hawkes current campain as saddington was showing signs of developing in to a player of great potential. the brutal attack could also rule saddington out of the lads away fixture in kavos at the start of july, lets hope he gets better soon and makes a full recovery  
14/6/2002 10:51 GMT  Rhodes
Me too!!!!! 
14/6/2002 10:35 GMT  brucie
yeh, me! 
14/6/2002 09:11 GMT  Jim
Is anybody else a bit worried about Brucie? 
13/6/2002 20:18 GMT  cool hand luke
"what...we've got here is.... failure to communicate. some men you just cant reach, so you get what we had here last week. thats the way he wants it.... well he gets it. and i dont like it any more than you men!" 
13/6/2002 16:29 GMT  pig
kiss my a**e 
12/6/2002 18:11 GMT  intuitive
12/6/2002 15:51 GMT  some idiot who cares not
I aint really bothered who you will strike vemgance on but i know that if Powerhouse Dodge plays like he did on Monday the he shall be shot!!! As the fans showed their disgust in the performance they still feel that John Bruce should return to help out The Wanderer, Dodge and Matty as it seems that Sherman, Nigel and Jimmy are f*****g s**te. We need QUALITY players not 4 Quality and 2 or 3 s**t players. Its time to realise so called Gaffer!!!! F*****s!!!!!! 
12/6/2002 14:06 GMT  JULES
the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. and i will strike down with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brother and you will know my name is the lord when i lay my anger upon thee. 
11/6/2002 15:55 GMT  TYLER DURDEN
11/6/2002 15:30 GMT  frank Stapleton
who is tyler durden ??? 
11/6/2002 14:31 GMT  tyler durden
his name is nigel saddington his name is nigel saddington his name is nigel saddington his name is nigel saddington his name is nigel saddington his name is nigel saddington. its time! 
11/6/2002 11:16 GMT  !!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 
10/6/2002 09:55 GMT  JIm
OK we aren't Real Madrid, we know, but stop this slagging us off. It's only meant to be fun. 
6/6/2002 17:05 GMT  Dodge
I know my performance on Monday was poor and i openly admit that. I too don't like to play awfull football against a set of old faggots. Its a shame that John is leaving he is a fantastic player who never says die!!!!! I would just like to ask John if he will reconsider to play on monday to see how it goes and if he still feels the same then Jack it in!!!  
6/6/2002 15:24 GMT  john bruce
for the attention of which ever hotheaded little weavil writes under the pseudonym "the Boy Lard" i havent written anything on this site since i reprimanded a young miss mitchell for her sloppy use of the english legal system and although i certainly dont disagree with some of the comments posted i have to protest my complete innocence this time! to use the words of my favourite poet "it wasn't me" (shaggy) 
6/6/2002 05:56 GMT  The Boy Lard
It seems that Mr. Bruce and his evil comments have arisen again, for a player who is a quitter when the going gets tough he sure has alot to say. Why instead of slagging the team off why doesn't John help the team and play, either that or shut the f**k up and let the other lads finish the season. If you have don't have any positive comments to make then please keep your opinions to yourself, your not exactly Pele yourself!!!! 
5/6/2002 19:23 GMT  svengali erricksennnnn
no recognised keeper, a severe lack of defensively minded players, poor fitness, a luxury forward, substandard or greedy playmakers, a complete lack of squad depth and a potential driving force of a player who would rather sack it off for most of the games. sounds like a championship winning formula to me. 
5/6/2002 17:56 GMT  galLAGER
baz letting the team down and andy back to playing (or not)like an old grandma except for 30 second spells. if this wasnt enough to screw up the season then turton in for Brucie certainly will be. not exactly strengthened the team has it!  
5/6/2002 15:57 GMT  John Rhodes (c)
Have you quit as well Nigel? Thought you were playing next week? By the way, it's weak not week!!!! 
5/6/2002 15:48 GMT  Nigel
If John Bruce is quitting, doesn't that make him as week as i am for giving in, Enjoying it or not!!! 
5/6/2002 15:03 GMT  The Wanderer
We want names Nigel, who are these mysterious ladies that you are supposedly cleaning your pipes with?  
4/6/2002 13:45 GMT  soothsayer
dark times. dark times. 
3/6/2002 17:41 GMT  ally mcnugget
how am i supposed to know how your surname is spelt? until now i didnt even realise that it was your real name. a fairly weak attempt from a substandard academic. with the amount of negligence claims these days perhaps it would be better if you looked into becoming a clerk. not all of us can handle the pressure. there is no shame in that. 
3/6/2002 09:46 GMT  missy mitchell
OK, ok, don't get all high and mighty Mr Oxford graduate. Victimising a poor first year, struggling to weave a course through the rigours of the English legal system. How could you! What is perhaps more distressing is your failure to notice that i spelt my own surname wrong, quite the keen eye you have there Mr Bruce, Britain's contracts are safe with you. 
2/6/2002 13:46 GMT  perrywinkle mason
well missy mitchell, you obviously attend some backwater, tinpot institution because otherwise you would know that slander is a spoken defamation of character. perhaps you are thinking of libel! oh, and any lawyer worth his or her salt would inform you that a defence to a defamation action is that the statement was one of "fair comment" which the campaign almost certainly was. However, if someone was to call Tracey a ponced up little fairy who only wishes he had a member as big as his voice, you would probably have a case.  
31/5/2002 20:42 GMT  Missy Mittchell
As Mr Tracey's current legal representation (granted, 8 months by no means makes me qualified/knowledgeable) i would like to express my opinion that my client has strong grounds to bring legal proceedings against any of the defendants involved in the slanderous "Tracey Out" campaign. Be warned. All hail John Rhodes for his loyal allegiance to the Gaffer, he has his priorities right.  
31/5/2002 18:46 GMT  gareth cheeseman
nigel; Cook, pass, babtridge 
31/5/2002 15:45 GMT  nigel
when did i say 3 ? maybe 2 ! both fu*ked like but it cleans the pipes dosn't it !!! 
31/5/2002 13:59 GMT  Fringe Squad Member
Lee gay surely not!!! He merely goes for the attractive girls that aren't rellay interested and blanks the attractive girls that are wanting a bit of Pickford loving. Its almost painful watching yet another rejection of Lee loving, but the guy must be getting used to it now. I wouldn't care if there weren't a dozen bints wanting to tear his clothes off, must be his deep and meaningful patter that sways it for him!!! Another rumor is that certain people heard the Gammy claiming, no boasting that he currently had three ladies on the go at the minute. Bo**ocks, could he please name these ladies, other than the sloppy seconds he picked up after Sherman had finished mauling her. I here down lay a challenge for Nigel to come clean and provide names for these girls (if they exist) and prove he is not the gammy bas*ard we all think he is!!!  
30/5/2002 18:43 GMT  Emma
Hey Andy only me!!! Whats your good looking mates name again cant find him? 
30/5/2002 16:43 GMT  Roberto Carlos (Speaking Very Good English)
Nice disguise though coming in as Mr Bruce. The only downer is that you have to be very intelligent and have to have a witty sense of humour. Sorry Nigel you have none of the above so just F**k off and get laid! (Honestly, It'll do you good to release all that Gammyness of yours. Rather than attemring to slagg Bruce off, the topic of conversation should be the fact that Lee "Ladies Man" Pickford is'nt A ladies man at all, HE LIKES MEN!!! uuurrrrgggghhhh! Homo!!!!!! This rumour could prove the end for Lee as has been grafting away very nicely with Nina & FAILED MISERABLEY!!! Unlucky!!! Theres always Jo Grouce. Good Day and let the rumours fly!  
30/5/2002 16:02 GMT  NIGEL SADDINGTON
the only one by me down there is " ugly rat boy " sir rhodes  
30/5/2002 15:30 GMT  Captain Marvel
Nigel, do you think you are on some sort of daytime trashy chat show, because it is sooooo not you is it!!!! Muppet!!!!  
30/5/2002 14:04 GMT  Nigel Saddington
that is so not me bruce i dont have that much time on my hands  
30/5/2002 13:20 GMT  Hawkes number one fan
oh my god, if you lot spent less time slagging each other off and started playing as a team, you may actually get somewhere. None of you could get anywhere without the other so just get on with it and stop moaning like bloody fish wives!! 
30/5/2002 13:05 GMT  the conquistodor
the message below has been posted by an imposter! my powers of deduction have led me to the source of the blatant(and frankly weak)attempt to sully my good name. it is my firm belief that the offending statement was concocted by none other than the monkeyboy himself, Mr Nigel SADdington. if you are going to pretend to be above your station, little boy, then you must have a more complete and awe inspiring mastery of the English prose, must include at least one monosyllabic word which few will understand and must use an intriguing codename which is either extremely tenuous or, better still, has absolutely nothing to do with any relevant item in this debate, or otherwise. thank you for your time. 
30/5/2002 12:25 GMT  John Bruce
30/5/2002 11:06 GMT  Captain Marvel
Another slow day for my biggest fan? You surely can't be bored of Dave Mirra's BMX yet? My loyalties lie with the gaffer and the team, how fickle that the wave of abuse has now turned to Neil 'TEN MEN' Barret, although fully justified. The Gallagher wannabe couldn't have passed wind on Monday night never mind a football. OUT WITH BARRETT IN WITH TRACEY!!!! 
30/5/2002 10:51 GMT  ugly rat boy
i am not Zidane i am better than that i am an aggresive balding rat looking alcoholic with zidanes footy ability and a voice better than liam G you cant get me out i will kill you all  
30/5/2002 10:43 GMT  the man with the plan
enough about jimmy, he is harmless and knows he is rubbish. lets bring neil gallagher down to earth. baz out, baz out ,baz out. more trouble than he is worth. boo boo boo boo. come on gaffer do your duty, your country needs you. get rid of bazil fawlty! 
30/5/2002 10:39 GMT  rhodesys biggest fan
yes that is correct mr rhodes i am once again bored and have decided to use my time to start trouble. you have succeeded in unveiling my many identities. i am keyser soze! the question is whether you will betray me or wether your silence will allow the pedantry to continue. loyalty to the friend or loyalty to the team JR. remember hamburger hill back in nam! who is tyler durden? so to continue my machinations with the comforting knowledge of immunity, a new debate. oh the wonders of technology! who in the team is most in need of a slap? my, and frankly the only real, contender is "one man team barrett". the only similarity between him and zidane is that they will both be prematurely bald. Vive la revolution. 
30/5/2002 10:31 GMT  salt n lineker
on the debate as to whether Tracey should axe thew troublemakers, surely you must first know who the troublemakers are! with all the allegations flying around MR Tracey would have to axe Brucey, Lee, Andy and his captain Rhodesellenio. now, i may be being a tad presumptious but if these stalwarts were to go, the Gaffer would find his beloved team quickly become the skylark whipping boys. it is therefore my suggestion that the player/manager is full of p*ss and vinegar and isnt vain enough to sacrifice the team for the sake of his bruised ego. STICK. PIPE. SMOKE. 
30/5/2002 08:51 GMT  Number 9
30/5/2002 08:25 GMT  vote
a simple oui or no from the dedicated people of the guestbook (tracey in or out)? 
29/5/2002 15:57 GMT  Squad Insider!
Hello. I would just like to say that the players revolt isn't started by Mr Bruce or John "Wanderers" Rhodes, it all comes from the man that is called "The Ladies Man". This is the latest home truth to come from the squad, which seems to be concentrating more on the slagging players off rather than the football at hand! The game next monday could prove a good week for THE GAFFER as the oposition is considerably poorer than Up 'N' Atom! You go Jim. "You are Peetie, and you have gigantic balls" (American Pie 2). Anyway as the fans where calling for Jims Head another section of the crowd were calling for the SO CALLED POWERHOUSE to get a move to the premier division @ the skylark! I also feel that as captain The Wanderer has done a magnificent job at defending The Gaffer but i do believe deep down that The Gaffer will have a decent game on Monday Night! Even Richard Tracey is calling for The Gaffers Head (and that is his own brother, thats gotta mean something Jim). My support is fully behind James Tracey who i think is doing a reasonable job but should realise that 7 & a half minutes isnt as soon he comes off. Your an eager man to make a fool of yourself! Bye Bye Bye Bye, Bye Bye Bye Bye! 
29/5/2002 15:43 GMT  john bruce
wy dus evryone fink it is me who is sayin theese fings. i dunt no all the big words. i am just board. im shure that it is al just gud fun!!! no un wants any un out of the team. even nijel is welkom to me. 
29/5/2002 15:10 GMT  John 'The Wanderer' Rhodes
Traitor!!! Who is a traitor? I have already come clean about being the biggest critic of Jimmy's performance on Monday and in the heat of the moment probably said a few rash things but I do not and will not support the witch hunt that is the TRACEY OUT campaign. To be called the initator of the revolt is pure imagination by your good self Mr. Bruce, nobody else would use such a word as heretic. Why would I risk my comfy position as team captain, guarnteed to play every week? Please, enough for the childish squabbling from us all and lets get back to the great game that is football, the fun begins this Monday when we can hammer Perrys.  
29/5/2002 13:17 GMT  beelzebub
ive just come from the news page, tracey scoring a 7. from the accounts being circulated around this site that is wishful thinking indeed. i cant wait for rhode to nowhere this time. i want to see where the captains loyalties really lie. will he be the voice of his team or will he line his own bed with feathers and kiss the gaffers posterior! time will tell as to whether mr rhodes remains my boyhood hero or goes the way of the teams namesake and becomes another false idol.  
29/5/2002 13:12 GMT  thomas de torqumemada
holy mary, rhodes you dastardly traitor. how can you defend the gaffer after being the initiator of the revolt. stand by your principles you heretic. say it, rhodes, say it. you know you want to. Tracey out. long live the revolt. 
29/5/2002 13:07 GMT  Hawkes number one fan!!
If any of you lot think your David Beckham you've got another thing coming, just play your games and stop slagging your fellow team members off!! 
29/5/2002 12:43 GMT  Current Squad Member
Come on boys, enough is enough, Jimmy has had one bad game but has still managed to bag 5 goals, thats gotta count for something?!? Lets just get on with the season and enjoy it, we aren't excatly Real Madrid are we!!!! 
29/5/2002 10:59 GMT  justin timberlake
contrary to popular belief, the reason that britney and i broke up was not that she was as frigid as a vicars sister but because she got jealous of jimmy. i even wrote a song for him about his place in the hawkes. it is called BYE BYE BYE! 
29/5/2002 10:05 GMT  JOHN POWER
you may remember that i am in a crap band called cast. following on from the lovely (and surely deceased)old blue eyes, i would like to remind your manager of a song which we wrote. it is called WALK AWAY 
29/5/2002 09:57 GMT  Frank Sinatra
"and now, the end is near, and so i face the final curtain". come in Mr Tracey, your time is up. 
29/5/2002 09:29 GMT  much talked about former player
29/5/2002 08:54 GMT  The Gaffer
There are other players to call on you know! Don't worry I will call other, less troublesome players into replace these so called 'disgruntled sqaud members'. It won't be me who loses out if this campaign continues. 
29/5/2002 08:32 GMT  disgruntled squad member
how is mr tracey going to play when maybe nobody will play for him players revolt !! player power always wins except maybe roy keane tracey out continues on ! 
29/5/2002 07:21 GMT  The Gaffer
Undefeated in 4 games, 3rd in league. Sadly the facts don't support your argument. Tracey stays, and he couldn't care less who doesn't like it. 
28/5/2002 22:42 GMT  nigels penis
what a life, i'm tiny and never used, my neighbours are nuts, i live next to an a*rsehole and my best friends are c*nts!  
28/5/2002 15:12 GMT  apu hasapeenapedalon
route to success: 1.Andy, play like you have done for the last 2 weeks, not the first 3. p*ss about before and after, not during. 2. Baz, you are not Zidane and you never will be. Why take 50 touches and lose the ball when 2 will do. 3.John B, calm down as the scousers might say. it is a football match, not life and death. Encourage, dont go mental. 4.John R,learn how to shoot. one on ones and open goals should be punished. 5. matty, a bit more fitness and aggression would be much appreciated to compliment the silky skills. if only 10 touch barrett had your feet. 6. lee, first touch, first touch, first touch 7. jimmy, stay at home! or you could realise that sometimes it is better to keep your best team on. im sure the favour would be returned when we play poorer opposition. oh and GET STUCK IN MORE! 8. sherman, unlucky injury, try and get back in to the squad and, when you do, play for the team 9. Nigel, stay at home. this time im not kidding. 
28/5/2002 14:21 GMT  cockaleekiemateflapsparrowcockneyrhymingb*llocks
firstly to chesney, great as you are, im afraid you cannot sue someone for slander if they say something good, no matter who it is about. secondly, i too was in the crowd and although brucey was(in hindsight) uneccesarily harsh to mr tracey after the match, the fact remains that points were needlessly dropped because some squad members are not good enough to perform against the better teams in the league. last night the substitutions were poor as they weakened the team and broke up the play far too often. 6 players is better than 7 and, if you are going to play, be willing to get stuck in!!! 
28/5/2002 13:55 GMT  Chris Powell
surely Nigel (takes a lot of stick) Sadington or Sherman (likes ugly birds) Turton should get a chance after all they are both ten times better than Mr Tracey opinions please to ILOVECHRISPOWELL@HOTMAIL.CO.UK 
28/5/2002 13:17 GMT  Stuart Ripley (England International)
I too was in the crowd and the chants of 'Tracey Out were deafening', the fans have spoken!!! Surely he must drop himself for next weeks game. 
28/5/2002 13:07 GMT  george weahs cousin !!
I am so glad to find out there is somebody worse than me this jim tracey sounds like he would be better taking up talking s*** as a sport not football last night i was in the crowd and he was dreadful maybe it is not possible to be a player manager at this level of football (tracey out chants were going around the stadium last night) 
28/5/2002 10:31 GMT  Bemused Fan
Will someone please back me up in the following point!! After another poor performance surely the manager James Tracey should make way for a better player than himself!!! With the likes of John Turton currently not involved in the squad this can only make for an unsettled dressing room. The manager was apparently injured and not well, suffering from cold, and it certainly showed in his v.poor performance resulting in a huge error for the equalising goal from Up 'N' Atom. This however has not been his only poor performance of the season and he has easily been the weak link in the squad. Will he drop himself, I think not!!! How many points must we lose before the squads seemingly fragile atmosphere is broken!!! 
28/5/2002 08:52 GMT  Chesney Hawkes
will the imposter below (Chesney hwkes) please fu*k off with his meaningless comments cos i am the one and only !! 
27/5/2002 20:55 GMT  Chesney Hwkes
If anybody else says more good S**T about GAMMY BA*!*RD i will be pressing charges for slander. And who the F**K said you could come on to this site and say ridiculous comments on Nigels Sex life. The simple fact is that he got sympathy sex on holiday which means he is 1 F*****G Loser! so ????? should F**K the right off!! The legend has spoke, i thank you! 
27/5/2002 16:03 GMT  ?????
why do you all get at nigel ? he is a gret lad + he is a fantastic shag none of this 3 min sh*t  
27/5/2002 15:55 GMT  mick macarthy
F*** off i have heard he has an irish grandmother he will replace Roy Keane unless he is on holiday (should really of been in the squad anyway) 
27/5/2002 13:37 GMT  sven + ulrika
nigel for england 
27/5/2002 10:48 GMT  pob
according to rumours, the problem is not that jimmy is bad at footbal (we all wish we were better than we are), its that he refuses to come off the field, instead sacrificing the better players. however, i must remind all you players that, were it not for him you would be sat at home on a monday touching yourselves. 
27/5/2002 10:40 GMT  Disgruntled Squad Member
Does anyone else think that it's fortunate for the squad that Jim is injured for the most important game of the season, giving us a fighting chance of victory!!!! 
27/5/2002 09:05 GMT  Jim
Does anyone else think all these messages are the same person, and is communicating with the voices in his head through this page? Or is it just me? 
24/5/2002 16:40 GMT  Mr Saddington
Mrs Saddington is correct, Paul does give great head!! 
24/5/2002 14:37 GMT  Sven Goran Erikkson
That's a little more information than we needed Mrs. Saddington but thank you all the same!!!! 
24/5/2002 14:25 GMT  mrs saddington
if only you knew my other son, paul "little big man" saddington, you would realise that nigel is not that bad. he is a doting son and gives great head. 
24/5/2002 07:59 GMT  Touchy Touchy!!
Easy Reggie, only having a pop at Nige. No need for such venom. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate, leads to ........ suffering! 
23/5/2002 16:33 GMT  Reggie Kray
Risen from the dead to say tha the site people should F**k the right off. Mad for it Man 
23/5/2002 15:57 GMT  Site Poeple
Can't believe I need to say this but...... the poll is just poking fun at all the guestbook goings on and the rumours between who's behind it. hardly strange. 
23/5/2002 15:29 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
in answer to the rather impertinant question below, i have in fact spent numerous nights out with nigel and my girlfriend has spent numerous nights in with him. hung like a donkey apparently. 
23/5/2002 14:39 GMT  nigel
since when had me and the bruce fallen out i really do not understand the rather strange poll that is going on. 
23/5/2002 07:54 GMT  Who is he???
Come on then Rick Astleys ugly brother who are you? You are obvisously someone with a great deal of time on your hands with the misguided view of Nigel is actually an alright bloke!!! Have you ever spent a night out with the guy? 
23/5/2002 07:39 GMT  Jim (Again)
Also not right bothered if people think I'm as sh*t as Nige. I pick the team, so I'll play everyweek! Not bothered how sh*te at footy i am, cause i know it. 
23/5/2002 07:36 GMT  Jim
HEY, I've written nothing in this debate, I was far too busy on the 22nd! I'm not argueing about my appearances with the bird, it's all true. 
22/5/2002 16:47 GMT  RICK ASTLEY
22/5/2002 16:12 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
i feel i must defend the honour of mr bruce in the face of such unnecessary and barbaric villification. with regard to us being one and the same, i can only dream and on the contentious issue of the time he spends avec Racquel (french for with Rachel), if he spends as much time with her as alleged then how can i have kn*bbed her 4 times already this week?  
22/5/2002 16:05 GMT  bruce
firstly, i resent the fact that you believe that i do so little in my life that i have time to post stupid messages under the guise of a former pop starlet's less fortunate sibling. not only do i not waste my time sending such messages, but i have , in fact, never even visited this site! 
22/5/2002 15:47 GMT  Ralf Little
Anyway who the f**k is talking all that crap about the human rights comission. At the end of the day the fact still stands that Nigel is a GAMMY BA*!A$RD and is s$!*e at football, but i ahve to be realistic that Jimmy is pushing Nigel very close for the S***ist player in the Chesney Hawkes Ranks.  
22/5/2002 15:47 GMT  hmmm
when did you ever come out jim with or without your bird 
22/5/2002 15:25 GMT  Unbeliveable!!!!!
Brucey, you have far too much time on your hands if you can think of 10 reasons why people should like Nigel!!! By the way shouldn't you be down as shackled to your g/friend? Surely you haven't stepped out of the house without Rachel in quite a few weeks. 
22/5/2002 11:47 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
reasons why nigel is great; 1.he is not a drunken idiot (turt, newman, marcy, gleggy, baz) 2.he isnt an aggressive psycho when drunk or in general ( baz, danny, gleggy,jason, baz, baz and baz) 3.he gives an opportunity to get lifts in nice cars 4.he is never shackled to a bird (rhodes, jimmy, gary, dolby) 5. he isnt as bad at football as jimmy or as bad at talking to birds as lee. 6. if you have met his brother you will realise that there are far worse people in the world 7.he provides a common theme of ridicule to unite the community 8.he isnt misguided enough to think that he is gods gift( turt, newman, baz, baz and baz) 9.he holds the record for shout outs from jerry and dj dipstick at the swan 10. and finally he is a sterling, dependable and downright jolly spiffing guy. WHO IS RAUB 
22/5/2002 11:38 GMT  WHAT!!!!
Shut the f**k up Rick Astleys Ugly Brother!!!! 
22/5/2002 11:30 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
i believe that nearly everyone on the website is in contravention of the european convention of human rights and the corresponding article in the human rights act. it is illegal to subject a person to unfair, inhumane and degrading treatment and i strongly suggest that nigel seek legal action immediately and, if necessary, continue all the way to the european commission on this issue. 
22/5/2002 10:52 GMT  WHAT!!!!!!!!
Surely Elvis is Nigel, therefore Nigel is calling someone else a gimp!!!!!! NIGEL OUT!!!! 
22/5/2002 09:04 GMT  elvis
shut up chesney you talentless gimp. 
21/5/2002 16:51 GMT  Chesney Hawkes Himself
Nigel is a burk 
18/5/2002 13:53 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
on reflection, i have decided that my previous statements vis a vis nigel saddington was entirely incorrect. he is, in fact, a donkey fiddler! 
17/5/2002 17:33 GMT  You WHAT?
rick, are you sure, you've clearly never held a conversation with nige. 
17/5/2002 15:42 GMT  rick astleys ugly brother
i think we should all leave nigel alone.he is both a valuable member of the squad and a good friend to all. he takes a lot of stick, most of it unecessary, and should be praised for his friendly and cheerful disposition. 
17/5/2002 13:34 GMT  worried fan
How's Barny, Turtons love child? 
17/5/2002 08:35 GMT  Site Admin
In My FURY at such allegations I made a spelling error, but come on, can't you do better than hammer my spelling!! 
17/5/2002 08:26 GMT  Disgruntled Fan
It is my opinion whoever wins the vote for worst player should be kicked off the team!!! Does anyone else agree? 
16/5/2002 12:12 GMT  Stupid Site Admin!
only VOTES once!!!!!!! 
16/5/2002 07:36 GMT  Disgusted Site Admin!
It is IMPOSSIBLE to rig teh votes, as everyone knows you can only votes once. it would appear that the public have spoken! 
14/5/2002 16:41 GMT  Seemore Butts
Just a quick one, after reading the Rhode to nowwhere and the match report from Monday night, it looks a certain Nigel "GAMMY" saddington is heading for the door. After 2 convincing performances without him this is looking inevitable. SORRY NIGEL BUT YOU HAVE TO!!!!!!! 
14/5/2002 15:25 GMT  hmm
one thinks a certain mr tracey is changing the votes as it was 50/50 this morning with only 8 votes oh to be a site editor !!!!! 
14/5/2002 09:16 GMT  Non Believer
I can't believe anyone in their right mind would vote for anyone other than Nige. ITS A DISGRACE! 
14/5/2002 08:37 GMT  LOVE CHILD MUM
13/5/2002 07:17 GMT  Mister E
Any signs of Jon Turton's love child being born yet? 
5/5/2002 22:27 GMT  richard beevers
Very funny Jim. I like it. Looking forward to coming home now only 12 days to go. New York tomorrow so I will give you a ring. Like the site. 
2/5/2002 17:56 GMT  Milky bar kid!
Good luck for the next preformance. Lets hope its better than the last result! - its early in the season but theres already some unrest amongst the fans! - P.S Sebi - who u callin' batty boy!? you big queen! - got me on the 'milky bar kid though'! 
2/5/2002 10:44 GMT  also annoyed
I've heard they were awful on Monday, and Nige was really bad. Drop him, DROP HIM NOW! It's nearly time...... 
24/4/2002 13:20 GMT  Annoyed Fan
Surely after the shocking performance by Nigel on Tuesday night according to reports we should be seeking to strengthen the Tuesday team in preparation for the league kick-off? Nigel out is my opinion. 
24/4/2002 13:17 GMT  jonathan sebine
Might have known you'd be on the 'one and only' picture jim. Bet the websites better than the football being played! Will keep tuned to watch your dismal performances roll in, good luck though! I see batty boy Taylor has visited the site, the Caribbeans answer to the Milky Bar Kid! Laters. 
23/4/2002 08:20 GMT  Mister E
Allegations of the Sherman set to be a father? Are these rumours true, or are we gonna have to wait for the conclusive blood test? 
17/4/2002 15:24 GMT  JT
Well, just visited the new site! pretty good. I can tell you your drumming up some huge support out here in the Caribbean! The manager is obviousley doing a great job - clearly all that champ man has paid off!! Anyway, I'll be following you all the way - cos' lets face it, you are the one and only!!  
17/4/2002 10:43 GMT  Rhodesy
Don't know what you mean!!!! 
17/4/2002 10:31 GMT  Jim
Come on Rhodesy, don't lower yourself to this. 
16/4/2002 14:23 GMT  ???
John Rhodes is quite possibly the most naturally gifted footballer I have ever seen. Truely wasted in the heart of defence, when will someone realise this and put him in the heart of the midfield where this genius belongs. John Rhodes for club captain is what I say. 
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